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Game Boy Duo Official Names

Upcoming Zelda Games for Game Boy Color Get Official Titles

    The long-awaited Zelda games for Game Boy Color have been officially titled for the US release. The previously called Chapter of the Earth is now The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, and Chapter of Time is now The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages. Other than the name changes, not much else has changed. Both games will be connected through a password system.
    Oracle of Ages is the first in the duo. Link wanders down some mysterious path and finds the Triforce. Upon touching it, Link is transported to a mysterious forest. He hears beautiful singing coming from somewhere and goes to find the source. He comes upon a girl surrounded by animals who identifies herself as Nell, the Maiden of Time. As Link listens to her song, an evil shadow appears in the forest. The shadow belongs to the evil Priestess of Darkness, Beran, who wants to use Nell's power for evil. Using her own power, Nell mysteriously disappears, leaving Link wondering what to do. Link must use a magical Harp and songs to travel back and forth through time. The premise is a lot like Ocarina of Time.

Some Items in Oracle of Ages

Grappling Hook
It's a hook that grapples, like the Hookshot.

Cane of Somalia
A lot like the Cane of Somaria in Zelda III. It makes magical blocks.

Power Bracelet
Like the Power Bracelet in Zelda I and the gloves in Zelda III. It increases your lifting power.

Pea Shooter
It shoots peas.

    The next game is Oracle of Seasons. In this story, Princess Zelda of Hyrule is responsible for managing the seasons with the Rod of Seasons. Of course, Gannon decides to kidnap Zelda and the Triforce of Power (sounds a lot like Zelda I). Link goes on a mission to rescue Zelda, but Gannon finds out and breaks the Triforce into eight pieces, scattering them all over the country. The Rod of Four Seasons and its hiding place mysteriously disappear into another dimension. The disappearance of the Rod of Four Seasons throws Hyrule's climate into chaos, and Link must find a way to stop it. He must travel between Hyrule and the alternate dimension, receiving help from spirits in a Tree of Mystery and from the weird Uura Tribe. The Rod of Four Seasons is an integral part of the game, Link must use it to accomplish certain tasks.

Some Items in Oracle of Seasons

Gives enhanced jumping ability, as in Link's Awakening.

Magnet Glove
You can grab and throw metal items.

My guess would be that you can dig with it.

It shoots acorns.

    Both of these games are probably just being released to keep people interested in Zelda while they work on the Game Cube. Both games are set to be release in the US in May 2001 simultaneously.

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