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Twilight Princess Official Art

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A beautiful scene depicting various aspects of The Twilight Princess.
1190 x 1567 pixels
202 KB

Link, the goat herder, enjoys a moment with his animal friend.
1616 x 1524 pixels
209 KB

A mature Link readies to jump into the fray of battle.
1181 x 1373 pixels
149 KB

Link stands ready.
1050 x 1850 pixels
174 KB

One of them new fancy Skultulas. 
1440 x 1060 pixels
108 KB

The new Link poses yet again for another photo.
450 x 1000 pixels
46 KB

A menacing Stalfos awaits battle.
1024 x 1052 pixels
128 KB

A Stalfos wolf. 
1024 x 728
97 KB

The new logo for The Twilight Princess .
1750 x 2354 pixels
451 KB
Zelda holding a sword, perhaps indicating that she'll see some action.
367 x 712
40 KB