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The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker was released in March of 2003 in North America. The game features the first ever use of cel-shading in the Zelda series. The look was chosen in order to reflect the world of this Link, a young child. Though heavily criticized before release, the game proved to be one of the best Zelda games released.

The story starts you out as a young Link on his home island of Outset. When Link spots a curious crash in the woods at the heights of the island, he grabs a sword and heads out to investigate. After rescuing the stranger that fell into the woods, he watches as his sister, Aryll, is kidnapped by a large bird. This starts Link out on his adventure across the seas.


  • This is simply a small overview or preview of the Wind Waker, for those interested in its history up until release, as well as information about the game itself. This section doesn't contain any terrible spoilers.
  • The Wind Waker has a special alphabet designed for use in the game. It will appear in certain messages and texts. I have made a font out of this typeface and now you can download it for yourself. This page lists all the Hylian characters, their Japanese equivalents, the English transcriptions, and the keystrokes.
  • Yes, as the name suggests, this is a section of screenshots. Go figure.
  • This is a walkthrough for the Japanese version of the Wind Waker, a.k.a Kaze no Takuto. This should help you if you have the import version of the game, or if you want some hints about what the game will be like. But be warned, this section contains major spoilers for the plot. Written by and used with the permission of Jason Howell, from
  • This is a quick little FAQ about the Ura Zelda (a.k.a. Master Quest) bonus for the Wind Waker. Written by and used with the permission of Jason Howell, from

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