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Welcome to the University of Hyrule. This section contains all the wisdom and knowledge of Hyrule. In short, this section will contain a wide variety of information pertaining to the Zelda universe, whether in the games, or in reality. Any information that is not specific to gameplay is put here. This includes timelines and theories, interesting trivia, Zelda merchandise, and much more. This section will contain official content as well as fan-submitted content. So if you have something that you think belongs here, please send it to me.

General Zelda Articles

  • This article was originally written for Zelda Universe for a special feature about the 25th anniversary of the Zelda franchise. This article covers some of the interesting aspects of Zelda II, as well as some of my personal experiences playing it. This article is also listed in the Zelda II section of the site. By Kasuto of Kataan.

Timelines and Theory

  • I know many sites out there have written their own timelines of the Zelda series. This timeline comes from the official Zelda website. Some people don't agree with some aspects of it, but I personally like it. It's pretty sound, and I've waited a while for an official one. The only weird thing is that they debunk the multiple Link theory. I don't like that. Read it for yourself and then make your own judgment.Official.
  • This is a very interesting theory based on the official timeline, and is written by a fan. It's definitely worth a read, and it sounds a bit more interesting than the official one. By Noel Shackelford. Fan Submitted.
  • An extremely detailed account of the history of Hyrule. It includes everything we already know, plus descriptions of the many races and kingdoms. It utilizes parts of official timelines, plus lots of original content. Written by Dejaren. Fan Submitted.