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Important Note: The poetry posted on this page is part of the old archives from many years ago. New poetry is no longer added to this section. Any new work made after 2004 is put in the Post Your Own Work section.

I no longer have the time to manually accept poems by email and post them to these pages. However, now anyone can post their own poetry in the Post Your Own Work section. Please register in that section if you want to post your poetry.


Alexandra Krohn

  • Stallkid lamenting about his loneliness.



  • A very nice poem about Zelda hearing her lullaby.
  • This is about Zelda missing Link after she sends him back in time.
  • The thoughts Link has as Zelda prepares to send him back in time.



  • Zelda's thoughts after Link goes away to Termina.


Black Dawg

  • Majora's musings about being defeated by Link. By the tone of the poem, Majora was not very happy.



  • Link fighting the King of all Poes in a cave, but failing and facing his own death.


Bongo Bill

  • An epic poem about the first leg of Link's adventure as the Hero of Time.


Chibi Sakura

See more of Chibi Sakura's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • The thoughts of four Majora's Mask characters as they contemplate their situations in life. Slightly angsty, but good.
  • Keaton talking about his quiz. It reminds me of the Riddler from Batman.
  • Link pondering the fact that he, the Hero of Time, can sometimes be both strong and weak.
  • A comedic banter between Link and Rauru after Link wakes up from his seven year sleep in the Temple of Light.
  • For some reason Mido goes crazy and wreaks havoc throughout the Kokiri Forest.
  • Link pondering his life and how an insignificant boy like him became a hero.


Chica: Tofu Ninja

See more of Chica's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • A very interesting poem about all the major characters in Ocarina of Time. I can't really think of a good way to describe it, just read it.
  • From what I could interpret, this poem is about the thoughts of two people looking at the stars on two different worlds, and they both yearn to see each other again. They have to be Link in Termina and Zelda in Hyrule.



See more of Clayton's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • Malon and her thoughts of being alone on her ranch. Slightly melancholy at parts.
  • This poem is about Link and his journeys. A very excellent poem.
  • This is about Malon's feelings toward Link. It reminds me of Shakespeare's sonnets.
  • A poem about how Link felt after being sent back in time. This is not an original creation, but it is a modification of another poem. It's still good, though.
  • This poem is about Ganondorf's thoughts during his imprisonment.
  • A rather sad poem about Saria.

Cloud Angel

  • Link thinking about why he fights and who he fights for.

Daniel Umberger

  • A poem written for an English class that is intended to be about the Legend of Zelda.



See more of DarkGamemaster's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • A dialogue between Link and Dark Link as they battle in the Water Temple.
  • A conflict between Link and the spirit in the Fierce Deity mask. 


Devin Jeanpierre

  • About the hero who emerges to fight evil.


  • A haiku poem about the story in the introduction to the Wind Waker. 



  • Ganondorf's thoughts before he caries out his plan to take over Hyrule Castle.


See more of Haiku's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • A poem about the Kokiri Forest. The narrator lives there and yearns to stay, but he must leave on a quest. My guess is that it's from Link's point of view.
  • A fairly long poem about the color green. It's worth reading, and I think the author has a little beef with the color green. I guess green could get a little monotonous after a while.
  • Link lamenting on how everything changed when he returned home.
  • Link's thoughts on fighting Majora's Mask.
  • A dialogue betwee Link and Ganon.
  • Link bragging to Saria about his adventures.


Holly Baranowski

  • Not actually an original poem, it is a compilation of some of Sheik's lines in Ocarina of Time. It shows how poetic Sheik actually is.



  • Zelda lamenting about having to become a warrior in Link's absence.
  • An unnamed character (Link?) in sorrow over the love that he lost, or never had.
  • Link wondering why he, of all people, was chosen to be the savior of Hyrule.
  • Comparing a hero to the Phoenix, being reborn over and over again.



See more of Inori's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • A very angst filled poem about how Link sees himself after his quests have ended.
  • This isn't actually an original poem, it is the lyrics to the Metallica song "The Unfogiven". However, the lyrics reflect the characters of Link and Ganondorf.
  • A message from Link to Zelda about how she can find him in the afterlife. Kind of sad.



See more of January's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • A dialogue between Navi and Saria's fairy.
  • Zelda's thoughts as she and Impa escape Ganondorf.
  • Link's thoughts on dying in his final battle, also with the knowledge that a healing fairy could revive him and force him to endure it over and over.
  • Thoughts about the nameless families in Kakariko village, such as the boss carpenter, the hag in the potion shop, the guy who hates everyone, and the cuccoo lady.
  • Saria's thoughts about Link and everything that happened. This is very good, and I recommend that you read it. 
  • A melancholy poem about needing love and friendship.
  • The point of view of all the girls waiting for Link to return after his seven year absence.
  • Link snd Navi are talking to each other. Very sweet.
  • This is an interesting poem that personifies the Master Sword and talks about Link and his adventures.
  • A poem about Hyrule's desolation and destruction. Inspired by the first chapter or the book of Leviticus.
  • These are the lyrics of a song by a Scottish group called Battlefield Band. Place names have been adapted to Hyrule.
  • Link is dying, and this poem describes Saria's pain.



  • Narrated by the character Jax in an upcoming fanfic, it is a love poem to Saria.


Joseph the Sheikiah

  • Sheik's point of view from inside Zelda.
  • Not an actual poem, these are the lyrics to the song "Superman" by Five for Fighting. It can be applied to all the heroes in the Zelda series.


JT Laws

  • A sad look at the thoughts of Link if he failed.
  • Link and Zelda pondering about why they are called to do extraordinary things, and yearning to be free from it all.
  • A dark look into Link's mind, poring over thoughts of the pain he's endured and the pain he's caused to others. It seems very realistic for a person who has done the things Link has.


Kari Pichenko

See more of Kari's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • Link and Zelda both ponder their feelings for each other and agonize over whether they should confess their feelings.
  • How Link sees Zelda, as an angel.



  • Link pondering all the battles he has won and all the journeys he has traveled. However, his lonleyness prevents him from taking pride in it.
  • Link stares into the sky one night and comes upon the realization that he has become free. He now has control over his destiny, but he does not know what he should do about the coming evil.



  • A long poem about Link's adventure in Termina, from several perspectives.


Lach Webster

  • A somewhat humorous look into Link's daily life.
  • Not as severe as the title suggests, this poem shows Link being fed up with all the annoying characters.

La Saiya

See more of La Saiya's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • A short poem about Link's friendship with his fairy partner.

Link the Hylian Hero

See more of Link the Hylian Hero's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • As the title suggests, this poem is a sonnet that Link wrote to Zelda. It's quite good, and reminds me of the sonnets that Shakespeare wrote.



See more of Mega-X's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • Ganondorf's very negative thoughts about love. Very fitting for him.
  • Ganondorf reflecting on his choice to pursue evil. A good characterization of him.



  • A short poem about Zelda. Short but sweet.
  • Another sweet love poem about Zelda.
  • More lovely love poetry.

Princess of Destiny

  • Zelda professing her love for Link, but lamenting that he does not feel the same.
  • Link getting ready to face Termina's final day.


Rafa-Dodier Thurow

  • A short haiku about Link having bad hygiene. Poor Link.



See more of Ryo-chan's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • Link regrets banishing Ganondorf to the Evil Realm. This poem is set to the tune of the song So Long, My Friend, by DC Talk.


Sage of Darkness

See more of Sage of Darkness's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • This is a poem written by a character in this author's upcoming fanfic. The writer is Malon's son and he is writing a secret poem to the one he loves.


Shelly Byrne

See more of Shelly's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • As the title suggests, a short poem about loyalty.
  • This tells about love that the narrator feels is growing deeper each day. My guess would be that it is Link referring to Zelda.
  • The narrator is the last of her race, and she is contemplating that. She also speaks of a boy whom she thinks is the chosen one sent to destroy evil. It is probably Impa speaking.
  • These are the lyrics to the song "Complicated", by Carlyon Johnson. In this context, it describes how Malon feels about Link.



See more of Solowolf15's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • Link wondering why chance chose him as the Hero of Time.
  • Ganondorf looking into a mirror and really seeing himself.


Sparky the Seventh Chaos

See more of Sparky's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • The lyrics to a Sonic the Hedgehog song of the same name. Can be applied to Link and his battles.


Super Nova Gurl

See more of Super Nova Gurl's work in the Fan Fiction Section.

  • A pixie lamenting about wanting to be any other mystical creature. 



  • A short poem about who the Sheikah are.



  • The Garth Brooks song "Thunder Rolls" adapted to the Zelda saga.



  • A poem based on Majora's Mask.


  • Link's note of shame to Zelda for talking to Malon and not to her.


Zelda Reborn

  • Link talking about the magical powers of his ocarina.
  • A haiku poem that the author likens to a commercial for the Wind Waker.
  • This might not technically be poetry, but it's the closest applicable category.
  • A Tanka (a Japanese poetry form similar to Haiku) about Link and Zelda.
  • Hard to explain, but it's about Saria's Song.



  • About keeping hope for the future and not giving up. It's not strictly a Zelda poem, but it could be applied to Zelda.

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