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Become an Affiliate

    If you're expecting to see a list of requirements in order to become an affiliate to my site, you're not going to find anything. That's because I don't have ridiculous requirements for affiliation. Let me explain why (rambling alert). Over the time that my site has existed, I have frequently looked around for sites that would affiliate with me, so I could start to actually get some real traffic. To my dismay, the vast majority of Zelda sites out there had very strict requirements for affiliation. This was quite disenchanting, because I had no way to get the word out about my site. For the first year of's existence, I relied only on my fanfics posted on other sites and word of mouth. Those are still the major factors in publicizing my site. I have found many sites out there that have been around half as long as me, yet they still have three or four times as many hits. I honestly don't know how they do it, sometimes I think it's some kind of conspiracy. For most sites I applied to, I admitted that I didn't meet their exact requirements, but pleaded my case anyways. Sometimes they accepted me, other times they didn't. But the fact is that I can't change the way those sites are run, so I decided to make a difference with my own site.
    The first requirement that really irks me is a hits requirement. I was always under the impression that the purpose of an affiliate was to help a site get more hits. If a site already gets a decent amount, what does it need an affiliate for? I've seen lots of numbers: 200, 300, 500, and even 1000. Those are just numbers to me. When people ask me for affiliation, I don't care about the numbers. I do it because this was once a tiny site with only a few visitors. Now I get a lot of visitors. I have faith that the sites that ask me for affiliation may someday grow to be bigger. Everybody deserves that chance, and I give it to them. My affiliates aren't only limited to small or new sites, I'm even beginning to get affiliated with some of the larger sites. 
    But there are a few more things you need to consider before you apply for affiliation. First of all, it would be good if you are seriously dedicated to your site. If you plan on quitting soon, don't apply. Starting a site is a long-term commitment, and don't expect to get lots of hits right away. That takes a long time.
    The bottom line is that I don't reject people for number of hits, lack of content, or other trivial matters. All of that stuff takes time, a good site doesn't pop up over night. So if you want to be an affiliate with me, all you have to do is ask.

Please send all affiliation and link requests to