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Z64 Walkthrough

Temple of Time and Temple of Light Ė The Beginning of the End

Temple of Time

Allies here include:

    Kid 2: Heís on the left wall of the Skulltula House.  He gives you the Stone of Agony if you have at least 20 Skull Tokens.
    Kid 3: This oneís on the back wall of the Skulltula House.  Heíll give you the Giantís Wallet when you have at least 30 Skull Tokens.
    Impa: She will ride away with Princess Zelda on a white horse from Ganondorf to safety.  This is easy for the experienced Sheikah warrior.
    Princess Zelda: She is hidden in front of Impa as they speed away.  As they vanish, she tosses the Ocarina of Time into the Moat.  Once you fish it out, she telepathically teaches you the Song of Time.
    Navi: Once you enter the Sword Chamber, she spots the legendary Master Sword on the Pedestal of Time.

Foes here include:

    Gold Skulltulas: Now, you can get the one on the House window at Lon-Lon Ranch.  Thereís also one behind the Know-it-All House in Kokiri Forest.  Also visit Room B1-S Inside the Deku Tree.  Thereís one on the south wall of the Graveyard as well.
    Ganondorf: He appears just like he did in your dream.  He zaps you with a firebolt (an electric fire-ball attack) as proof of his power when you donít help him.  He appears when you grab the Master Sword and escapes to the Sacred Realm before you can stop him.  How can you protect the Triforce now?


Items now include:

    Deku Seeds


Other items now include:

    Skull Tokens
    Magic Jars
    Stone of Agony: This rock is your reward from Kid 2 when you free him.  With it and a Rumble Pack, you may reveal nearby secrets.
    Giantís Wallet: This giant case allows you to carry up to R500.  Kid 3 will give you this when you free him.  There is no bigger version available.
    Ocarina of Time: This is in the Moat at the Drawbridge Area.  Once you have it, Princess Zelda will teach you the Song of Time.  Get it ASAP!  It is a pleasant blue color.
    Spiritual Stones: These swirl above you once you play the Song of Time at the Altar in the Temple of Time.  Their combined energies open the Door of Time and light the Triforce symbol above it.
    Master Sword: This powerful sword is for adult use only.  Its legendary ability is to smite the forces of evil.  Once you lift it up in glory, you are trapped in a blue light as everything freezes.

Important locations now include:

    Skulltula House: Kid 2 is on the left wall and Kid 3 is on the back wall.
    House: Go back to Lon-Lon Ranch at night and get the Gold Skulltula on the bedroom window.
    Know-it-All House: Go here at night and get the Gold Skulltula on the back of the stump.
    Room B1-S: You can get the Gold Skulltula here since you have the Bombs and Boomerang.
    Graveyard Wall: Get the Gold Skulltula here with the Boomerang.
    Drawbridge Area: This is where your dream replays itself with greater detail.  After Ganondorf leaves, retrieve the Ocarina of Time from the Moat.
    Moat: This stream flows around the Drawbridge Area.  Fish out the Ocarina of Time ASAP.
    Temple Building: Go here once you learn the Song of Time.
    Altar: This is at the back of the first room of the Temple Building.  The three holes in it are for the Spiritual Stones.  Play the Song of Time on the red carpet in front of it.
    Door of Time: This intricately carved stone slab slides into the wall with the Song of Time.
    Sword Chamber: This is behind the Door of Time.  The Master Sword is here, on the Pedestal of Time.
    Pedestal of Time: This hexagonal platform is the feature of the Sword Chamber.  The Master Sword is on top and in the very center.

A really important Ocarina song:

    Song of Time: This song opens the Door of Time.  Princess Zelda telepathically teaches it to you once you have the Ocarina of Time.  It can also send blue blocks called Time Blocks backward or forward in time.  The tune is C-right, A Button, C-down, C-right, A Button, C-down.

Area strategies include:

     When you get back to Hyrule Field, you should head to Kakariko Village and then to the House of Skulltula.  You should at least get the Stone of Agony, plus the Giantís Wallet, if you can.  You should now head to various locations around Hyrule in a hunt for Gold Skulltulas.  The nearest one is in the Graveyard, on the south wall and in easy reach.  There are two at Lon-Lon Ranch, on the bedroom window of Talonís House, and on the wall near the Tower.  You will find a fourth Gold Skulltula on the side of the Know-it-All Brothersí House in Kokiri Forest, near the Forest Training Center.
     You can also find a Gold Skulltula on the back of the Lakeside Laboratory.  A sixth Gold Skulltula is on the wall to the left of the door in Room B1-S Inside the Deku Tree.  The easy way to get this is through Zoraís Domain if you enter it with a few minutes before sunset.  If you earn any more rewards, be sure to pick them up right now, so you can use them.  You should now undertake a great demolition project all over Hyrule Field.  This reveals all sorts of holes, including some holding Gold Skulltulas.
     You should see a strange man running around Hyrule Field chasing after rabbits.  When he stops to rest, you can talk to him and show him the Bunny Hood.  When you do, you complete the Happy Mask Game, and get an insane amount of money to fill even an empty Giantís Wallet.  Okay, so you lost your Stalchild repellent, but you can always rent a duplicate from the Happy Mask Shop.  If there are any Heart Pieces you forgot to get, you should get those now.  Eventually, you will have no choice but to go to the Drawbridge.
     When you approach Hyrule Castle Town, you will see the sky cloud up, as though a storm is brewing.  Sure enough, the storm starts when you get too close to the lit torches near the closed Draw-bridge.  The dream is back, only in more and greater detail than the original instance, and it greatly advances the story!  When Ganondorf rides off and the sequence ends, you must dive into the Moat to find the Ocarina of Time.  When you grab it, Princess Zelda telepathically teaches you the Song of Time, needed to open the Door of Time.
     That done, you can go to the Temple of Time after you load up on Bombs and Deku Nuts.  When you enter the Temple of Time, you will see a door behind the Altar that looks like a bursting ball of light.  When you play the Song of Time, the Spiritual Stones will react, hovering above you as they force the Door of Time open.  You will see the Master Sword on the Pedestal of Time almost right away, so grab it!  In another short story sequence, Ganondorf will sneak in after you as every-thing goes white!  Now that heís in the Sacred Realm, how can you stop him getting the Triforce?

The Temple of Light

Allies here include:

    Rauru: The old Sage of Light is of great importance.  He says you were sealed in the Sacred Realm because you were too weak to fight Ganondorf yet.  Ganondorfís takeover has made him very weak except in the Chamber of Sages where you now stand.  You need to awaken 5 Sages in the Temples of Hyrule to ready yourself for Ganondorf.  He then gives you the Light Medallion that holds his power.
    Navi: As you awaken, she points out that youíre now an adult.  You wonít be able to use some stuff you got as a child (more on that later), either.
    Sheik: This masked young man of your age is one of the last Sheikahs left.  The Sages canít be awak-ened until the curses over the Temples are broken (beat the Mutoh monsters).  The Temples are in a deep forest, on a high mountain, under a vast lake, in a house of the dead, and inside a goddess of the sand.  He is sure you know the girl who is the Sage of Forest (SARIA!!!), but you are unable to enter the Temple as of yet.  If you believe him, return to Kakariko Village.

Foes here include:

    ReDeads: They now infest the Market.  They are half as hard as before thanks to the Master Sword.  Remember that Sunís Song stuns them.
    Poes: These now infest Hyrule Field instead of Stalchildren and Peahats.  Some vanish when Z-Targeted, but others donít.

Items here include:

    Light Medallion: This yellow pendant contains Rauruís remaining power and is his gift to you.
    Master Sword: You may now use it as a weapon.  It is twice as strong as the Kokiri Sword.
    Magic Jars


Important locations here include:

    Chamber of the Sages: This is where you will see Rauru.  The yellow symbol in front of you is where Rauru stands.  When you awaken a Sage, the Triforce rotates so you face him or her.
    Pedestal of Time: This is where Sheik appears.  It seems a lot darker than before.
    Market: This is now infested with ReDeads.  The buildings are wrecked and totally inaccessible.
    Staircase: Head up this ASAP to return to Kakariko.


Area strategies include:

     As you awaken, you will see the floor of the Chamber of the Sages.  You will eventually fo-cus in on Rauru, the ageless man in monkish robes called the Sage of Light.  He will tell you about the Temple of Light and the Master Sword being the key to the Sacred Realm or some such.  When you look at yourself, you will notice a white under-all beneath the Kokiri Tunic, and your new gaunt-lets.  Rauru will talk some more, and eventually will raise his hands into the air.  You will receive the Light Medallion, an addition to your powers granted by Rauru.
     When you turn to leave the Sword Chamber, you will feel the gaze of Sheik on you.  He is a most mysterious character who provides some most interesting and required data when you are an adult.  He tells you the cryptic clues you will need to find the five Spiritual Sage Temples.  He will eventually tell you to go to Kakariko village if you believe him, which you should.  Whatever you do, do not try to go to Ganonís Castle, where Hyrule Castle was.  You will find Magic Jars in excess by defeating the ReDead in the ruined Market.
 If you explore the house near the ruined Drawbridge out, you will find a strange man sitting there.  He likes the new regime, which is good for his trade, the buying and selling of Poes.  You will find these Poes if you wander too long in Hyrule Field or the Graveyard, among other places.  If you see an overcast section of sky as you approach a particular area, Ganondorf messed it up somehow.  Kakariko village is the most civilized area in Hyrule, with all sorts of mini-games and shops to visit.  The next section tells you precisely what has changed between the childhood worlds and modern-day Hyrule.

Changes During Your Absence

     Okay, so you were stuck in the Sacred Realm for seven years while your body matured.  What could have happened?  My answer is A Lot of Bad Stuff!  You probably guessed the main one Ė Ganondorf got the Triforce.  He used it to turn Hyrule into his personal empire, but he wants more!  His main evil accomplishments will be discussed in full below.
     We start where you started Ė the Kokiri Forest.  The Kokiri are in hiding because their home is overrun with Mad Scrubs, Octoroks, and Giant Deku Babas.  Saria has retreated to the Forest Temple to fight the evil there.  Mido wonít let anyone to her unless they can prove theyíre friends with her.
     Next stop, Hyrule Field!  The Stalchildren and Peahats were destroyed as Ganondorf took over.  They are replaced by Poes, which can appear at any time.  The Owl, who once appeared fre-quently, has vanished mysteriously Ė just like Princess Zelda.  Ingo has taken over Lon-Lon Ranch, forced Talon out, and allied himself with Ganondorf.  The villain has even gone as far as to promise the now-wild Epona to the new dictator!
     You probably noticed the changes to Hyrule Castle Town.  The buildings are ruined and can-not be lived in.  The Rupee House was spared and has more goodies than before.  The Guard here likes the new regime.  He will give you a Bottle if you can give him 10 special ghosts called Big Poes that only appear when youíre on horseback.
     Death Mountain is also bad and is covered by an ominous-looking red cloud.  The Red Tek-tites have died off but for a few and the Lower Trail is infested with red boulders.  Also, rocks roll down towards Kakariko at regular intervals.  The Gorons (excepting a kid, the Shopkeeper, Medigoron, Biggoron, and King Darunia) are trapped in the Fire Temple, waiting to be fed to the res-urrected Volvagia.  King Darunia is trying to rescue them even now.
     At Kakariko Village, the construction projects are completed.  Everyone who could escape from Hyrule Castle Town has relocated here.  The Bazaar is where the House was and the Potion Shop is across the way.  The village is perpetually in a state of rainfall due to the evil in the Shadow Temple, which Impa is trying to stop.  The Well was mysteriously drained and is blocked off at the bottom.  Also, the Red Shop is open for business again.
     The Graveyard is now scarier than before.  Dampť, who is now dead, runs a race through his crypt.  Keep up and heíll give you a super-nifty prize.  Poes are more plentiful than ever before.  The back exit from Dampťís Crypt leads to that door you saw in the Windmill.  Thatís going to come in handy later on.
     Zoraís Domain is, believe it or else, frozen solid!  This has caused Zoraís Fountain to be in-habited by several ice platforms.  Lord Jabu-Jabu has disappeared because of this.  Also, snow is fal-ling everywhere along the Zoraís River area.
     Lake Hylia has been reduced to a mere shadow of its former self.  Only the deepest regions are still full of water.  Blue Tektites are more plentiful too.  The Chemistís favorite meal, Eyeball Frog stew, has been cut off because Zoraís Domain is frozen.  Sheik has managed to free Princess Ruto and she is waiting for help in the Water Temple.
     Of course, your enemies are stronger due to Ganondorf.  However, the Business Scrubs still here are hidden.  The cavern near Zoraís Fountain is full of Ice Keeses and living statues known as Freezards.  Remember that Wolfos guarding the Hedge Maze?  His cousin, the White Wolfos, is the hardest foe in the Ice Cavern.
     Gold Skulltulas have migrated from their previous lairs.  Check near the top of the Waterfall in Zoraís Domain or near the House of Twins in Kokiri Forest.  The Giant Deku Babas are super-strong and yield many Deku Nuts.  Octoroks have multiplied and spread throughout Zoraís River.
     You canít use some items due to your adult status.  Youíll get a replacement for the Boomer-ang soon enough.  The treasure in the Forest Temple is a Fairy Bow that beats the Fairy Slingshot hands down.  You can get three Magic Arrows later on if you do certain things.  The Masks canít be bought or sold either.  Youíll be able to do much more as an adult; you have to!
     A general hint is that any overcast location is controlled by evil.  This holds true everywhere, but especially for Hyrule Castle Town and areas nearby.  There are more Heart Pieces around, too.  Youíll have to look hard for them, though.
You canít go to certain areas now, either.  The bridge across Gerudo Valley is broken for some reason.  You canít go to the Hidden Vale or Inside the Deku Tree.  You may not visit Inside Jabu-Jabuís Belly.  The tunnel between the Sea Cave and the Sunken Ruins is blocked off by ice.  That just about covers everything, so on with the game!

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