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This is the place for you to express your opinion on anything. If you want to tell the world what you think, go ahead and submit your editorial. It can be about Zelda, games in general, or anything else. The only restriction is that I will not accept articles that are blatantly hateful, racist, or do not follow the rules of common decency. So if you want to extoll the virtues of the Neo-Nazis, find somewhere else to do it.

Gaming Editorials

By: Sparky the Seventh Chaos
  • A very harsh denunciation of Amy Rose, a character in the Sonic Adventure series. She's been compared to Navi in annoyance factor. Ouch.
By: Christina Sanders
  • This is a response to Kasuto's Ramblings, mainly the ones about Playstation. Unlike me, this person does not have a hate for all things not Nintendo. It's good to keep an open mind.


Zelda Editorials

By: Heather of the Zoras
  • Exactly what the title says.
By: Lord Wolf
  • An alaysis of Ganon, and possible reasons why he decided to turn to evil.
By: Solowolf15
  • A message to those out there who decry "Cel-da" without any factual basis.
By: Solowolf15
  • An analysis of Ganondorf in the Zelda series; trying to find out the reason why he is the sterotypical evil villain.
By: Midgetboysk8
  • A detailed analysis of why people like the Zelda series.
By: Midgetboysk8
  • Theories about Link's life after the events in the games, including his romantic prospects.
By: OniGanon
  • This is about the origin of Majora, the four giants, the moon children, and the significane of the Fierce Deity mask.
By: OniGanon
  • A semi-serious theory about who the Happy Mask Salesman is. It's somewhat of another theory that contradicts the above theory.


General Editorials

By: PoeTrader
  • A denunciation of the current pop-culture craze with teeny-bopper singers like Britney Spears, who create unrealistic goals for today's youth.
By: Guy Fawkes
  • It would be unfair to have my own ramblings talk about lefties without hearing from the other side. So here's a defense of the right-handed people.
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