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  • This is a funny crossover between Mario and Zelda. 

745 words



  • A detailed description of the history of Majora's Mask and the people who created it.

2,937 words


  • Link searches for the fate of Navi, and in the process he discovers a great lake that is the home of all fairies. He finally discovers what happened to Navi, but her fate is not what he expected.

2,970 words


Camdawg: Sage of Professional Wrestling

  • As the title suggests, this is a little trip into the insanity of the gaming world. Link and all your favorite Nintendo characters must join forces to foil Ganondorf's evil plans. 

8,006 words



  • Link decides to follow legends he heard and goes out on a Quest for the Triforce. 

306 words


Chibi Sakura

See more of Chibi Sakura's work in the Poetry Section.

  • Zelda decides to invite all the characters over for a slumber party. General madness ensues. 

681 words

  • An ancient tribe called the Majoras were tired of toil and suffering. A man in this tribe worked furiously to create and artifact that contained all the good forces in the world. He completed his task and created Majora's Mask, which created an age of peace and prosperity for Termina. The man was hailed as a hero and was worshipped. One person didn't take kindly to the other man's fame, and cursed the mask. The people banned him, and now he must find a way to return the Mask to its original state. 

1,471 words

  • No, the craziness is not over. Zelda's sleepover party continues and so does the insanity. 

649 words

  • And you thought it was over. Not by a long shot. The sleepover will never end. 

1,436 words

  • A continuation of the above story. Neither I nor Chibi Sakura are liable for any mental insanity this story may cause. 

1,554 words

  • A small tale about Link's mother and father trying to save him from Ganondorf. 

775 words

  • This retells Link's mission to reunite Anju and Kafei from Majora's Mask

1,772 words

  • The title says it all. It's mostly nonsensical comedy and utter weirdness. 

572 words

  • Poor Link gets mugged while in town. A man he met earlier was conveniently present to tell him "I told you so." Now this man offers to train Link into a real fighter. But Link soon discovers this man's dirty little secret. 

3,061 words

  • Our favorite characters are contestants on a corny game show, competing for the prize of getting to marry Princess Zelda. 

807 words

  • Ganon cast a spell over Hyrule to blackmail Link and Zelda into giving him the Triforce. He plagues the land with showers of gigantic ice chunks falling from the sky. Link and Zelda must travel to a distant land to get the only artifacts that will reverse Ganon's sorcery. 

4,920 words

  • The insanity continues with this latest installment in the sleepover series. 

1,322 words

  • There is a legend of a fourth piece to the Triforce and an evil dark lord who wants to posses its power. Now Link must return this fourth piece to a special sanctuary to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. 

1,645 words

  • You thought the insanity was over. You thought the sleepover couldn't possibly continue...but it has. Zelda's crazy sleepover goes on, complete with three new characters. 

1,626 words

  • The gang from Zelda's Sleepover all get together to celebrate the holidays and sing Christmas carols. 

961 words


Chica: Tofu Ninja 

See more of Chica's work in the Poetry Section.

  • What would have happened if Link couldn't have saved Termina? These are Link's thoughts as he awaits his inevitable destruction. This story is quite sad. 

1,996 words

  • A version of the above story from Tatl's point of view. Probably sadder than Letting Go. 

939 words



  • Feeling he is living in the shadow of the Hero of Legend, The new Hero of Winds makes a quest to learn more about the man behind the Legend and discovers they were not so different after all, but looking toward the past for answers may be more dangerous than it seems, as Link learns that Living up to a Legend can have its consequences.

17,563 words


Christina Sanders

See more of Christina's work in the Fan Art Section.

  • Link becomes shipwrecked on an adventure at sea and wakes to find himself being cared for by mermaids. A first, their hospitality is welcome, but as time progresses, he begins to wonder what is really going on. But that is only the beginning of this adventure. 

10,476 words

  • After Link's adventure in Koholint, he finds himself washed up on another island, not knowing if Koholint was real or just a dream. As he prepares to journey back to Hyrule, his own mind begins to betray him. 

2,881 words

  • The King of Hyrule reveals some plans that Link finds morally reprehensible. Now he must fight the harshest battle of his life: loyalty to his coscience or loyalty to his country. 

11,128 words



See more of Clayton's work in the Poetry Section.

  • An evil man discovers ancient scrolls that tell of magic which could make him the most powerful man in the world. He decides to go to war with Hyrule and try to take over everything. Only Link stands in the way of this tyrannical monster. 

13,877 words

  • Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf compete in a no-holds-barred game of Jeopardy, hosted by our old friend Rauru. Who will win? Will anyone actually get the questions right? Read it to find out. 

811 words

  • Our friends return for yet another game of Jeopardy. Even funnier than the last one. 

720 words

  • Link has recently been plagued with terrifying, possibly prophetic dreams. Do these dreams fortell the future, and do they have something to do with one of the masks he acquired on his journeys? 

20,344 words


Crystal Sapphire and Flubby Flubberton

  • Link is tired of the pressures of being a hero and being constantly chased by girls, so he takes a break at a summer camp. But the summer camp is much more than he expected. This story is pretty funny. As a warning to all you guys out there, this story is chock-full of female insanity. 

3,481 words

  • This is a continuation of the above story. After a bad marriage, the girls once again try to capture Link. They take him to a mystical villa in the forest where he is subject to even more female insanity. Poor Link. Can't he ever get a break? 

7,434 words



  • A year had passed since Link defeated Ganon and everyone had thought that the evil from that time was gone forever, but as Hyrule had returned to normal, a familiar evil returns from the Water Temple to take the Triforce and destroy anyone who gets in his way... 

642 words

  • This story tells of the origins of the Master Sword, and of how other good and evil forces came to be. 

1,261 words



  • Link is riding along, when he's suddenly transported to another dimension. This story is not Majora's Mask.

3,938 words


Deity Man

  • A year had passed since Link defeated Ganon and everyone had thought that the evil from that time was gone forever, but as Hyrule had returned to normal, a familiar evil returns from the Water Temple to take the Triforce and destroy anyone who gets in his way... 

3,194 words



  • Link and Malon have been close friends for many years, and Link falls in love with her. Malon's feelings are less than mutual and Link discovers that his feelings may never be returned. A situation that should be happy and joyful turns for the worst. 

864 words

  • Link and the Zelda gang are royally upset about the X-box. They decide to take action by suing Bill Gates and taking him to court. 

881 words


The Destined Hero

  • Ten years have passed since Link defeated Ganon and Zelda and the Sages sealed him into the Evil Realm. It has become an age of prosperity in Hyrule and the surrounding lands. One day, a mysterious man appears in Hyrule. In an attempt to save his life, Link takes him in, but gets more than he bargained for. 

19,262 words

  • A month has passed since the events of "Gems of Imprisonment" and the nightmares have returned to Link.  Ganondorf has remained silent in the past month, and the Knights are growing anxious.  When a mysterious tower appears, Link must turn to his dreams for the asnwers.  An epic battle between good and evil ensues and Hyrule will never be the same.  And when all seems lost, a new hope arises. 

28,280 words

  • A few months after the events in "From Despair Rises Hope", Hyrule is plunged into a Dark Age.  The remaining Hylians and their allies remain hidden in a secluded refuge.  As their struggle for survival against Ganondorf continues, Link and Ian set out on their quest to find the Hero of Time's descendants.  With Time as their enemy, the two adventurers must act quickly if they are to save the past, present, and future of Hyrule. 

47,846 words

  • A few months after the events in "From Despair Rises Hope", Hyrule is plunged into a Dark Age.  The remaining Hylians and their allies remain hidden in a secluded refuge.  As their struggle for survival against Ganondorf continues, Link and Ian set out on their quest to find the Hero of Time's descendants.  With Time as their enemy, the two adventurers must act quickly if they are to save the past, present, and future of Hyrule. 

34,233 words

  • After their separation at the end of "Into Another World", the eight travelers must find their way to the port town of Pomina.  Along their way, they face many dangers, and at times, the distinction between reality and illusion becomes blurred.  However, Link feels that this is only a precursor of things to come.  Despite the hardships, they must find a way to their next destination if they wish to find Link's son, and the evil that awaits.

34,233 words



  • This story is quite angsty, and I'm not absolutely sure who the narrator is. The narrator is lamenting about the world of suffering and lies he has fallen into. 

295 words



  • Everyone believed that the Triforce was the most powerful artifact in the Universe. But during his quest for the Triforce, Ganon inadvertently created an object with even more power. A centuries old man finds a magical crystal rose and uses it to do all the things that Ganon failed. 

6,104 words

  • A supposedly extinct race of Fairies wants to exact revenge on the the people who imprisoned them. The only person who can save Hyrule is Link, and he must make a harrowing journey just as his ancestor did. 

9,890 words

  • A follower of the evil wizard Agahnim escapes from his prison cell in Hyrule. He disappears along with a band of loyal followers. Link, Zelda, and their comrades follow the apprentice's tracks into the land Calatia in search of him. After a warm welcome, they suddenly become targets of a nearly insane king. When Link and Zelda flee back to Hyrule, they return to a land whose political structure is about to undergo a dramatic change. A coup d'état is in the works and Zelda's life suddenly changes drastically. 

29,509 words

  • A direct sequel to "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", the adventure continues as Link vies to bring Zelda back and return Hyrule to the way it once was. 

24,350 words

  • A continuation of the events in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and "Shadows of Doubt". Auldric returns with vengeance on his mind, inspired by a spirit inhabiting the Master Sword. Fate and destiny play themselves out as the fight to free Hyrule continues.

18,087 words


The Eagle

  • A crazy Zelda comedy involving all your favorite characters, along with changelings, fairies named after pies, and the dreaded Borg.

2,904 words


  • A strange evil force infects Hyrule and destroys everyone and everything Link cares about. Now he must fight to the death with a former friend of his to restore Hyrule. 

1,175 words

  • Link returns to destroy the ultimate evil that threatens to destroy Hyrule. Sequel to A New Evil. 

1,766 words



  • A deceased woman named Amara spends her days wandering through the world of the living, watching, but never able to interact. One day she meets a girl who has the ability to hear and see her. Amara becomes the girl's spirit guide, and realizes that she has great things in her future. 

1,866 words

  • Millerna's live takes a turn for the worst when she and her sisters are sold into slavery. During her fight to break free and live by herself, she meets a person who may be part of her destiny. This is a sequel and continuation of "Spirit Guide". 

3,665 words


Error of Ruto

  • Zelda is plagued by recurring dreams of the Hero of Time, and can't figure out why he seems so familiar to her. Link meanwhile is having similar prophetic dreams and wonders about their meaning.

2,724 words