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Town Walkthroughs

The towns are probably the most important places you'll visit in your journey. They give you spells, special attacks, special items, and the townspeople often give you helpful hints. You might recognize the names of the towns from Ocarina of Time. All the towns in Zelda II are names of characters in Zelda 64, except for Kasuto. That's why I picked Kasuto for my penname. It jus seemed to fit. The towns in Zelda II are Rauru, Ruto, Saria, Mido, Nabooru, Darunia, and Kasuto. Each one has its own special items in it.

One thing you will learn to like about towns is that they have people there to help you. Each town has people who will refill your magic and your life. You can always tell who they are. They are always from a house, and ask you to come inside. The woman who restores your life wears red, and the woman who restores your magic is an old lady wearing orange.

The lady who restores your life will be wearing red clothes and will usually come out of the house when you walk near it. Talk to her and follow her inside. You won't actually go into the house, she'll just refill your life.
The lady who restores your magic is always an old woman who wears orange. You can't miss her because she's the only one in the town who looks like that.


Rauru should be the very first town on your journey. It is located off a path just east of Hyrule Castle, past a clump of forest. This is the only town where you don't have to perform some kind of task to get the special spell. In this town you get the Shield spell.

  • 3rd house: Restore life
  • 5th house: Shield spell
This is the 5th house in the town. This lady will offer to let you into her house right away. Don't get used to this, for every spell you'll have to go on a little mission first. Here you get the Shield spell. When you activate it, Link will turn red and damage inflicted will be cut in half for one screen.


No, this town has nothing to do with the psychotic fish that is bent on marrying Link. This will be the second town on your journey. In this town you will get the handy Jump spell.

  • 1st house: Restore life
  • 2nd house: Restore magic
  • 4th house: Jump spell
This is the fourth house in the town. The lady will tell you that her trophy was stolen by a Goriya. You will have to leave the town and go to the cave that is due north of Hyrule Castle.
This cave is very simple. All you have to do is jump over a few lava pits and defeat the Goriya. He shouldn't be hard.
Now get the trophy and return to the town.
Now the lady will thank you and let you into her house. Go inside to receive the Jump spell from the old man.


Saria is located on the river south of the cave south of Ruto town. In this town, you will get the life spell.

  • 2nd house: Life spell
  • 3rd house: Mirror
  • 4th house: Restore magic.
  • Last house: River man
This is the second house in the town. The lady will tell you that she has lost her mirror. Lucky for you, you don't have to leave the town to get it. You only have to go to the next house.
This is the third house in the town. Walk up to the table and press the B button as if you were going to talk to the table. The little dialogue screen in the picture will pop up. Now return to the other house to give the lady her mirror. 
The woman will thank you for finding her mirror and you can go inside to get the Life spell from the old man.
When you get to the last house in the town, you'll notice a small building and some water. Unfortunately, there's no bridge so you can't cross. If you go inside, the man will tell you that you can't cross. The solution to this problem is outside of the town. You have to leave Saria and go to Bagu's house. 
On my overworld map, Bagu's house is in a clump of forest above the river. It is indicated by a blue square and is next to a whole bunch of hidden battle scenes. You'll be taken into a mini town with only one house. Go inside and talk to Bagu.
Now that you have spoken to Bagu, the River man will agree to let you cross.
When you exit the house, a bridge will appear and you will be able to cross the river. When you exit the town, you will now be able to go south to the cave maze, which leads to the hammer.


Mido will be the fourth town on your journey. It is in the desert on the eastern coast, just above the raft dock. In this town you will get the downthrust (very handy) and the Fairy spell.

  • 2nd house: Restore life
  • 7th house (church): Downthrust
  • 9th house: Restore magic
  • 10th house: Fairy spell
The church is the seventh building in the town, you can't miss it. Of course, I wonder why it has a cross, you would think that a Triforce symbol would be better. After all, I don't think there would be any Christians there. Anyways, this building has the knight who will give you the upthrust. You have to use the Jump spell to jump to the second level and go through the door. To use the downthrust, you jump and press the down button. It really comes in handy.
At the tenth house, a lady will tell you that her daughter is sick. You have to leave the town and go to a cave in the swamp in the West. There you will get the Water of Life.
This cave is located in a swamp on the western part of Hyrule, you cant mss it because there is a boulder in front of it. Its location is shown on my overworld map. In this cave you will have to fight a few enemies, mainly a few alligators. They're not that bad, but you should use your shield spell. At the end of the cave is a bottle of potion. Get it and return to the town. The potion's only purpose is to get the Fairy spell, you can't use it to restore your life so don't try. Now return to Mido town.
The lady will thank you for bringing the Water of Life. Go inside the house to get the Fairy spell from the old man. The Fairy spell can come in handy. It turns you into a fairy so you can fly. You can fly through locked doors without a key, and you'll need it to get to level 3.


Nabooru town is in Eastern Hyrule, and it right out in the open. In this village, you'll get the Fire spell, which will enable your sword to shoot fireballs. You'll need it to defeat certain enemies.

  • 3rd house: Restore magic
  • 4th house: Fire spell
  • 6th house: Restore life
At the fourth house you will meet a lady who says that she's thirsty. Her sink must be broken, so it's your job to get her some water. Luckily you won't have to leave the town for this one. There's a fountain just past her house where you can get water.
Walk up to the fountain and press the B button like you're going to talk to it. You willget the dialogue screen in the picture and now you have water. Go back to the lady and talk to her again.
Now that you have water, she will invite you into her house. Inside you will get the Fire spell from the old man.


Sorry, but no Gorons live here. Go figure. This town is located in the mountains, in the absolute northwest of Eastern Hyrule. In this town you will get the upthrust and the Reflect spell.

  • 3rd house: restore life
  • 5th house: Restore magic
  • 6th house: Upthrust
  • 11th house: Reflect spell
This is the eleventh house in the town. The lady will tell you that her child has been kidnapped. It's your job to go and find him. You'll have to leave the town and go to Maze Island. 
The lost child is in a hidden cave on Maze Island. it is on the eastern side of the island, and is indicated by a green square on my overworls map. Just defeat a lizard knight and grab the child, and return to Darunia.
Once you return the child, the lady will thank you. Go into the house to get the Reflect spell from the old man. The Reflect spell really comes in handy. Its main purpose is to reflect the beams that Wizzrobes shoot at you so you can kill them. But the Reflect spell also strengthens your shield. It will enable you to resist fireballs, clubs, and other things that your shield couldn't repel before.
The upthrust is in the sixth house. You have to usethe Jump spell to jump to the top of the house. Once you're up there, go down the chimney and you will be in the house.

New Kasuto

In this game, there are two towns named Kasuto. One is Old Kasuto, which is in ruins. There is also New Kasuto, which is hidden in a patch of forest. It is on the eastern side of East Hyrule and is in a patch of forest bordered by water on the east side and mountains on the west side. Its location is given by the gray square on my overworld map. This town contains more items than any other town, as well as being the stangest town. I don't know why I would call it strange, it just has an eerie vibe to it. In New Kasuto you will get a Magic container, the Spell spell (this is not a typo) and the magical key.

  • 2nd house: Magic container
  • 5th house: Restore magic
  • 6th house: Restore life
  • 8th house: Spell spell
  • Last building (dead end): Magical key
This is the second house in the town, and it has the last magic container. The lady will tell you that you deserve her help and she will let you into her house. However, you must have 7 magic containers before you can get the last one. If she says something like "you are not ready yet" you haven't gotten all the other containers.
In the basement of the second house is a magic container instead of an old man.
This is the 8th house in the town. It has and old man who will give you the Spell spell. The door is left conveniently open for you.
Instead of the normal inside of the house, you will come across a dead end. You'll notice a little door in the chimney. Go into that door and you'll be taken into the basement.
After you get the Spell spell, go all the way to the end of town. You'll come across what looks to be a dead end. But looks can be deceiving. Use you Spell spell right here.
After you activated the spell, a building will literally come up out of the ground. Go inside to get the magical key.
You will be taken to the basement where the magical key is located. This key is really handy. Now you won't have to go on any more wild goose chases to find keys.

Old Kasuto

When you walk into Old Kasuto, you'll walk into a town that is in ruins. All the buildings are nearly destroyed and the only life that remains are flying monsters. However, there is one man who still resides here. And from this man you will learn the most powerful spell: the Thunder spell. You will need it to beat the game.

  • 1st house: Thunder spell
When you enter the town, you will see nothing but destroyed houses and floating monsters. The town is interesting to look through, but the only thing you'll find here is one man who can give you the Thunder spell.
The place where you get the Thunder spell is conveniently the first house. Go inside and meet the old man.


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