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The Father of Din, Nayru and Farore

  • After waiting for so long, Link finally decides to ask Zelda on a date. Now he asks Kafei's advice on what to do next. 

889 words


Flaress the Sorceress

  • This is the first part of a Legend of Zelda / Diablo crossover story. Ganondorf is associated with the evil Diablo as his most powerful minion. He has poured his terror onto other lands, and now plans to turn to Hyrule and steal the Triforce. Another person who has journeyed to Hyrule will have to help Link and the sages stop him.

367 words


  • A terrible disaster brought on by a mysterious dark cloud devastates Termina. Kafei flees to Hyrule and makes a discovery about himself that he would have never dreamed possible. Now he is destined to be a hero, and teamed with Link, he must save both their worlds from destruction. 

10,519 words



  • Ganondorf's powers have overwhelmed that of his imprisonment's . Once again, he roams free in Hyrule. Only Link has the power to stop him. Though some force seems to hold him back. Link's time in the world has lead him to learn not to judge on what others say about people. Not to judge a person straight away. To realise people are not always shallow. All this he had not learned, being locked in the sacred realm for seven years. Should he listen only to what Zelda tells him is right? Is Zelda right? Is it true, 'one man's enemy is another man's hero'? Or is it 'one man's enemy is the same man's hero'?

18,747 words


See more of Haiku's work in the Poetry Section.

  • A Kokiri, after hearing Link's tales, travels through Hyrule searching for ancient treasure. On they way, he stumbles upon the treasure that others have sought for centuries. 

4,671 words

Interactive Story 
  • An unlikely hero stumbles into Hyrule after a battle with Ganon: Mario. In this crossover story, Link must journey to the Mushroom Kingdom with Mario to save them from Ganon's evil powers. This is an interactive story, the plan is for readers to write parts to the story and turn this into one large saga. E-mail the author, or read the rules for more details. 

3,693 words

  • For millenia, a race of Dragons protected the Triforce and the people of the world. But people feared the dragons and destroyed them. Now all of the good dragons have disappeared, and only the evil ones remain. One of these dragons wants to fulfil his greed by taking the Triforce. 

4,012 words

  • Is somebody invading your village? Are you sick of the mailman giving you nothing but Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes messages? Use this guide to learn how to turn common household items into deadly weapons. Written by Link himself. 

936 words

  • Link is on a search for his parents and ancestors. In the process, he meets Princess Zelda and falls in love with her. However, a maniacal suitor has plans for world domination. Link must travel far and wide and use his power to prevent this psycho from creating the most powerful demons in the world. 

12,197 words

  • Link is continuing his quest for his parents, as well as trying to thwart Taarin's plans. Direct continuation of New Generations

4,299 words

  • Link has returned from one of his many journeys, and he finally wants to settle down. However, Zelda's father is less than approving of their relationship. And to make things worse, Taarin is up to his old tricks again. Continuation of Creation of the Delta Monster. 

3,058 words

  • Link and Zelda finally tie the knot, even though her father vehemently disapproves. However, their quick celebration will be cut short by Taarin, who is ready to use a magical artifact to wreak havok. 

2,143 words

  • Link and Zelda go out on their first date. They both become closer friends and realize that they may have true feelings for each other. A very sweet story. 

3,986 words

  • A vast empire that surrounds Hyrule claims to have ownership of their land. What follows is a total invasion disguised as a peacful takeover. But if the people of Hyrule ever rebel against the empire's iron fist, exile to a terrible land awaits. And the emperor does not have an easy temper. 

6,971 words


Happy Mask

  • Link and Zelda are happily married, but all is not well in Hyrule. Ganondorf is bent on destroying Hyrule and claiming the throne. Link and the other Hyrulian soldiers must fight Ganondorf's evil army before he destroys everything. This story also delves into Link and Zelda's romantic lives. WARNING: Contains strong sexual content.  

22,858 words

  • Just a silly little story about a beauty pageant in Hyrule. Read this if you want a good laugh. 

1,008 words

  • Another not-very-serious story. A masked stranger somehow finds himself and Hyrule and decides to reek havok by robbing every place in sight. His only calling card is a "Z." 

3,124 words


Hey You

  • A very good story about Link undergoing some kind of training. He meets a man name Ithamar who claims that Link signed a contract for training, and works Link like a slave. This is a very good story and is well-written. 

23,992 words



  • Zelda escapes the castle just as Ganondorf attacks, and leaves everything she knew behind. She is taken to a far away place where she must live a new life and become a new person. She will discover powers she never knew she had, and will use them to help others, or it will destroy her from the inside out. 

5,107 words



  • Link returns to Hyrule after being gone for many years. No one knows why he came back, but he did not come alone.  And he won't stay long, this time.

2,097 words


See more of Inori's work in the Poetry Section.

  • A Gundam Wing and Zelda crossover. Duo Maxwell discovers that he is not who he thinks he is. He is really a Hylian an it is his destiny to save Hyrule. 

1,006 words

  • A funny spoof of the popular TV game show starring your favorite Zelda characters. 

618 words

  • A small fic based on the Metallica song "Disposable Hero". It is about Link's feelings about being a nithing but mindless soldier on the battlefield. 

1,895 words

  • Link and Zelda have a daughter named Esperanza, who is loved by an unusual person. The son of Ganon, Montero, has loved the princess for his whole life. He only wishes that he could convince people that he is nothing like his father. 

1,741 words

  • A crossover with the Anime series "Tenchi Muyo". The Tenchi characters replace the normal Zelda characters. This story is essentially one huge cat fight. 

1,087 words


Jacen Shaw

  • Everyone believes that peace has returned to Hyrule. They are deeply disturbed when they discover Ganondorf has been attacked by a mysterious dark figure. Even more disturbing, the dark figure may be someone they know.

33,443 words

  • A group of evil knights is trying to conquer a land of magical powers, and they ask Hyrule and Link to help them.

35,502 words


Jack Bullions

  • A humorous take on the events of Ocarina of Time, in script format.

1,317 words


See more of January's work in the Poetry Section.

  • Ganondorf has won the final battle with Link, and these are his thoughts as Link lay dying. This delves into Ganondorf's past, and it almost makes me feel sorry for him. It shows Ganondorf as a person and not a monster. 

2,678 words

  • A very detailed telling of what happened to Zelda, as well as Hyrule, during Link's seven-year absence. 

36,222 words

  • This tells the tale of what happened to Zelda after she adopts the persona of Sheik. 

5,668 words

  • This takes place before Ocarina of Time, and tells of the mysterious origins of the most infamous Gerudo. 

7,201 words



  • Everyone thought that Ganondorf had been sealed away forever, but he was simply planning his escape. In order to prevent a new war, Link must fight the latest evil creation from Ganon: himself. 

5,824 words

  • If you thought Link's battles were over and done, you thought wrong. Now Link must embark on a dangerous mission to rid the world of all the terribly annoying characters you hate the most. 

4,107 words



  • With no warning, Ganon suddenly attacks the Sages, but they managed to send him off somewhere. But then Ganondorf becomes reacquainted with an old, evil friend. WARNING: Contains some adult language

1,272 words



  • While Saria and Mido are walking through the woods, they discover a strange unknown palace. They soon discover the legend behind the palace and the Kokiri themselves, and why they are eternally children. 

1,988 words

  • As members of the group of omnipotent beings known as the Eternals, Hyrule's goddesses are expected to abide by certain rules. But they violate the rules by creating an object that will give mortals the powers of Eternals. AS their pusnishment, the goddesses must live in the world they created.

6,360 words


Jenni, the Sage of Music and Writing

  • Zelda and her friends decide to host a TV talk show. The result is classic, Jerry Springer style raunchy madness. WARNING: This story contains raunchy humor, coarse language, and sexual innuendo, and may not be appropriate for all readers. 

1,288 words


Jenny Klein

  • Ten years after Ocarina of TIme, Link leaves the Sacred Realm and returns home. But when he gets back, he learns that Ganondorf has escaped and is trying to take over Hyrule again. Link then meets Zelda, and she tells Link a part of the Triforce legend he never heard before, a part that will ensure their triumph. 

1,568 words


Jenny Pereda

  • A man searching for the key to eternal life mistakenly releases a hoard of evil spirits from the realm of the dead, whick wreak havoc all over Hyrule. Legends tell of a mysterious lost sage that will emerge when the world is overcome by fear. 

4,184 words



  • Link, being such a lucky guy, gets to rock the casbah with all his wimmenz. This is nothing but a whole bunch of gratuitous sex scenes. WARNING: This story contains very graphic depictions of sex. 

3,796 words


Kari Pichenko 

See more of Kari's work in the Poetry Section.

  • A very short story about a strange obsession of Ganon's. In response to one of his usual misdeeds, Link and Zelda invade his castle and discover Ganon's strange fetish for a particular color. 

458 words


KaytLynn Dragon

  • Evil forces are about to return to Hyrule, and Link decides not to fight them. He is tired of his life as an unappreciated hero, and tries to find a way to end his suffering. But a series of utter failures show him that maybe he wasn't as unappreciated as he first thought.

6,284 words


Kasuto of Kataan

  • Link and Zelda stumble upon a secret about the Triforce that a group of people called the Guardians have protected for ten thousand years. They find out that everything they fought for, and everything they belived in were merely tiny aspects of the biggest of lies... 

35,741 words

  • Link has to face the most evil enemy he has ever seen: his own dark side. His evil side joins forces with an outside force that has only one mission: to completely destroy Link. Link must fight his own demons before they completely destroy him. Direct continuation of "Biggest of Lies". 

16,881 words

  • A man with desires to rule all of Hyrule decides to take an initiative. But before he can take over the throne, he must eliminate everyone in his way. WARNING: Some parts of this story contain depictions of violence, and may not be suitable for some readers.

27,440 words

  • Link meets someone who makes him question his own devotion to Zelda. He also goes on a quest to discover his origins, and what he finds will change his life forever. 

56,798 words

  • Discovering that you love someone can be a wonderful thing. But what if other people would call you wrong? What if people would tell you that you weren't supposed to feel that way? But what about others whose relationships seem totally perfect? Seemingly innocuous and insignificant problems can throw a loving relationship into a downward spiral of sadness and depression. Letting your emotions overtake you can turn love from something beautiful into something to be feared. 

39,440 words

Ever wonder what inspires me in some of my writings? The title of this story was inspired by a song I heard. It is called "Love Hurts" and it is the English version of the theme song to the anime series "Tenchi Muyo". It's a pretty cool song, click to download it, 4030 KB.

  • A mysterious artifact known as the Hateru Stone has fascinated cultures for milennia. After spending decades searching, a woman and her friend finally find it. This mysterious stone is said to grant its holder a wonderful gift. However, the artifact is not one, but two stones. He who chooses the correct stone will receive a wonderful blessing, he who chooses the wrong stone will suffer a terrible curse. After choosing what she believes to be the correct stone, a woman receives a unique gift. But after a while, she begins to realize that it may have been she who received the curse. Now the only way she can find to reverse it could mean death not only for her, but for millions. It is up to Link and his friends to use their unique gifts to prevent a catastrophe of inconceivable proportions. 

59,171 words

  • The lives of Zelda and Link's friends are forever changed by a terrible twist of fate. What can they do to cope when everything they care about is suddenly gone? A terrible tragedy is surrounded by anger, doubt, and denial. Strange happenings make some of them doubt the true cause of the tragedy, and make the emotional wounds even deeper. At a time when closure is desperately needed, more questions come to light. True love and happiness are supposed to last forever, but forever can end in seconds. NOTE: This story is not complete, only the first half is done. And this part ends in a shocking cliffhanger. So if you don't like cliffhangers, you might not want to read this right now. WARNING: This contains some content that may not be suitable for younger readers.

43,416 words

  • The A seemingly senseless tragedy completely upturns the lives of Link's friends and family, and they are left to deal with the aftermath. But the truth about the tragedy may be more terrible than it seems. Follow the events of the first three days as the truth is revealed, and then find out if another tragedy can be averted. WARNING: This story contains adult language, graphic depictions of violence, and scenes that may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.

34,871 words

  • Link suddenly finds himself in a world that has left him behind. As he tries to put his life back together, he learns of a terrible catastrophe awaiting Hyrule. While trying to prevent this tagedy, Link is drawn into a whole new adventure not only to save Hyrule and the world, but the past, present, and future. 

57,253 words


  • This is the story of the red bird that is often part of the Triforce logo, a bird that is known as the Master of the Triforce.

1,355 words

Kim Goodgurl

  • Link and Zelda befriend a girl their age who has no friends, no family, and no past. All goes well until a heated argument leads the girl to a discovery about her own origins. 

7,065 words



  • In a land far away, were sword and sorcery ruled, lived a girl with extraordinary powers, different from the other inhabitants. Her name is Lady Saria Nikura Tagashi, of the house of Kurisukae.

2,326 words


La Saiya

  • A short little fic about a beauty pageant featuring Hyrule's leading ladies. 

206 words

  • Small ficlet based on the official telling of the legends of Hyrule's creation. 

114 words

  • Link has a strange dream that once again takes him to the land of Termina. He discovers a secret about his parents that will change his life forever. 

788 words

  • Navi goes on a journey to find her best friend. 

1,398 words


Link of Ruto

  • A novelization of the events in Ocarina of Time. It has a long way to go, but it's really good so far. This story adds a human aspect to the events in the game and makes it seem more like a real novel. 

12,233 words


Link the Green

  • A novelization based on the game Ocarina of Time. 

1,772 words


Link the Hylian Hero

See more of Link the Hylian Hero's work in the Poetry Section.

  • Zelda is kidnapped by a strange, bird-like creature called Xemparius, and is taken to the mysterious world of Tempestia. Link follows into this world and discovers that the creature is in fact a tyrannical ruler. Legends from Tempestia tell of a young hero who will free the people from their oppression. Could Link be the prophesied hero? 

1,917 words



  • An evil entity more powerful than Ganondorf manages to break out of his prison in the Evil Realm. Now there is a new male Gerudo and the fate of Hyrule is once again at stake. 

986 words

  • This is basically a wacky humor fic that has no connection with reality. It's funny though. 

242 words

  • Sequel to the above fanfic, with even more randomness. 

157 words


Lord Wolf

  • Ganon has plans to destroy the Sages and all of Hyrule. With help from an evil force, he destroys the one thing that keeps the balance of good and evil in equilibrium. This has a very interesting storyline, using an idea I never would have thought of. 

4,448 words

  • The evil god Degamire has returned to seek vengeance. Can Link and his new-found friends stop him before it's too late? 

4,603 words

  • Link goes missing and it is up to the Protectors to find him. During the search, they discover a monumental plan to change the balance of the universe towards evil, and they must band together in a final showdown against evil. 

8,118 words


Luna the Sheikah

  • A girl from an abusive family wishes that she could whisk herself away to the magical land of Hyrule. To her surprise, the people of Hyrule already know who she is.

1,932 words

  • In a continuation of the above story, Aqua adjusts to her new life and realizes her affection for another particular person.

3,429 words

  •  The final sequel to the above stories; the happiest day of her life finally comes and it's suddenly shattered by someone with not-so-good intentions.

1,763 words



See more of Lunitari's work in the Fan Art Section.

  • A novelization of the story behind Ocarina of Time. It's not complete, but it looks really good so far. NOTE: This story has been discontinued

14,864 words

  • A sleep curse was placed on a princess long ago. Two hundred years later, the curse has been lifted thanks to the Hylia Knight, Link. Hyrule, now foreign to the ancient Hylian, even has a new language that she must learn. Just when she finally begins to adjust to the new time period, she becomes endangered as evil persues her for the knowledge she has on the Triforce, the knowledge that her brother had wanted to know two hundred years ago. 

1,297 words



  • Link and Zelda both thought they had safely confined Ganondorf to the Evil Realm. But they make a disturbing discovery: he is not sealed away, he was sent to the distant future. It is Link's mission to go to this future and save the world from the evil Ganondorf. 

16,780 words