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Cast of Characters
An introduction to the game and the walkthrough.

Getting the Kokiriís Emerald
Everything you need to know in order to navigate your way through the Kokiri Forest and to complete the Deku Tree level.

Meeting Princess Zelda
Various things to do in Hyrule Field, including how to meet the princess for the first time.

Exploring Hyrule
Lists all the things you shoul,d accomplish before going to Dodongo's cavern, included Lon Lon ranch, Kakariko Village, and the Mask game.

Getting the Goronís Ruby
Covers everything Gorons, from finding their city to defeating Dodongo's cavern. Also includes information on reaching the first two Great Fairies.

Getting the Zoraís Sapphire
Dive headfirst into the land of the Zoras.

Temple of Time and Temple of Light
Now you're ready to get the Master Sword.

Getting the Forest Medallion
Not only a walkthrough for the Forest Temple, but also contains useful information about the places you need to visit before even thinking about going to the Forest Temple.

A Horse and a Song
Go to Lon Lon Ranch to get the fabulous Epona.

Getting the Fire Medallion
It's back to Goron City again, but things aren't quite the same. Also shows you how to find another Great Fairy and what to do with your magic beans.

The Frozen Fate of Zoraís Domain
Those poor Zoras are frozen solid. You must perform some necessary taks before you can enter the Water Temple.

Getting the Water Medallion
Now it's time to go to the Water Temple to dispel the curse put upon Hyrule's waterways.

Retrieving the Lens of Truth
Go back in time to get this powerful artifact of the Sheikahs. Also find out how to get the mighty Biggoron's Sword.

Getting the Shadow Medallion
Weave your way through the catacombs of the dead as you try to find the Shadow Medallion.

Gerudo Challenge
Sneak your way into this closed society and gradually become one of them.

Getting the Spirit Medallion
Your almost to the home stretch. Now you need to defeat the evil boss of the Spirit Temple in order to receive the Spirit Medallion.

Preparing for Ganonís Castle
All the stuff you need to do before you go on to the final showdown with Ganondorf.

The Final Showdown
Everything comes down to this. But you must work your way through another deathtrap-filled dungeon before you battle the King of Evil face to face.

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