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Preliminary Info about Zelda Duo

This is taken directly from the Spaceworld 2000 web site.

The Legend of Zelda: A Nut of Mysterious Tree/Chapter of Gaia

    Japanese GBC players eagerly awaiting the arrival of not one but two new Zelda/Mysterious Tree adventures are getting their first close look at Zelda no Densetsu: Fushigi no Ki no mi/Dai Chi no Shou, which translates as The Legend of Zelda: A Nut of Mysterious Tree/Chapter of Gaia.
    Never lacking for ambition, Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto and his crackerjack development team have come up with yet another genre-bender in Mysterious Tree. The key item here is the Four Seasons Rod, which gives Link the power to change the terrain as well as the season. Such supernatural powers are a must if Link is to counteract a mysterious power that has scrambled the seasons, wreaking havoc across the land known as Hologram.
    The adventure begins when Link, guided by an unknown force, visits an ancient castle deep within a forest. Venturing within, Link comes across the Triforce resting on an altar. The instant he touches the Triforce, an disembodied voice roars and a dazzling light momentarily blinds him. When he regains his senses, he finds himself in a forest he has never seen before.
    Link joins a troupe of traveling entertainers and gets to know Din, a young and graceful dancer with the company. His fleeting peace is shattered, however, when an ominous cloud blots out the sun. Without warning, a giant tornado swoops Din away as an unearthly voice bellows, "I found you, Din! I am Dark General Gorgon. You are really the Shrine Maiden of Gaia!" The tornado quickly vanishes, but its wake it has utterly - and disastrously - scrambled the order of seasons.

Using the Four Seasons Rod on the stump brings on winter. 

Link can now walk across the ice-locked pond.

A new companion, Ricky the kangaroo, helps Link with a strong punch.

The game will also feature familiar faces, like a Goron, shown here, and the Deku Scrub.

A minigame begins when junior witch Maple confronts Link. As soon as she touches Link,
items belonging to each are scattered about the field. If Link is fortunate, he'll be able to collect  some of Maple's items, but, naturally, he could lose some of his own.

The Uras are a mysterious, seemingly carefree race that lives underground. However, they are wary of outsiders. Here, one challenges Link: "Go back. You shouldn't look at other people!"

Rough translation: "Ummm. Nice lava!"
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