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Level 2: Midoro Swamp

Getting to Level 2

Level two in in the swamp in the middle part of Western Hyrule. The swamp is very slow to get through, but you shouldn't have much of a problem.

WAIT! Did you get the Life spell from Saria, the Hammer from the cave, and the Magic container next to the hammer cave? You better go get those first.

Click here to open the level 2 map in a new window

Rooms You Need to Know:

  • B2: locked door
  • B3: key
  • C5: locked door, power glove
  • D3: locked door
  • D1: key
  • E3: locked door
  • E4: boss

    Level two is a bit more difficult than level one, but not much. The secret item in this level is the power glove, which lets you use your sword to break through certain types of blocks. The boss is Helmet Head.

  • First of all, you're going to need a key. From the entrance (A1), take the elevator down 3 floors to room D2. Then go right one room to D2 and get the key all the way at the right end of the room.
  • Now you need to get a couple more keys so you can get the special item. From room D1, go right one room to D2. Take the elevator up 2 rooms to B1. Then go right 4 rooms to B5 (B2 has a locked door, and B3 has a key). From B5, go down 1 floor to C3. Then go right 2 rooms to C5 (watch out for falling bricks in C4). The power glove is behind the locked door in C5.
  • Now you're ready to get to the boss's room. From C5, go right 2 rooms to C3. Take the elevator downa floor to D6. Go right 3 rooms to D3 to get the key you'll need. Then go left 1 room to D4, and take the elevator down to E1. Then go right 3 rooms to get to the boss (watch out for the disintegrating bridges in E2 and the locked door in E3).
  • The boss, Helmet Head, is in room E4. The strategy I use for this guy is just to hit him as many times as you can as fast as you can. You have to strike him in the head. As you keep hitting him, two helmets will be knocked off, and they will fly around and shoot you with fireballs. When his head is exposed, keep hitting him until he's dead. Now get the key that drops and put the crystal in the statue.

When you first encounter this guy, he'll have a helmet on his head. Jump up and stab him in the head to knock it off.

The helmet you knocked off will float in the air and shoot little glowing things at you. You now have to knock off the second helmet.

Now you got two helmets floating around. Now that the guy's head is exposed, you can finish him off. Just keep hitting him in the head, piece of cake.

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