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Kasuto's Bookmarks

This is a list of sites in my Favorites list that I visit frequently. Some are useful, and others are just for fun. Some are just plain weird.

Arabic English Dictionary - Most of you probably have no need for this, but I take Arabic in college so I thought I'd put this one up. It's actually a very good dictionary. But you won't be able to understand it unless you can read the Arabic alphabet.

Bad Candy - If you're a candy connoissuer, this site will tell you which candies to avoid. It is dedicated solely to warning people about the worst candy in the world. I've never tried any of the candies personally, so I'm not sure how bad they really are. I'll take these guys' word for it. - Lots of tutorials about the scourge of college students: Calculus. It also has links to other math-related sites.

Ciber-Lexico Comparativo (Comparative CyberLexicon) - A list of common computer terms in Spanish. I found this very handy when writing papers about computers in my Spanish class.

Dave Barry - An archive of hilarious columns written by the left-handed humor columnist Dave Barry. I highly recommend this site. - Contains thousands of shareware programs that will do just about anything. Combined with the cracking site listed above, it's really a motherlode of free software.

Fark - For the four people out there who don't know what Fark is, it's a website that lists mostly weird and unusual news. It also popularized that awesome squirrel with the huge nuts.

Geekosystem - A wonderful blog dedicated to everything geeky. I religiously watch this blog, waiting for the latest news in geekdom.

Google Translate - A very handy tool for quick translation of simple text or a webpage. This uses computer translation, so it's not very accurate, but it gets the job done. But don't try to use this to type a Spanish paper or something, it's not that good. It translates between dozens of different languages. - Run by eBay, this place sells many items for cheap prices. Much of the stuff here is used. It's a great place to find cheap textbooks for the college-bound. You can also sell your books here and get a lot more money back than the school bookstore.

Hindi Script Tutor - I studied the Hindi-Urdu language for a semester many years ago, and this is an excellent page for beginners to help them learn the Devanagari script. It shows how to write each letter, and even pronounces it for you in male and female voices. This is a life saver for my Hindi class.

Japanese/English Dictionary - This is the best online dictionary for Japanese that'll you'll ever find. It's better than published dictionaries. You can look up words and see them spelled in Romaji (our alphabet) and you can even get the Japanese Kanji spelling. This is great for those who want to learn Japanese.

The Javascript Source - Has hundreds of free Javascripts to spice up your web page. I've used many of these on

Mental Floss Magazine - This blog is filled with interesting facts and trivia. Give your brain a little exercise and read it today. Also look for the actual magazine in bookstores, there's tons more content in there that you won't find on the website.

Miracle Berry Tablets - These miracle berry tablets are the most amazing thing known to man. They come from a berry aptly called the miracle berry, or miracle fruit (wikipedia link). When you rub the berry or its extract on your tongue, it numbs your sensation of sour and bitter. People call this "flavor-tripping". When you do this, foods that are normally sour taste sweet. I literally ate lemons and limes and they tasted like sweet fruit. Orange juice was so sweet it tasted like the orange Hi-C from McDonald's. My delicious bitter Polish beer tasted sickeningly sweet. Everyone must try this once. The pills are expensive (about $2 each with shipping) but they're worth it.

Merriam-Webster - An online version of the Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary.

The Onion - The self-proclaimed "World's Finest News Source". This site is the headquarters for the very hilarious sattirical newspaper, The Onion. I really love the articles here. They're great for a good laugh.

Price Watch - Want to find computer components at the cheapest possible price? This site gives listings for all sorts of stuff like graphics cards, monitors, hard drives, etc. I've saved hundreds of dollars using this site as a guide. You must go to this site if you plan on upgrading your computer.

The Straight Dope - Ever had a weird question that you didn't know the answer to? This site is the archive for columnist Cecil Adams, who answers question that people send in. Nothing is taboo here, everything from "Why is the sky blue?" to outrageous questions like "What is the calorie content of ...?" trust me, you don't want to know what that question was.

Techdirt - This blog talks about technology and its related legal and political issues. If you want to read about the latest shennanigans from the MPAA and RIAA, this is your go-to source.

Tekzilla - A tech podcast hosted by former Screen Savers co-host Partick Norton. It is similar to the old ZDTV/TechTV show The Screen Savers, and features talk about the latest in technology.

ThinkGeek - This site sells just about every weird and geeky item you can think of. Zelda mints? Yep. Zelda t-shirts. You betcha. They sell Stay Puft marshmallows, laser pointers, Boba Fett flash drives, multitools, and even slide rules (ask your grandfather about those). I can't recommend this site enough.

This Week in Tech (TWIT) - A podcast/netcast hosted by tech guru Leo Laporte, who was co-host of my beloved Screen Savers that aired on the old ZDTV/TechTV network many years ago.

Wolfram Alpha - This is the most incredible scientific and mathematical calculator knwon to man. It will answer just about any math question you can throw at it. It will even solve equations for you. I now know that my car gets 302,400 rods per hogshead (that's 15 miles per gallon).