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This is a place to put up your messages to me, and to the rest of the world. It can be anything from a coment or question, to suggestions or criticisms. To send me something that you want in the mailbag, simply email me with the subject "Mailbag".

Received: July 9, 2002

dear kasuto, i have been a long fan of your stories and "ramblings", and i come to your site everyday to check for updates, well usually there isn't one but...anyways i will get right to the point...

i have a few suggestions for  your website for you..

1.  if it is not too much trouble for you, please make downloadable copies of all the fanfics, or if not, only the long, complete ones.  some of u are not fortunate enough to have dsl or a cable modem, and we cant stay online for long, but if you make your fics downloadble, we can download them, and read them when we are offline.

2.  your ramblings are great, and i really really reallly think you should write one concerning the tradedy that occured on september 11th, and one concerning terrorrism.

3.  also i just wanna say that ocarina of time is the greatest game ever, and i played it day and night ever since i got it, it never gets boring, it is the first zelda game i ever played, and the first videogame i ever ever owned (no, im not a child and i am in high school).  after i beat it the first time, i searched online for fanfiction, because i am a big fan of fanfics, and i found your site, and i have been an ardent fan of your stories and site ever since.

anyways keep up the good work, hope to hear from you soon


My Response

    The first idea is something I've decided to do. Right now, I'm working on creating downloadable and printable copies of all the fanfics, encoded in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Eventually, all the fanfics will have PDF versions
    About the second idea, I have considered the idea of writing something about the Sep 11th attacks. However, writing a Ramblings about it would be disrespectful in my opinion. The attack was just something too grave to be part of a rambling article. Perhaps a section with a memorial or something similar would be in better taste.
    And of course, we all agree that Zelda is the king (queen?) of video games. Zelda was also the first video game I played, and it has always been my favorite. And I'm glad you enjoy my site so much, the whole reason I made this site was to make fans like you and me happy.

Received June 19th, 2002

Dear Kasuto,
    Do you think that you could post your baby pictures in the Forbidden Gallery? It would be really cute to see you when you were a baby! And also, what gave you the ideas for your fanfics?
                                                                        Hugs and kisses,
                                                                            Chibi Sakura

My Response

    I recently did some digging around the house and managed to unearth my earliest baby pictures. It's by no means all of them, but I found some of the first ones taken of me. I will be posting the pictures very soon, so you can all see what Kasuto looked like when he was born.