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Z64 Walkthrough

Getting the Zora’s Sapphire – A Long and Watery Trek

Zora’s River

Allies here include:

    Owl: He’s perched by the Blocked Path when you enter.  The reclusive Zoras only open their door to those who know the Royal Family.  Do these Hyrulians have similar thought patterns or what?
    Cuccos: Use these two chickens to reach certain out-of-the-way areas.


Foes here include:

    Gold Skulltulas: There are two here you can reach at this time.  One is in the tree near the Blocked Road.  Another is on the ladder by the Winding Ledge at night.
    Octoroks: These creatures pop up from the water and spit rocks at you before returning to the water.  You should use Z-Targeting and your Deku Shield to fight them, though the Fairy Slingshot might also come in handy.  They are very common at Lake Hylia.
    Blue Tektites: These spiders live in or near the water.  Lure them onto the land before attacking.  They take 4 or 5 slashes each to defeat.

Items here include:



Other items here include:

    Deku Seeds
    Magic Jars
    Skull Tokens
    Heart Piece 13: Glide with one Cucco over to the edge of the Large Pillar.  Climb up and grab the next Cucco.  Glide to the Statue Platform with it and drop over Heart Piece 12 onto the Small Plat-form.
    Heart Piece 14: This is on the Small Ledge by the Winding Ledge.  You need to glide with a Cucco to reach it.


Important locations here include:

     Blocked Road: The Owl is perched near here.  Blast the rocks when he leaves to clear the way.  The nearby tree holds a Gold Skulltula.
     River: This body of water flows toward Hyrule Field.  The Zoras guard this river at its source.  You may only jump across where both sides of the bank are light-colored.
    Rock Circle: These stones are where your first Cucco hangs out.  You need it to reach the Low Ledge.  When you toss the bird, get to it before it recovers and scurries off.
    Narrow Spot: Unless you grab a Cucco, you can only jump across the river where both shores are light-colored.
    Log: Some young Frogs hang out here.  You’ll get a Heart Piece from them later on.
    Low Ledge: Glide here with your first Cucco.  The ladder leads to the top of the Large Pillar.
    Large Pillar: Your second Cucco is scurrying about up here.  What’s under the boulder?
    Statue Platform: A Gossip Stone is on this platform.  Glide here with the second Cucco.
    Small Pillar: Drop over this pillar when gliding from the Statue Platform to grab Heart Piece 12.
    Bridge: This leads towards the Waterfall and Winding Ledge.  An Octorok guards it.
    Winding Ledge: This leads directly to the Waterfall.  The Small Ledge with Heart Piece 13 is here.  The Plaque is right in front of the Waterfall.  Another Pond is here.
    Small Ledge: Glide here with a Cucco to get Heart Piece 13.
    Pond: This looks oddly like the Pond in the Lost Woods.  How can you connect the two?
    Plaque: This tile on the Winding Ledge says the Waterfall flows until the King of Hyrule is asleep.  I think you know what to do.
    Waterfall: This feeds the River from its source above.  Play Zelda’s Lullaby on the Plaque to thin it out and gain access.

Area strategies include:

     When you first enter this area, you should chop the bushes to reveal goodies of various sorts.  When you head to the Blocked Road, you automatically talk to the Owl; so do not try tossing Bombs.  When he flies off, you should totally destroy all of the boulders in between the two posts.  You can reveal a Gold Skulltula by rolling into the trunk of the nearby tree.  Up ahead, you will see a man chomping on something in a bag, but that is not important.  What is important is the Cucco you see near the light-colored riverbank, and you must grab the bird now.
     You should take the Cucco across the riverbank until you can safely cross back without an Octorok hitting you.  You should climb up the broken ledge until you have to jump around the ledge with a bush on it.  When you land, you can run forward and throw the Cucco onto the ledge nearby.  On that ledge, throw the Cucco onto the ledge, not the water, and climb up after it quickly so it can’t get away.  Grab the Cucco again and you can glide down to the Low Ledge, where you can finally get rid of the bird.  You should now climb up the ladder to the Large Pillar and Bomb the boulder there.
     Bombing the boulder opens up a hole called a Fairy’s Fountain.  Inside, you can pick up Fairy Spirits in Bottles, which are much better than Lon-Lon Milk in later stages of the quest.  Outside, you can grab the other Cucco and glide to the Statue Platform on your way to the Heart Piece.  Once you drop onto the item, grab it quickly and then go after the Cucco.  You can get it easily, and you should head up to the ledge where you glided to the Low Ledge, but instead head up to the bridge.  You can go to the Winding Ledge so long as you do not suffer damage from the Octorok.
     Once you finish the Winding Ledge, you should glide over to the other Heart Piece on the Ledge.  You need no more Cuccos, so toss this one away or just leave it alone once you can move.  Once night comes, you can get a second Gold Skulltula, which perches on the nearby ladder.  Once the spider is gone, you can climb up to the Plaque in front of the Waterfall.  Play Zelda’s Lullaby on it and the Waterfall thins out to reveal a cave you can jump to.  Jump over and you can go into the charming cavern of Zora’s Domain.

Zora’s Domain I

Allies here include:

    King Zora XVI: He’s too worried about his beloved daughter (Princess Ruto) to give you much help.  The Hidden Path behind him leads to Zora’s Fountain.  How can you make him move over?
    Zora People: These folks need to stay in or near the water all of the time.  Some of them have gone as far as Lake Hylia to search for Princess Ruto.  Sometimes their advice is helpful.
    Zora Shopkeeper: This Zora runs the Zora Shop.  He offers Fish, Red Potion, Deku Seeds, Recovery Hearts, or Zora Tunics.
    Diving Master: This Zora runs the Diving Game near the Waterfall.  Beat it once and you win the Silver Scale.


Items here include:

    Deku Seeds
    Magic Jars
    Deku Sticks: Look in pots for these.  You’ll need them.
    Fish: You’ll want one of these when you can reach Zora’s Fountain.  As the preferred offering to Lord Jabu-Jabu, you may buy them at the Zora Shop for R200 apiece or catch them in the Big Pond.
    Red Potion: Each dose you buy from the Zora Shop costs R50.
    Zora Tunic: This shirt prevents adults from drowning underwater.  It costs R300, but there is a way to get it for free later on.  It is woven from Zora scales and the gills of fishes, with normal fabric thrown in.
    Heart Piece 15: Light the torch at the foot of the stairs to the Royal Chamber first.  Then, light the torches near the Zora Shop, in the Big Pond, and in the Small Cave to make this appear in a chest nearby.
    Silver Scale: Beat the Diving Game once to win this.  You may now dive down to depths of about 20 feet.  You may now use the Ponds and Sea Cave as shortcuts.

Important locations here include:

    Big Pond: This is the main feature of Zora’s Domain.  The Sea Cave is opposite the Waterfall that feeds it.  The small island near the entrance sounds a little hollow to me.  You must swim through most of it.
    Royal Chamber: This is at the north end of the watery grotto.  The Hidden Path behind His Royal Fishiness leads to Zora’s Fountain.  The path to the left of the entrance leads to the Diving Game.
    Waterfall: This is what feeds the Big Pond and not Zora’s River.  At the top is the Diving Game’s start.  It empties into the Sea Cave.
    Diving Game: You must beat this to proceed.  You should swan dive to grab the five Blue Rupees thrown by the Diving Master.  When you get them all, go back to the Diving Master to receive the Silver Scale.  Afterwards, you can recover as many Rupees as you want.  Each try costs R20.
    Zora Shop: This is hidden below the staircase to the Royal Chamber.  The Shopkeeper offers Deku Seeds, Recovery Hearts, Red Potion, Fish, or Zora Tunics.
    Small Cave: This cubical opening is hidden behind the Waterfall’s base.  If you light all five torches, Heart Piece 15 appears here in a chest.
    Sea Cave: This is opposite the Waterfall.  Dive in with the Silver Scale and you are warped to Lake Hylia.

Area strategies include:

     The first thing you should know about Zora are that they are amphibians resembling human-oids.  When a Zora female is with child, she lays her Zora Eggs in cool water until they hatch into Zora Tadpoles.  They are concerned with respect and honor, and do not like being made fun of.  The main problem with the Zora nowadays is that they are looking for Princess Ruto, daughter of King Zora XVI.  Some Zoras have even gone on to Lake Hylia in the south of Hyrule to look for her with-out success.  You might want to visit Lord Jabu-Jabu, the Zora deity, for advice, if you can get royal permission.
     There are a few fun things you can do in this strange town that turn out quite profitable.  The first involves the metal braziers you see near the Zora Shop, in the Big Pond, and behind the Water-fall in the Hidden Niche.  To light them all, you must first light the torch at the foot of the stairs to the Royal Chamber.  When you do this, put your Deku Stick away and take out a fresh one instead.  You can light all the torches with one Deku Stick and must do so to reveal a chest.  Go to the Waterfall and you will find a Heart Piece inside the chest after the last two braziers are lit.
     To reach Princess Ruto, you will need to dive deeper than you can right now.  The only way to improve your diving power is to obtain the Silver Scale, the prize at the Diving Game.  When the Diving Master throws down five Blue Rupees, you must get them all in fifty seconds or less, no big task.  The Silver Scale lets you hold your breath long enough to dive for six seconds straight, twice your original diving limits.  The easy way to Lake Hylia is to dive through the tunnel you see under the land.  Diving in will activate a warp that takes you straight to southern Hyrule, a good spot for fishing and scientific research.


Fun at Lake Hylia

Allies here include:

    Chemist: This queer geezer lives in the Lakeside Laboratory.  There is (according to him) a way to dive even deeper than you can now.  His best pupil is the hag from the Potion Shop.  He’s always try-ing to unravel all of the secrets of Lake Hylia.
    Zora People: There are two in the water here looking for Princess Ruto.
    Bonooru: This scarecrow has an excellent memory.  Play your version of the Scarecrow’s Song for him and he’ll remember it forever.  He and Pierre live at the Tilled Area.

Other allies here include:

    Pierre: This scarecrow wants to travel and find touching music.  He is touched by any music you play for him.  He is on the hill above Bonooru in the Tilled Area.
    Fishing Master: This man owns the Fishing Pond.  For R20, you may fish as long as you want.  He caught the record-setting 6-pound fish on display.
    Owl: If you want, he’ll carry you from the Gravestone Isle to Hyrule Castle.
    King Zora XVI: Show Ruto’s Bottle to him and he’ll say that Lord Jabu-Jabu never swallows any-one.  He loves Princess Ruto and asks you to rescue her.  He then scoots left so you can use the Hid-den Path to Zora’s Fountain.


Foes here include:

    Blue Tektites
    Gold Skulltula: There is one on the Goalpost Isle at night.


Items here include:

    Deku Seeds
    Magic Jars
    Skull Token
    Ruto’s Bottle: This is in the Sunken Ruins.  A letter inside says Princess Ruto is stuck in Lord Jabu-Jabu’s belly.
    Heart Piece 16: Catch a 10-pound fish at the Fishing Pond to win this.
    Fish: Grab one from the Big Pond as an offering to Lord Jabu-Jabu if you don’t have one already.

Important locations here include:

    Lakeside Laboratory: The Chemist lives and works here.  A shark is caged up at the bottom of the pool across the area.  Try not to disturb the beakers full of potion.
    Tilled Area: This peaceful hill is home to Bonooru and Pierre.
    Gravestone Isle: The Owl is perched here.  Bridges connect this to the Large Island and the mainland.  Watch out for the Octoroks nearby.
    Large Isle: Another odd, hexagonal tile with a carved Triforce on it is here.  How can you reach the cave at the north side of the base?
    Goalpost Isle: Two pillars in a goalpost style mark something mysterious.  A Gold Skulltula appears on the north post at night.
    Sunken Ruins: Only a few broken columns poke above the surface.  Search below the water for Ru-pees, Ruto’s Bottle, and the Sea Cave’s exit.  Two of the Zora People are nearby.  It is between the Tilled Area and the Lakeside Laboratory.
    Fishing Pond: Fish here for R20 and unlimited time to win fabulous prizes.  A ten-pound fish nets you Heart Piece 16.
    Hidden Path: This tunnel leads from the Royal Chamber to Zora’s Fountain.  King Zora must be out of the way before you can use it.

A song you compose:

    Scarecrow’s Song: This song comes in handy later on.  Play it for Bonooru and Pierre now for vari-ous results.  You will need it later on, so write it down somewhere safe.  This song may be as simple or as complex as you want.

Area strategies include:

     Once you arrive through the warp, you should look underwater for an object that makes Navi go green.  Dive down to it and you find Ruto’s Bottle complete with the Letter inside.  If you don’t want anything special, you can just go show this to King Zora.  However, there are a lot of fun and profitable activities to complete, and they really help you right now.  You can talk to the Chemist and learn there is a way to dive still deeper, and you can’t dive to all depths quite yet.  The next bit in-volves you teaching an eight-note song to Bonooru and Pierre.
      The Scarecrow’s Song is an immensely useful song later on in the game.  You can only use it as an adult once you have the Hookshot.  You will know what I mean by this as you go along or if you read the instruction manual that comes with the game, which is more useful than blah.  The song can be simple, or you can make it mind-boggling.  It has to be eight notes long or Bonooru cannot remember it for you, unfortunately.  You will need the Scarecrow’s Song to reach all of the hidden areas in the game.
     You can also go fishing, a most enjoyable experience, especially with a Rumble Pak.  When you can pay R20 for unlimited fishing, you know you’re going to have a very fun time, especially since time is slowed by a factor of ten while you’re there.  What you want to catch is the ten-pound (sometimes more) fish out by the log and keep it when you get the option.  The Fishing Master re-wards you with Heart Piece 16 when you have him weigh the fish.  At night, you can get a Gold Skulltula from the north post on the Goalpost Isle.
     When you have done everything here, you should go back to Zora’s Domain and enter the Royal Chamber.  King Zora will slowly and noisily scoot to the side when you show him Ruto’s Bot-tle.  You get to keep the glass jar, a good thing indeed, all things considered.  Go down to the Big Pond in Zora’s Domain and you can catch your own Fish for free!  With that done, you can head down the Hidden Path to Zora’s Fountain.  This is a holy shrine to Lord Jabu-Jabu, the Zora deity, so bringing an offering is a good idea.

Zora’s Fountain I

Allies here include:

    Great Fairy 3: She lives in GFF 3 on the Side Platform.  She, as a Great Fairy of Magic, will teach you the warp magic of Farore’s Wind.

The lone monster here:

    Gold Skulltula: Bash the tree on the Side Platform to find it.

Items here include:

    Deku Seeds
    Magic Jars
    Skull Token


Important locations here include:

    Tunnel: This is where the Hidden Path ends.  It is in the southwest corner of Zora’s Fountain.

Other important locations here include:

    Side Platform: This is in the southeast corner of the area.  Bash the tree for a Gold Skulltula.  Behind the back wall is GFF 3.
    GFF 3: This is where Great Fairy 3 lives.
    Hidden Cave: This is at the north end of Zora’s Fountain.  How can you get in?
    Altar: This is where you may present offerings to Lord Jabu-Jabu.  It is due northeast from the Gate.
    Lord Jabu-Jabu: He is the centerpiece of Zora’s Fountain.  He will inhale your Fish offering and you when the small creature is dropped.  His belly is larger than it appears from the outside.


A thoroughly useless magic spell:

    Farore’s Wind: This magic spell is only usable in dungeons with Maps inside.  Once used, it will make a Warp Point.  If you use it again, you may either Warp to the Warp Point or destroy the Warp Point.  It costs 6 MP per usage.  You learn it from Great Fairy 3 in GFF 3.  Using it in the next dungeon is not advisable.

Area strategies include:

     After the opening cinema, you are free to explore the area in detail.  You will find a cavern opening at the north end of the area, but the entrance is out of reach.  There are several schools of fish swimming about their deity.  The only special thing you can do right now is explore the Side Plat-form.  You can find a Gold Skulltula by bashing the small tree near the Gossip Stone, getting another Skull Token.  There is a gray boulder and a brown boulder set into the nearby wall, highly suspicious, indeed!
     If you place a Bomb near the brown boulder, it will detonate, along with the wall!  Going in-side, you will find the second Great Fairy of Magic.  She teaches you Farore’s Wind, a nifty though totally useless spell in the grand scheme of things.  You need something a lot stronger than the Goron Bracelet to lift the gray boulder outside, and it is invulnerable to Bombs.  You should now head to the Altar and prepare to uncork the Fish by getting supplies from the pots.  When you drop the Fish, Lord Jabu-Jabu awakens to suck it, and you as well, into his gaping mouth!


Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly

Your ally here:

    Princess Ruto: You will find this young monarch as tomboyish as they come.  She is in Room 1F-3 when you first meet her, standing next to a lesion in the floor and claiming she needs no help.  She re-lents somewhat in the room below, permitting you to carry her out of there.  When you must raise the water level throw her to a safe height or she will vanish.  When you must depress a pressure switch, she will help, but lecture you about responsibility afterwards.  She will vanish once Bigocto kidnaps her, taking the Spiritual Stone with her.  She gives that to you outside, along with her thanks and love.

Foes here include:

    Shabom: These bubbles hurt when they bounce into you.  Slash them beforehand to avoid harm.  You must destroy ten of these in Room 1F-8 in 40 seconds or less to win the Compass.
    Biri: These jellyfish shock you if you slash them or touch them.  A Deku Stick, Din’s Fire, or (when you get it) the Boomerang kills one instantly.
    Bari: These creatures are three Biri in one.  Din’s Fire kills them easily.  You can break them into Biri by slashing them or hitting them with the Boomerang.  They only live in Room 1F-3.
    Sponge Blocks: These red creatures are again electrified.  The Boomerang stuns them for a few mo-ments, making them usable as platforms.
    Gold Skulltulas: There are 5 here.  The last is outside by the Sunken Log at night.  Be sure to grab their Tokens.
    Stingers: These manta rays rise from the water, circle around a bit, and swoop at you.  Deku Seeds knock them back a bit.  Beat the four in Room 1F-5 for the Boomerang.
    Business Scrub: There’s one in the back of Room B1-4.  His offer is 5 Deku Nuts for R20.


Other foes here include:

    Talisparans: These electric tapeworms live in Room 1F-4.  The weak tail is the place to strike with Deku Sticks, Din’s Fire, or the Boomerang.  Contrary to what some may say, these monsters are not Lanmolas from previous games.
    Red Tail: You may have seen two pulsing red electric things in Room 1F-4.  This, in Room 1F-6, is their source.  Use the Boomerang on the narrow part to hurt it.  Do this four times to get the Map.
    Blue Tail: This is the source of the blue slime in Room 1F-4.  Hit it like you did the Red Tail.  It is in Room 1F-9.
    Green Tail: This controls the green slimy thing in Room 1F-3.  Take out its four Biri guards before attacking it directly.  It lives in Room 1F-10.  It takes 4 hits to destroy.
    Bigocto: This giant squid abducts Princess Ruto once she has the Zora’s Sapphire.  When it’s facing away from you, stun it with the Boomerang and slash the flashing spot.  Four hits beat it and get you some Hearts.


Bioelectric Anemone:  BARINADE

    BARINADE: This bioelectric anemone is your ultimate test here.  Its power comes from the three tentacles attached to the ceiling, which you can break with the Boomerang.  It will then release its Bari armor plates five at a time.  When the spinning stops, stun and slash the body or hit the things with the Boomerang to destroy them.  Barinade while you attack it will try to launch stored lightning at you from its antennae.  Barinade spins very fast once you destroy the first five armor plates, and it moves as it spins.
     When you eliminate all five armor plates, Barinade has to attack you directly.  All you have to do is avoid its lightning and the spikes protruding from its body.  When you close in on its body, stun it with the Boomerang and slash away.  After ten slashes, Barinade will bloat up and explode into a mess of flesh and green blood.  You can tell it is weakening when it drops blood-like liquid onto the floor of the chamber.  You will of course get a Heart Container after the battle.


Items here include:

    Deku Seeds
    Deku Nuts
    Magic Jars
    Skull Tokens
    Boomerang: This item is the treasure for this dungeon.  It is good against electric foes like Biri and Talisparans.  It can also retrieve those far-off Skull Tokens.  Beat the Stingers in Room 1F-5 to get it.  It will help you save MP and Deku Sticks for later.
    Fairy Spirits: There are several hidden in pots throughout the dungeon.
    Map: This is found in Room 1F-6 after you beat the Red Tail.  There are 18 rooms in the dungeon over 2 floors, making it small and compact.
    Compass: Beat all of the Shabom in Room 1F-7 in 40 seconds or less to win this.  There are no other chests in the dungeon, though.
    Heart Container
    Zora’s Sapphire: Princess Ruto grabs this in Room B1-5 before the platform carries her up.  It is the final Spiritual Stone.  Does it seem worth it once you know it’s the Zora’s Engagement Ring?  You have all three Spiritual Stones, so you should see Princess Zelda soon.

Dungeon tricks include:

    Room 1F-1: Beat the paired Octoroks and Shabom to start out.  Then, shoot the ceiling switch (okay, uvula), to retract the nerves over the door.
    Room 1F-2: Use the ledge the first time you’re here.  The second time, jump with Princess Ruto to the ledge from the elevator.  When you reach here from the high door to the east, ride the platform down and depress the switch with a crate.
    Room 1F-3: This is where you meet Princess Ruto.  The holes lead to Room B1-1.  When you get back up here, go through the far door.  After the Green Tail is destroyed, the northwest hole is open.
    Room B1-1: This room has several exits.  The one across the room leads to Room B1-2.  The door behind you leads to Room B1-3.  The one below the green tentacle leads to Room B1-5.  When you get there, kill the two resident Gold Skulltulas.
    Room B1-2: This room has a Jelly Block and two Octoroks.  A Fairy Spirit in a pot is about the only good thing here.
    Room B1-3: After the curving hall, you see a pond of water full of Stingers and guarded by several Shabom.  Toss Princess Ruto the opposite side and eliminate the Stingers.  There’s a Gold Skulltula on the webbing below a ledge with a Fairy Spirit in a pot.  The switch temporarily raises the water.
    Room B1-4: Destroy the Octorok.  Drop Princess Ruto if you need Deku Nuts and swim to the Busi-ness Scrub.  If not, or when you return, ride the elevator up to Room 1F-2.
    Room 1F-4: To proceed here, you must get the Boomerang and use it to beat the Red and Blue Tails.  A switch needing the weight of two to depress it guards the far right passage.
    Room 1F-5: Defeat the 4 Stingers here to win the Boomerang.
    Room 1F-6: Defeat the Red Tail here to win the Map and destroy the red slimy things.  It is along the far left passage.  To get in, keep Princess Ruto on the blue switch.
    Room 1F-7: This is to the right of Room 1F-6.  Defeat all Shabom here in 40 seconds to win the Compass.
    Room 1F-8: This is to the left of Room 1F-5.  The Blue Tail lives here.
    Room 1F-9: This is the down the center passage.  Beat the Green Tail and its Biri guards here.
    Room B1-5: This is Bigocto’s lair.  The spiked platform is your ride up to Room 1F-10.
    Room 1F-10: The door down the west hallway leads to Room 1F-11.  Watch out for annoying Biri!
    Room 1F-11: Stun the Jelly Blocks and beat the Octorok to reach the high door on Room 1F-2.
    Room 1F-12: This is the final room before Barinade.  There are several Biri here.  The Gold Skulltula on the climbable ledge must be gotten.  The uvula behind the membrane up top opens the door to Barinade’s lair.
    Room 1F-13: This room gets lit when Barinade powers up.  The tendrils on the ceiling power the creature.  The black spot marks where Barinade is at first.  The Heart Container is at the center of Barinade’s corpse.  The pots are full of Hearts.
     Sunken Log: You warp out near here.  A Gold Skulltula is nearby at night.

Dungeon strategy includes:

     When you enter, you see a fleshy room with Octoroks in the saliva and Shabom bouncing about.  You can defeat them easily, and the Deku Shield really comes in handy in the dungeon.  When you defeat the monsters, you will see a web of electrified nerves over the door, instead of a portcullis.  To retract the nerves, you will have to shoot the uvula on the ceiling with the Deku Seed.  You will see a pressure switch in the next room, but you cannot reach it yet, so don’t bother.  The way to go is around the ledge to the next door.
     A you enter the next room, you will see several Biri, a green tube, and, in the cinema, Prin-cess Ruto.  She cannot leave until she finds something, and heads down a lesion in search of it.  Fol-low her down and you can keep up your end of the conversation until she gives you the honor of car-rying her.  Enter the door behind you and carry Princess Ruto down the hallway until you reach the pool.  You might want to destroy the Shabom along your way, since the bubbles are extremely annoy-ing.
     When you reach the pool, you will see a timed switch in the water and a Gold Skulltula on the vines.  What you need to do is chuck Princess Ruto to the opposite ledge before you hit the switch, or else you will have to go fetch her again.  When she is safe, lure the Stingers out so you can shoot them down with ease.  After you kill the Stingers, you can go for the Gold Skulltula and hit the switch to get its Skull Token and the goodies above.  You can pick up a Fairy Spirit, and you can safely jump to the ledge with Princess Ruto.
     You should now continue down the hallway with the Zora until you see another uvula on the ceiling.  You can drop Princess Ruto just long enough to shoot the switch, and then pick her up again.  You can now defeat the Octorok and wait for the elevator to carry you both up to the second room.  You can now cross the large room with the lesions to the door leading into the tail.  Inside the hall-way, you will find a yellow switch that needs more than one person to depress down the passage on the right.  The room it opens is home to four Stingers that reveal the Boomerang’s chest when you beat them.
     With your new item equipped you can head down the hallway to the pressure switch and drop Princess Ruto on it.  You must defeat the Red Tail in the next room with the Boomerang.  When you do, you can pick up the Dungeon Map and receive a lecture about responsibility.  The room directly to the right has several Shabom bouncing about, and a 40-second timer.  Kill the bubble creatures in that time limit and you will win the Compass, the last chest in the dungeon.  The passage on the right of the center passage leads to the Blue Tail, a Red Tail duplicate with a different color.
     When you beat the Blue Tail, you open the central passage in the tail section.  You will have to take out the Biri before you can safely battle the Green Tail in the ceiling.  When the creature col-lapses in a fleshy mass, you should take Ruto back to the central room.  Find the lesion with a Bari that falls to guard it and you should fall down that one.  You will emerge in the basement room, on a ledge far from the others, but close to Biri.  You can defeat the jellyfish and should get two Skull To-kens before you head through the door.
     In the next room, you must throw Ruto onto the platform so she gets the Spiritual Stone.  When you try to climb up after her, she and the platform rise up to be replaced by Bigocto.  When he turns his back to you, shoot him with the Boomerang to stun him.  If you can, hit the green glow on his back to hurt him, but shoot him with the Boomerang if he starts spinning around.  After four hits, Bigocto will die and you can climb onto the platform.  In the room above, falsely marked as on 2F, you can get goodies from the pots and the Biri, including another Fairy Spirit to Bottle.
     In the room down the passage, you meet an Octorok and two Sponge Blocks.  When you get a clear shot, shoot the octopus before you stun the Sponge Blocks.  The blocks will form a jumping bridge to the door, which leads you high above the second room.  Jump onto the far platform and it will slide down, letting you reach the pressure switch in the alcove.  You need a crate to depress the switch and keep the nerves retracted.  The other crate and the Biri are good sources of supplies if you need any.
     In the last room before the Mutoh, you will find a lot of Biri floating about.  You can get any last-minute supplies you need from these jellyfish, and you should kill them really soon.  You will find a Gold Skulltula on the side of the tall platform, the last one in the dungeon.  When you reach the top, you will see a uvula behind an unbreakable section of webbing.  You need to hit the switch with the Boomerang to trip it and open the door below.  When you are ready, you can go through to face the Mutoh.
     The cinema opening shows Barinade having its armor plates attach as its tendrils gather elec-tricity.  When you can move, you should Z-Target one of the tendrils attached to the ceiling.  You need to be in constant motion if you want to avoid getting zapped with lightning by the antennae.  When you Boomerang one tendril, it will flop down, useless to Barinade.  You need the tendrils deac-tivated before you can get concerned about the armor plates.  The anemone will then unleash five of its armor plates as it spins in place at high speed.
     When the armor plates are spinning, it is almost impossible to hit Barinade’s body through them.  However, you can hit the Bari when they are freed to destroy them in turn.  With a few armor plates gone, you can stun Barinade and slash it to destroy a Bari with each slash.  You need to repeat this procedure until all ten armor plates have been destroyed.  After the first five are gone, Barinade can move about and it is dangerous when in motion.  If you need health refills, you can check the pots on the walls of the chamber.
     When Barinade is without armor, you should stay fairly close to it with the Boomerang ready.  When you can, stun the anemone and slash it before it can recover from the effects.  As the anemone weakens, it will drop greenish blood onto the floor of the stomach.  When Barinade dies, it explodes into a mess of blood and flesh, including a Heart Container near the middle of the mess.  Princess Ruto gives you another lecture about responsibility when you join her in the blue portal.
     You land on the Sunken Log, but soon tumble into the water below.  Princess Ruto wants to reward you for saving her, and knows what you want.  When you get the option, either one will win you the Spiritual Stone of Water, also known as the Zora’s Sapphire or Zora’s Engagement Ring.  When you get back to land, you can play the Sun’s Song to bring on the night, since it’s day when you emerge.  There is a Gold Skulltula on the wall near the Sunken Log, one you need the Boomer-ang to reach.  Grab it and you can head back to Hyrule Field with all three Spiritual Stones!

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