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Ura-Zelda Completed

Who woulda thunk it? Ura-Zelda exists, and is finished.

      Anybody remember the so-called "Ura-Zelda"? It was supposed to be a game for the Nintendo 64DD, and add-on for the original N-64. For a while, everyone thought that this Ura-Zelda would be the sequel to Ocarina of Time, until everyone found out about Majora's Mask. Then Ura-Zelda, along with N-64DD died a quiet death. Or did it? Shigeru Miyamoto just announced that Ura-Zelda was completed, and has been for some time. That's pretty interesting.

      For those of you who don't know, Ura-Zelda was supposed to be an add-on/sequel to Ocarina of Time. Supposedly, it would use the same basic game while adding new characters, levels, and enemies. Sounds really good. But for some reason, Nintendo didn't get much support for it. Most sources say that the DD sucked anyways. We all thought that the big N just gave up on DD and went to work on Majora's Mask and Gamecube. It turns out that they've been working on it all along.
      So, will this add-on actually be produced? All signs point to "no." I seriously doubt that they will put this into production in Japan, let alone the U.S. So don't get your hopes up about this one. Some people might wonder why Nintendo even bothered to continue this project that was doomed from the beginning. Personally, I don't think that they "just completed" it. A hunch tells me that this thing has been done for a long time, maybe over a year, we only just found out it was finished a few days ago. I'm willing to bet that the 64DD and Ura-Zelda were already done by the time the rumors first started to spread about it. After Nintendo finished the project, they probably realized that this thing wouldn't be profitable or feasible. They most likely left the project in a warehouse and moved on to other things like Majora's Mask and Gamecube. Of course, this is all just speculation. It's too bad no one will ever get to see this game. I guess there are just some things Man is not meant to know.
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