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Gamecube DVD Player

Hey Microsoft and Sony: Stuff This in Your Pipe and Smoke It

Remember all those people who whined that the Gamecube sucks because it won't have a DVD player? Well, this will shut them up. Nintendo revealed a version of Gamecube that includes a Matsushita DVD player along with all the other features of the Gamecube. Do you know what this means? It means that people will have a CHOICE as to whether or not they want to shell out extra money for a DVD player. Instead of Microcrap and Sorny (sorry, Microsoft and Sony) forcing a DVD player on you, and increasing the cost by at least $100, buyers will be able to choose a Gamecube with or without a DVD player. Those of you who just want the game console (like me) can pay for the cheaper game-only version. The ones who want the DVD palyer too can shell out the extra cash. I applaud this move by Nintendo, they are giving customers freedom while those two other companies are taking away your freedom of choice. So far, the DVD-Gamecube is only set to be released in Japan, with no word on the US market. However, I am willing to bet that the DVD-Gamecuve will also be an option for US buyers as time passes.

Here's a pic of the DVD-Gamecube, which looks really cool and has a sleek, metallic look.

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