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Kasuto of Kataan

  • Link and Zelda stumble upon a secret about the Triforce that a group of people called the Guardians have protected for ten thousand years. They find out that everything they fought for, and everything they belived in were merely tiny aspects of the biggest of lies... 

35,741 words

  • Link has to face the most evil enemy he has ever seen: his own dark side. His evil side joins forces with an outside force that has only one mission: to completely destroy Link. Link must fight his own demons before they completely destroy him. Direct continuation of "Biggest of Lies". 

16,881 words

  • A man with desires to rule all of Hyrule decides to take an initiative. But before he can take over the throne, he must eliminate everyone in his way. WARNING: Some parts of this story contain depictions of violence, and may not be suitable for some readers.

27,440 words

  • Link meets someone who makes him question his own devotion to Zelda. He also goes on a quest to discover his origins, and what he finds will change his life forever. 

56,798 words

  • Discovering that you love someone can be a wonderful thing. But what if other people would call you wrong? What if people would tell you that you weren't supposed to feel that way? But what about others whose relationships seem totally perfect? Seemingly innocuous and insignificant problems can throw a loving relationship into a downward spiral of sadness and depression. Letting your emotions overtake you can turn love from something beautiful into something to be feared. 

39,440 words

Ever wonder what inspires me in some of my writings? The title of this story was inspired by a song I heard. It is called "Love Hurts" and it is the English version of the theme song to the anime series "Tenchi Muyo". It's a pretty cool song, click to download it, 4030 KB.

  • A mysterious artifact known as the Hateru Stone has fascinated cultures for milennia. After spending decades searching, a woman and her friend finally find it. This mysterious stone is said to grant its holder a wonderful gift. However, the artifact is not one, but two stones. He who chooses the correct stone will receive a wonderful blessing, he who chooses the wrong stone will suffer a terrible curse. After choosing what she believes to be the correct stone, a woman receives a unique gift. But after a while, she begins to realize that it may have been she who received the curse. Now the only way she can find to reverse it could mean death not only for her, but for millions. It is up to Link and his friends to use their unique gifts to prevent a catastrophe of inconceivable proportions. 

59,171 words

  • The lives of Zelda and Link's friends are forever changed by a terrible twist of fate. What can they do to cope when everything they care about is suddenly gone? A terrible tragedy is surrounded by anger, doubt, and denial. Strange happenings make some of them doubt the true cause of the tragedy, and make the emotional wounds even deeper. At a time when closure is desperately needed, more questions come to light. True love and happiness are supposed to last forever, but forever can end in seconds. NOTE: This story is not complete, only the first half is done. And this part ends in a shocking cliffhanger. So if you don't like cliffhangers, you might not want to read this right now. WARNING: This contains some content that may not be suitable for younger readers.

43,416 words

  • The A seemingly senseless tragedy completely upturns the lives of Link's friends and family, and they are left to deal with the aftermath. But the truth about the tragedy may be more terrible than it seems. Follow the events of the first three days as the truth is revealed, and then find out if another tragedy can be averted. WARNING: This story contains adult language, graphic depictions of violence, and scenes that may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

34,871 words

  • Link suddenly finds himself in a world that has left him behind. As he tries to put his life back together, he learns of a terrible catastrophe awaiting Hyrule. While trying to prevent this tragedy, Link is drawn into a whole new adventure not only to save Hyrule and the world, but the past, present, and future. 

57,253 words

  • Link must return to the land of Termina to solve a crime committed by a strange man who suddenly appeared in Hyrule. But the crime is more than it appears to be and Link must discover the solution before it's too late. The fate of two worlds hangs in the balance. NOTE: This is only a rough draft of the story. I decided to post what I have so far, because I don't know how long it will be until I finish it. When the story is complete, I will post it.

50,777 words



  • A follower of Ganon threatens to kill every race in Hyrule if Ganon is not released from the Sacred Realm. The Sages must battle against an army of evil to protect Hyrule. Still in progress.

24,800 words


Admiral Mondo

  • In Ocarina of Time, Ganondorf attacks Hyrule City in order to capture Princess Zelda. The Hylian Army plans to retaliate with overwhelming force against the Gerudo massing in the desert. But Ganondorf has aquired the Triforce of Power and the young Hero of Time is locked away in the Sacred Realm...

3,688 words


Aegis Runestone

  • It has been many generations since the Hero of Hyrule freed the Princess of Hyrule from the Curse (Reference to Zelda 2). The dark master, Ganon has been dead for ages and all signs of his wickedness have seem to vanish. From Termina to Hyrule to Holodrum and Labyrinna, peace is domiant. All is well in the Light World. However, atop Death Mountain in the former Golden Land, at the ruins of an anicent tower. Three of the Four Evils of Hylia are gathering for one purpose. One brings a boy, no older than the age of four as a sacrifice! For when his blood touches the alter, the fourth evil hall arise, the Evil of Hyrule, Ganon! That boy is the Hero of Hyrule's descendent..

3,237 words



  • A novelization of Majora's Mask, from the personal perspective of Link.

6,927 words



  • After years of wandering and yearning for truth in such a distressed world, Link finds it in the least likely of places: A Lizalfos prison. Link comes to a realization that nothing will be the same ever again when one of his fellow prison-mates is none other than the Gerudo King himself. While struggling for his own survival, Link makes unlikely friends and unlikely enemies. But whatever he does, he needs to act fast, because those were the years of demons...

14,110 words

  • A sequel to Mines of Serpential, this story begins years later, when Link is surprised to find that Hyrule wants him to become the new king... Or really, Zelda wants him to. While Link tries to set things right with his new wife and daughter, Ganondorf unexpectantly returns with means of warning. The Demon Wars are beginning, and Hyrule is willing to make sacrifices. Even if it means killing their own king.

13,978 words



  • Link is being plagued with terrible dreams. Chaos is sweeping through Hyrule, death and destruction taking everything. Zelda is taken by Gannondorf, and only Link can save her. But the trials he must face are beyond anything he could imagine. When he thought all was lost, one ray of hope shone into the darkness. WARNING: Contains adult language.

7,204 words

  • Ganondorf is four years old and he is having bad dreams. He is just a child, and he doesn't realize that the dreams will turn out to be premonitions. It is a quaint look at the innocence he will soon lose.

1,021 words



  • Delve yourself into a Hyrule placed in Middle-Earth where two worlds are joined to one.  Where Dark Lords spread evil reins and Elves, Dwarves, Hylians and Zoras are plentiful.  It is 13 years before the War Of The Ring and Link has set out on his quest to save Hyrule (OoT).  Though a different adventure is at hand.  A young Kokiri girl will embark on a great adventure to destroy an evil pagan who threatens all of the wide world.  She will meet with new friends, a different sort of Kokiri; she will learn about her peoples' bloodstained and sorrowful past and embark on a quest where you will involve yourself with assasinating evil nobles, fighting epic battles and exploring beautiful havens in the first installment of Aganhim's Seal....

22,416 words

Alexandra Spears

  • The Powerpuff girls manage to find themselves in the land of Hyrule.

1,625 words

  • On a seemingly normal day, Link discovers a small girl who has been kicked out of her home. He and Zelda take her into their home and search for the one who is responsible for the girl's plight.

15,271 words

  • After finally retrieving the Triforce of Power from Ganon, Link and Zelda can settle down to have normal lives. But one cold winter day, a strange girl literally walks into their lives and may reveal more about Zelda's past than she knew existed.

17,306 words

  • Link's thoughts about Zelda after she disappeared, and his feelings for mysterious Sheik.

1,079 words

  • Link has a terrible secret he has been keeping from Zelda. When she finds out, Link begins to wonder if she truly loves him or if she now thinks that there is something wrong with him. His terrible emotions will drive him to try the unthinkable. WARNING: This story contains implications of rape, yaoi, and shounen-ai. For defintions of these and related terms, click here.

4,917 words

  • A short story about Mido catching Link and Zelda in the act. It is known in fanfic circles as a "lemon", which means it is sexually explicit, and as "PWP", which is short for "Plot? What Plot?" WARNING: Contains sexual content.

989 words

  • The Big Bad Wolfos is after the Sages. A parody of the classic fairy tale Litte Red Riding Hood.

1,889 words

  • This is a crossover between Ocarina of Time and the comic book Teen Titans.

5,719 words

  •  It has been many centuries since the first fight with Ganondorf. Now Ganondorf's current incarnation is bent on taking over the world once again. The only way he can do so is by obtaining the Master Sword. He tricks Link and Zelda into giving him the Spiritual Stones, and now they must race against time to find the long-lost Master Sword before Ganon does.

8,063 words

  •  Link and Zelda have been close friends for most of their lives. Now Link has taken a vow to be Zelda's protector, to be not only a friend but also a bodyguard. When Zelda becomes engaged to a royal suitor, Link begins to have bad feelings about the man. Link never let his feelings get in the way before, but now he suspects that Zelda's finacée has a much darker side.

5,099 words

  • A psychopathic nobleman has a fascination with the Princess. His jealousy of Link and his daughter drives him to take any means necessary to make Zelda his.

8,059 words

  • A funny story with Link and Zelda playing the part of Hansel and Gretel. Beware the gingerbread house.

2,087 words

  • Link and Zelda are making wedding preparations, but some people aren't happy about it. One girl loves Link and doesn't want him to marry Zelda. She then resorts to desperate measures to make Link hers.

4,289 words

  • A little story telling about when Link defeated Ganon and had to lift the sleeping spell on Zelda.


  • With a little pushing from her father, Zelda finally marries Link. At first, she is not sure if she is truly in love with him. As she finally settles into her marriage, some people have other plans for this couple.

23,710 words

  • Link finally asks Zelda to marry him, but their plans are tragically cut short but a terrible crime. Can Link's undying and unconditional love save her?

7,272 words

  • Link and Zelda have finally destroyed Ganon and reclaimed the Triforce of Power. A new age of peace comes to Hyrule. They both settle into happy family lives and have three wonderful children. However, their third child is quite different. For her whole life, she has been sick and bed-ridden. When faced with terrible fate, this pitiful girl decides to take fate into her own hands. In the process, she will destroy anyone who gets in her way.

12,157 words

  • Link and Zelda's family are trying to recover from the worst tragedy they have ever faced. Then one ray of hope comes from nowhere. Just when they think their pain might finally end, what should be a good thing may be the worst tragedy of all. WARNING: Contains sexual content and rape.

10,061 words

  • The saga continues as Link tries to figure out to save his family and Hyrule.

4,674 words

  • It's a fairly normal day in Hyrule, and Link and Zelda have are having a normal conversation. But what they reveal to each other is what they have both longed to hear.

1,044 words

  • Zelda has already professed her love to Link, but a new man comes along and tries cut in. Will Zelda fall in love with this man and marry him? Or are there other forces at work here?

3,992 words

  • Link comes down with a terrible illness and no one knows if there's anything that can be done or him. Fearing that he may not have much time left, Link launches a last-ditch effort to finally take the Triforce of Power from Ganon.

2,313 words

  • Link and Zelda are finally going to tie the knot, but a disgruntled nobleman has other ideas. He feels he deserves Zelda, and he'll take her any way he can.

2,713 words

  • Some creeps just don't know when to give up. Here we see the return of the dishonorable Prince Vassard, who is insanely bent on claiming Zelda as his own.

4,280 words

  • Link and Zelda's pleasant family life is devastated by the death of Zelda's father, the Great King of Hyrule. Zelda is forced to take over the throne, even though she does not feel ready. In the midst of it all, the evil Ganon decides to take action, and he has an insidious plan to take over the throne, which will destroy Link's family in the process. 

5,160 words

  • The son of Ganon decides to take revenge for the death of his father. He attacks the castle and commits and act that Link and his daughter will never forgive. Link and his daughter flee Hyrule, fearing for their lives. 

3,887 words

  • Link, Zelda and their daughter have fled Hyrule to a world that his ancestor visited long ago. In this new world, Link must try to rebuild his shattered life with the hopes of one day reclaiming Hyrule. Direct continuation of "Downfall."

13,900 words

  • Malon's father reveals a secret to her that gives her quite a shock. She decides to do more investigating, and makes a discovery that will change her life forever.

3,664 words

  • Zelda has a terrible secret that she has kept from everyone, even her closest family members. Will she tell Link her secret? Or will she let it destroy her and her realtionship?

1,526 words

  • Ganon has finally been banished to the Evil Realm, but he has powers remaining that our heroes never dreamed of. Now Ganon will try to destroy Link where he cannot be protected: in his dreams.

5,289 words


A Link from the Swamp

  • There is some kind of "Champ's Contest" going on in Hyrule and the Kokiri Forest. What follows is mostly nonsensical comedy. It's refreshing if you want to read something other than serious stories. 

633 words



  • Based on Ocarina of Time, with the stipulation that Link wasn't sent back in time by Zelda. Link's life is becoming everything he wanted to be, but Ganondorf discovers a way to escape his prison, and strikes Link where it hurts the most. During his fight with Ganondorf, Link must make a fateful decision that will change his life forever.

12,741 words



  • It was said that after the great evil passes, new evils would invade the heart of a sage. Rage. Jealousy. Hatred. Lust. She would lust after the hero of time, mistaking her lust for love. She would use erotic displays to try to win the heart of the hero. However, her efforts will drive him into the arms of the one who is to be his soulmate. They would wed soon after falling in love, and would meet a fallen Zora prince. They would adopt the prince, not knowing his royal heritage. Out of hatred, she would try to kill the prince. The prince escapes, and the hero hides him with one of the sages. In a blinding rage, she captures her fellow sage and bounds her with magic. She will torture the sage, trying to satisfy her insane hatred caused y the unknown evil entity. However, the sage doesn't die, and the other sages band together to destroy the evil, and destroy it, and it is said that it is unclear whether the sage will die, but the tortured sage is never the same. She will lose her innocence, and begins to try to take revenge on what she can. The insane sage rage can only be quelled by the hero, however it would be much time before that happens, and the evil will invade her, but in a different form. It will allow it's new host to take on the form of a Devidra, monsters that inhabit the magma core of death mountain. There four eyes can shoot beams out, and can hypnotise the weak-willed. The evil will be purged forever, but the land will never be the same as it was. 

17,600 words

  • A terrible natural disaster has struck the Zora's home, destroying it completely. With no place to go, the king of the Zoras is bent on seizing the Kokiri Forest, flooding it, and turning it into their new home. The Zora king uses insidious magic to try to get his way, and it's up to Link to stop him. 

16,921 words


Anonymous 2

  • A short but sweet (no pun intended) parody of all the lemons out there. It also seems to poke fun at trashy romance novels.

311 words


Arthur Dent

  • You guessed it: a crossover between Harry Potter and Legend of Zelda. It also includes elements from some other works of fiction. All the good guys join together to fight all the bad guys in a mysterious new world called Elsewhere. 

34,166 words

  • A very interesting adaptation of a classic. This is a retelling of The Phantom of the Opera with Hyrule and its characters.

15,055 words



  • A teenage girl from West Virginia stumbles upon a strange vortex while walking through the woods. Before she knows it, she finds herself in a strange world that seems oddly familiar. To get back home she must do the bidding of a certain evil Gerudo. 

7,079 words



  • Link has been vividly reflecting upon his life and decides he needs to fix some things.

1,186 words



  • With things in Hyrule getting a little outta whack, Link must travel back to Termina (and back in time 2,000 years) and find the source. The only problem is, you can't kill the enemy, if you don't know who they are.... 

1,180 words


Benajmin Doussot

  • This story is gothic in nature, and makes references to the classics, such as Dracula. The pieces of the Tiforce have not been gathered, and a great cataclysm destroys Hyrule. Link loses his memory and meets a new ally. The Hylians fight Ganondorf to recover the Triforce. They eventually succeed, and exile Ganondorf once again. This story continues on that premise. This version is in French, and I will post the English version as soon as I get it translated. 

66,055 words

  • The Triforce has not been rejoined, causing Hyrule to disappear in a great cataclysm and transporting its inhabitants across the universe. In Paris in 2001, Link and his friend come across a strange antique dealer. When he sees an ocarina, memories that Link had forgotten come flooding back to him. 

83,844 words


Blind Blitz

  • Link dies in an intense fight against a fierce rival, and he is brought back to life. He returns to a Hyrule that is broken and destroyed. He finds out that the person who did it is a god that even the Sages are afraid of. Link is beaten, and sent back in time, so that he can change the future. Now he must find the one who can unleash their own power, and defeat the god that threatens the future.

35,435 words

  • Link is living peacefully when a man from his past come to his door dead. He goes to Zelda to find out more, and he is attacked by a group of monsters called Marauders. Link then finds out that they were sent by his two worst enemy. now he must work with his best friend, and he will have to trust his worst, to save hyrule, and to keep his sanity.

26,521 words

  • It has been almost eight years since the war against the Marauders, and life has been peaceful, except for the life of one man. After an untold incident, he has started something. Something that will shatter the balance of good and evil. Now, Link must awaken find a way to get to the place where the man who started the incident is staying, but in the process, he must find the one who can correct the balance by becoming a God himself

14,336 words



  • A crossover between Zelda and Startropics. Link and the main character from Startropics somehow find themselves together in another dimension. 

1,266 words

  • A Zelda fan from the future mysteriously winds up in Hyrule and must save it. It's really just humor and not to be taken totally seriously. 

1,200 words

  • Link, his friends, and a whole bunch of other people who have no connection with each other hang out together for no real reason and nothing they do actually makes sense. If you want insanity, this is the place to go. Don't worry about the title, this story does not contain any gratuitous sex scenes. WARNING: Contains some coarse language, most of which is "censored". 

2,134 words



  • When Link believes his journeys are over, he returns to the land of Termina to find himself face to face with Ganondorf, who has acquired the Fierce Deity mask. During the battle, both are somehow sucked into Pallet Town on the planet Earth. A Zelda/Pokemon crossover.

917 words


Bongo Bill 

  • A very detailed take on the creation of Hyrule, and the spiritual world that exists along with it. 

3,180 words

  • Link and company are in the castle for some reason, and they don't know why. All they know is that if they ask questions, they'll be devoured by lawyers. So they must travel to the Magical City of Answers to get...answers.

5,586 words

  • A small story about Link searching for Navi.

723 words

  • After being trapped in the Water Temple for a year, Dark Link escapes to seek revenge on Link. Co-written by Bongo Bill and DarkGamemaster.

4,221 words

  • As the title suggests, this is a really, really bad Ganondorf returns story. There's not much to say except that it's a humor story.

1,720 words

  • After the Imprisoning War, a brainwashed follower of Ganondorf finds himself locked deep inside the castle dungeon. Although Ganondorf is long dead, the man is still compelled to avenge the Evil King's death.

4,270 words

  • A sequel to the other PWP story, this has something to do with the Rock-Paper-Scissors Olympics, being in Elbonia (you know, from the Dilbert comic strip) and a whole bunch of other wackiness.

5,586 words


Brian Manderville

  • Link visits a new town, where he meets a new friend who tells him that Ganondorf has returned to Hyrule. They must return to Hyrule and stop Ganondorf.

887 words