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A few years back, Nintendo licensed Phillips to create three Zelda games for the failed CD-i. From what I've heard, they were really bad. But if you have the games or just want to know a little about them, this is the place for you.


Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon

This was the first CD-i Zelda game to be released. In this game, the king of Hyrule goes to the island of Gamelon to join forces with Duke Onkled to fight off Ganon. But a month goes by without word from the King, so Link goes to investigate. When Link doesn't return either, Zelda begins to get suspicious. She travels to Gamelon with her nursemaid to rescue Link and her father. They face a myriad of challages ahead of them. This game, like Zelda II for the NES, is a side-scolling platform and you get to be Zelda. From what I hear, the graphics are quite impressive and there are many obstacles to face. However, the controls aren't very good and the game can be challenging at times. Also, the characters actually speak instead of using text boxes. However, the audio is bad and it is sometimes hard to understand what they are saying.

  • This contains some interesting information about the game as well as some tips and FAQs. If you own the game (yeah right), this might help you. If any of you do have this game, please email me and tell me about it. I didn't write this walkthrough.

  Link: The Faces of Evil

This was the second CD-i Zelda game. In this game, Link becomes bored. He is a hero and wants to go out on adventures. He complains to the king, but he tells Link that peace is a good thing and that he should be happy. In a fairly predictable storyline, Ganon decides to capture Zelda and hold her hostage. It is up to Link to go save her. The similarities to the rest of the Zelda games ends there.

  • Just like the walkthrough for the other game. It contains some info about the game and some tips. I didn't write this walkthrough either.

Zelda's Adventure

This was the last CD-i Zelda game and is the rarest of them all. It was released as the CD-i was failing, and consequently only a few thousand were made before production was halted. In this game Ganon kidnaps Link and it is up to Zelda to save him. She joins forces with the astronomer Gaspra to collect the seven celestial signs in order to free Link.
  • The information on this game is scanty at best because there aren't many people who own it. But I did manage to find some stuff for it. Once again, I didn't write the walkthrough.