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Magaret Hogan

  • Link meets a thief in Kakariko Village, and he begins to have strange feelings about her. He finds out that this girl is very special. He must help her to escape from an abusive father, and rescue her from a hellish existence.

5,238 words


Maj Wrath 2000

  • It is four years since Link saved Terminia from the ancient evil of Majora's Mask. He has returned to Hyrule, believing all is at peace. But when someone, or something attempts to kill Link, the Hylian realizes he is wrong. Now, in the middle of a sweeping drought across the land, Link must uncover just who... or what.... is after him.

6,301 words



See more of Mega-X's work in the Poetry Section.

  • Link and Malon have been close friends for many years, and Link falls in love with her. Malon's feelings are less than mutual and Link discovers that his feelings may never be returned. A situation that should be happy and joyful turns for the worst.

908 words

  • Link and the Zelda gang are royally upset about the X-box. They decide to take action by suing Bill Gates and taking him to court.

658 words

  • After his battles in Termina, Link finally returns home to reclaim the manhood that he had to give up.

1,253 words

  • Link has a strange dream about the Lost Woods, and he meets another person who has had the exact same dream. In order to protect the forest, Link and his friend must find a magical amulet that keeps the demons at bay, and they have one day to do it.

1,436 words


  • A novelization of Ocarina of Time. This story goes into much more detail and explores the events before the game started.

5,475 words



  • Link has remembers things from his past, the many adventures he has taken, and the many things he has done. But now the future haunts him. He is unsure of his feelings for Zelda, and she is as equally unsure about him. What will happen as this story unfolds?

1,884 words

  • Some strange force entices a huge stampede of horses in Hyrule. Link must use his every resource to stop the horses before they cause serious damage. But what about the thing that caused this problem in the first place? Link will have many problems to face from a disgruntled enemy.

2,485 words

  • The people of Hyrule, teamed with the Zoras create a massive sailing ship with hopes to finally explore the many lands beyond Hyrule. While Link and others prepare for a journey of discovery, a familiar man from a distant land contemplates his life. He feels like he has lived his life in the shadow of his brother. What will happen if these two worlds collide?

7,099 words

  • After all of his quests and adventures, Link wishes that none of it had ever happened in the first place.

2,522 words

  • Our hero with an attitude takes a wrong turn in his quest to save Termina. Caught between it is a bunch of twists and twisted situations. He soon encounters bizarre characters (not from Hyrule, obviously) willing to help or 'not help' in his newfound adventure, including a bad-mouthed squirrel that cannot be judged by his cute looks willing to help his soon-to-be friend and lighten the mood of his boring saga. Armed with egos and bazooka-packed attitudes, Link and his furry partner try to stop the moon from falling by any, and I mean ANY, means possible. It'll not be easy as it looks, for somebody else is involved in the evil plot other than Majora, somebody who knows the furry squirrel very, very well. WARNING: Contains adult language.

11,783 words


Neo X2

  • Link is deperately battle to save himself from one of the most powerful forces in the universe: a crazy, desperate woman. He ends up joining forces with an unexpected ally to battle this menace. 

5,936 words

  • A strange reptilian creature is terrorizing the countryside, leaving farm animals horribly mutilated. It's up to Link and his new ally to catch this monster. Reminiscent of the legend of the chupacabra.

2,024 words



  • There was once a Kokiri boy who was relentlessly teased and tormented by his brethren. One day he disappeared and never returned, and no one knew if he was dead or alive. On a normal walk throught the forest, Link, Zelda, and Saria stumble upon this boy, and the strange artifacts that he posesses.

2,265 words



  • It's winter in the land of Holondrum, and the citizens await the change of seasons, as the spirits of the seasons do their job.

1,282 words



  • An evil man named Mephysto has plans to capture the Triforce and turn the world into his own evil realm. It tells of the events that take place between Majora's Mask and A Link to the Past. This is written as a play.

6,572 words

  • This is the novelization of the above story. It has much more description than the play version.

20,201 words

  • This is a short preview to a story that is in progess. An apprentice of Link's turns to the evil side and becomes leader of the Gerudos. Now he is bent on coquest of Hyrule.
  • This is also a preview of an upcoming story. After saving the world of Termina from certain destruction, Link makes it a point to return from time to time. But when he returns this time, a strangely seductive woman has other plans for him.


  • It's been a long thirteen years since Ganondorfs banishment to the darker plane and eventual death, and the Hero of Hyrule has come to rest with the adventures that followed. But one night, a length of clouds darker then night roll over the plains of Hyrule Field, bringing more then just rain in their wake.

30,241 words

  • Link and his mysterious companion head off from Hyrule to find the answers to the strange and frightening events that happened in their homeland.  New friends and foes lie in wait for their journey from their home.

52,594 words

  • Still searching for answers to the entity named the Shadow, the companions head further west to discover the answer to the mystery, and to find out the answers about their queen's dissapearance.

54,201 words



  • A short fic about Link's final battle with Ganondorf and Ganon. Very detailed.

777 words


Orion Miller

  • After spending about a year in Hyrule, Link's friend Kei is homesick and wants to go back to his homeland of Calatia. Link goes with him becuase he's curious and is your typical adventurer. Contains some adult language, an original character, and is a little alternate-universe.

2,192 words



  • Link is having a birthday party and Saria has something special that she wants to tell him. However, evil forces are lurking to destroy his new found happiness.

985 words


Peter Norlund

  • Our heroes make a disturbing discovery in Hyrule Field one day. They find a large, black stallion that mysteriously resembles the one Ganondorf had. Could this be a sign of his return?

12,024 words



  • In an unusual turn of events, the King betrothes Zelda to a man she has just met, in order to secure a political alliance. Not fond with the idea of marrying a stranger, Zelda tries to find out why her father did this, and discovers that there's more going on than she thought.

9,801 words

  • A prequel to the above story. It tells of the life and history of Prince Nariff.

2,592 words



  • Link is battling with Ganon, and questions why he has frozen her into a statue. Link then gets his revenge by demonstrating a power nobody knew he had.

564 words

  • A direct sequel to the above story. Link has gone back in time to his old life, and now he must show Zelda his secret all over again.

1,671 words



  • After being bitten by a new breed of monster, Ruto learns that she has been poisoned and doesn't have long to live. Link takes it upon himself to go on a perilous journey to collect the materials necessary to save Ruto's life.

13,842 words


  • After tragedy strikes, a young monarch finds himself in the midst of one of the most difficult battles of his life. But terrible anguish and his own lack of confidence could prove to be his downfall--and the downfall of his entire race. Only one thing has the chance of saving him before it's too late: a woman's faith.

9,532 words

Rebecca Kraft

  • Link's woman problems are affecting his relationship with Zelda, and he doesn't know what to do about it. But a sudden tragedy makes him realize how important his relationship is.

543 words


  • A crossover with the movie Willow. Willow finds a Hylian baby girl who may be the key to Hyrule's future, but the forces of darkness want to get her first.

14,931 words


Richie S.

  • A short story about the origins of the Gerudo race and why they are almost all females. Very interesting.

376 words

  • A crossover with the Sci-fi Channel show "Farscape". Talyn and its crew crash land in Hyrule and their two worlds collide.

772 words

  • Similar to the Gerudo Creation Epic, this short story explains the origins of the Zora tribe.

576 words

  • Majora's Mask has been sealed in a chest and buried in the ocean, but the evil force behind it won't rest so easy. 

871 words



  • Ganondorf is seeking revenge for all the things that have been done to him. He takes out his revnge not only on Hyrule, but in the parallel world of Termina. With help from some new and mysterious friends, Link must fight to save the world from Ganondorf's wrath. However, Link realizes something about Ganondorf that he never thought was possible. This has a surprising and touching ending.

16,757 words

  • A sequel to Ganondorf's Shadow. A mysterious evil force has plans to emerge from its host and become an independent corporeal being. The spirit's plan is manifested as a sickness to the former foe of Hyrule, and Link and his friends must race against time to save their former enemy.

24,155 words

  • This story takes place before Ocarina of Time, when Zelda is seven years old. She meets and befriends a strange creature that has been held prisoner in another dimension. Zelda brings out a side of this monster that no one has ever seen, and it must conquer its own demons before it is destroyed in the name of good.

8,281 words


Sage of Darkness

See more of Sage of Darkness's work in the Poetry Section.

  • This is the story about Link and Zelda's daughter, Nobelyn. The author has a lot planned for this story, and it looks good so far.

1,352 words


Sage of Ice

  • Zelda has been struck by a vision of Ganon's return. Link must bring the sages together for another battle, but what's this about the TruForce?

627 words


Sage of Silence

  • Zelda berates herself for all the hardships she made Link go through, but she also laments at the fact that she must send him back in time.

581 words



  • What starts out as a simple plan to find Link a bride turns into another quest to save the world, as some cryptic and ancient prophecies begin to come true.

29,082 words


Saria Kokiri

See more of Saria Kokiri's work in the Fan Art Section.

  • The children of Zelda fulfill their destiny when an evil force threatens Hyrule. The children are the new incarnations of the legendary heroes.

7,421 words



  • Somewhere in a reclusive land, there lives forces of evil that make Ganondorf pale in comparison. Also living there is a namless boy who has been imprisoned for as long as he can remember. When the boy manages to escape to Hyrule, Link and his comrades must defeat a force that could destroy them all.

13,658 words


Scott Gauley

  • A boy who possesses strange abilities and comes from our world gets sucked into Hyrule by an evil demon.

6,112 words

  • With the help of one of his evil underlings, Ganon escapes from his prison in the evil realm, and attempts to kinap Zelda and take over Hyrule. It is up to Link and his new friend Alexi to stop him. Sequel to The Partner.

11,329 words

  • The Trojyman, Hyrule's equivalent of the Boogieman, is terrorizing children everywhere. It's up to Link and Alexi to save all the children.

7,101 words



  • The Heroes of Takkan.. They were mighty people, both physically and mentally.. However, there was a legend..  It said that when The Hero of Time came back from saving two worlds, he would have to save Hyrule once more.. The Heroes of Takkan would be sealed into a horrid prison, while The Hero of Time's most feared enemy would return..

5,231 words


  • The story of Nabooru's personal struggle against the brainwashing techniques of Twinrova.

1,235 words

Shadow Link

  • Legends tell of a mysterious counterpart to the Hero of Time, who, unbeknownst to others, assisted the Hero in his travails. But an old enemy returns and this simple partnership may suddenly end...or never exist in the first place.

6,075 words


Shelly Byrne

See more of Shelly's work in the Poetry Section.

  • A woman named Anya, who lives in Kakariko Village, comes home to discover her town is under attack by the Gerudos. She must hurry back to her house to save her baby. With nowhere else to go, she takes her baby to the Kokiri forest, where she learns that her child is destined for great things.

1,021 words

  • Impa tells Link of a previously unknown prophecy foretelling the destruction of Hyrule. An evil force will rise up and try to destroy everything, and he is the only one who stands in its way.

751 words


Silent Stalker

  • After an assasination attempt on Zelda, a mysterious stranger appears literally out of thin air. He becomes their bodyguard and protector against a familiar evil force.

1,811 words

  • A direct continuation of the above story, the new guardian must battle to protect the lives of the ones he swore to protect. This story has a lot of interesting plot twists to it. Defnintely worth a read.

4,119 words

  • Link and Zelda's new guardian returs in another adventure. This time they must deal with an evil dragon that is bent on capturing all the sages and destroying Hyrule. 

5,729 words

  • The characters from Silent Stalker's previous stories return for a new adventure. The evil Arek is obssessed with Zelda and feels resentful that she chose Link. Now all he wants is revenge on her and everyone around her.

8,158 words

  • People around Hyrule seem to be acting strangely... Our heroes find out that the evil Ganondorf is planning a new scheme, this time using sinister doubles to do his dirty work.

11,980 words



  • Ganondorf launches an invasion of Hyrule in order to obtain an ancient scroll that tells of an artifact more powerful than the Triforce. The scroll tells of a powerful warship created in the distant past that has the power to destroy everything. WARNING: Contains graphic descriptions of violence.

9,103 words



See more of Solowolf15's work in the Poetry Section.

  • Hyrule is invaded by a lethal phobist who is feeding on the fears of Hyrule's subjects. Can Link, our brave Hero, defeat the monstrosity before it defeats him, or will Link know what he truly fears?

854 words


Sparky the Seventh Chaos

See more of Sparky's work in the Poetry Section.

  • Navi holds a meeting of the Annoying Game Characters Club in Link's house. Madness ensues.

413 words


Spirit of Halo

  • A man named Sage from fourteenth century Scotland mysteriously finds himself in the world of Hyrule. He becomes a soldier fighting a war against the evil Ganon. But Ganon has much more insidious plans than a simple attack.

18,875 words

  • An evil force threatens to escape its imprisonment. Not only is Hyrule in danger, but also a far away kingdom from another world. Fierce warriors from this parallel world must join forces with Link and Hyrule's army to battle another invasion.

63,069 words

  • Ganon has returned to wreak havoc once again, but this time it's in Hyrule's future. A new generation of heroes must fight a new form of terror.

23,649 words


Stephen Young

  • In order for Link and Zelda to be with their true loves, they must go on a quest to find four mystical flowers that have the power to grant them what they so desire.

1,123 words

  • Strange dreams alert Link to problems surrounding the Spiritual Stones. On his quest to rescue the stones from a theif, he discovers that Ganondorf once again has plans to take over.

1,200 words


Super Nova Gurl

See more of Super Nova Gurl's work in the Poetry Section.

  • Link is riding Epona in an unknown land and he is unsure of what he'll find there.

285 words



  • On one of his many journeys, Link hears about a group of demons called the Omegeons. Worried that a group of people may release these monsters, Link travels to a far away land to seek out the mythical Omegeons.

7,581 words


The Unnamed Author

  • After his adventures, Link lives a trite and meaningless life. Lonely and without friends, one night he tries to take his own life. Can someone help him mend his broken heart?

70,000 words

Timmy Blackthorn

  • The story of how Link saved the world from the evil Foe and his ally Bad Guy. This is an interesting spoof of Zelda. It's chock full of low-brow humor, political incorrectness, and genera weirdness.

2,366 words



  • There really aren't words I can use to describe this particular story. All I can say is that it is a must read. The unnamed daughter of Ganondorf grows up alone and living in a pit, not knowing who she is or where she came from. And she lacks the one thing that everyone takes for granted: memory. She has no memories of her past, of her family, or of anything. The one opportunity when she gets to regain her memories may end up being the best or worst thing that has ever happened to her. If you're an emotional person, I recommend keeping a kleenex handy.

28,688 words


Toffee Chai

  • Link, Zelda and Malon learn a valuable lesson about trust and that taking gossip seriously can have unecessary consequences.

2,776 words



  • Link fights a person of pure evil, who is more connected to Link than he could ever imagine. This evil man summons forces of darkness to destroy Hyrule, and the only way Link can save Hyrule is with the legendary Master Sword. However, in retrieving the Master Sword, Link and Hyrule suffer unforseen consequences.

5,249 words



  • What if you were trapped in another being's body? If there was no way out and the second you fell asleep, it happened? Several murders have been occurring in Hyrule and the victims are slain and partially eaten. When an attempt on Zelda's life is made, it is up to Link to find the killer. He learns just what is wrong with the poor soul and is determined to help him. Link/Zelda pairing.

10,575 words

  • Link and Zelda are in love. What they want more than anything is to be left alone to live their lives in peace without dealing with the problems of being in two different social groups. To stop the pair of lovers from running off, Zelda's father calls for his former soldier to take care of it. The great warrior has a horiffic past however which is why he was banished from hyrule.

7,327 words


  • All the girls in Link's life all want him as their own, and Link in turn loves all of them. They all have the problem of deciding who Link will spend the rest of his life with. The girls come up with a plan to help Link decide. WARNING: Contains some sexual content.

8,841 words



  • A boy from the modern world has a strange vision. He is told by Ganondorf that he is a hero destined to fight him. The boy has no idea why this is so, but he feels compelled to carry out his vision. Formerly titled A New Beginning.

21,234 words


The Wind Sage

  • Life seems to be going just fine for Link, until he comes across a strange letter that literally appeared out of thin air, and claims to originate in the future.

2,370 words


The Writer

  • Malon reads an ancient tale of chivalry and romance.

4,385 words



  • The taste of blood has never been sweeter. Princess Zelda is trying to help out when a killing spree mysteriously pops up. Is Link not telling her something?

11,139 words