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Z64 Walkthrough

Preparing for Ganon's Castle - The Last Leg of Your Quest

Allies now include:

    Ghost Guy: This man in the Rupee House gives you a Purple Rupee and 100 points if you give him a Big Poe.  He'll give you a Bottle when you have 1000 points.
    Marathon Runner: He'll challenge you to a race since the Bridge over Gerudo Valley is repaired.  He cannot be defeated, so trying to is utterly useless.  No matter how fast you move, he always manages to beat you by one second!
    Malon: Beat her obstacle course in 49 seconds or less and a Cow will appear inside Your House at Kokiri Forest.  You must jump every fence on each of 2 laps.
    Sheik: He reappears right as you enter the Temple of Time.  You have overcome many hardships and found 6 Sages.  Your final challenge is a showdown with Ganondorf the Evil King.  The things he tells you are recorded later on as the Triforce Epic.  You are blinded as he holds up the Triforce of Wisdom on his hand.  His true identity is revealed below.
    Princess Zelda: She is the 7th Sage and their destined leader.  She hid behind Sheik's mask.  She had to meet you incognito to hide from Ganondorf.  Seven years ago, Ganondorf attacked Hyrule Castle.  She saw you as she fled with Impa.  She thought you could stop Ganondorf's entry into the Sacred Realm with the Ocarina of Time.  However, you were unexpectedly trapped in the Sacred Realm for 7 years.
     You remained in the Sacred Realm while Ganondorf took the Triforce.  He turned the Sacred Realm into a realm of evil with his powers as the Evil King.  She passed herself off as a Sheikah and hoped you would return while 7 years passed.  Now that you're back, Ganondorf's reign will end.  The 6 Sages will open the sealed door and take Ganondorf back to the Sacred Realm.  She'll seal the door to the Sacred Realm from this world.
     Ganondorf will vanish from Hyrule after this happens.  She needs your courageous spirit to protect her while she does her part.  The only thing that can penetrate Ganondorf's defenses is the Ar-row of Light (Light Arrow) that she gives you.  She gets captured once you have the item.  You have to rescue her from Ganon's Castle ASAP!

Foes now include:

    Ganondorf: He attacks when you have the Light Arrow.  He traps Princess Zelda in rosy crystal and insults her.  He knew she'd appear if he let you wander around.  His only mistake was to underesti-mate the power of the Triforce of Courage.  He then takes Princess Zelda off to his lair at Ganon's Castle.  With her Triforce and yours, his reign over the world will be supreme.
    Big Poes: These ghosts appear when you ride around Hyrule Field on Epona.  Collect all 10 and give each to the Ghost Guy to win a Bottle and a total of R500.  They commonly hang out near Lon-Lon Ranch, by the brook in northwest Hyrule Field, by Gerudo Valley, near the stairs to Kakariko Village, and in the stand of trees south of the Kokiri Forest exit.
    Peahat Larvae
    Giant Skulltulas: There's one in the Tree Pit and another in the Rock Hole.
    Skulltulas: Several invisible spiders live in the Secret Tunnel.
    Gold Skulltulas: There are tons left.  Check everywhere but near Ganon's Castle to find them.
    Blue Tektites

Items now include:

    Light Arrow: This sacred weapon is the only way to breach Ganondorf's shield.  Its powers smite the forces of evil and stun Ganondorf.  Princess Zelda gives you it at the Temple of Time.  It costs 4 MP per usage.
    Magic Jars
    Heart Piece 35: This is in the Hole in Hyrule Field.  Use the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic to get it from the bottom of the pool.
    Skull Tokens
    Heart Piece 36: This is in the crate on the Twin Ledges of Gerudo Valley.
    Red Potion
    Green Potion
    Blue Potion
    Fairy Spirits

Important locations now include:

    Temple of Time: Inside, you'll hear the Triforce Epic and watch Sheik become Princess Zelda.  The building rumbles before Ganondorf captures Princess Zelda.
    Hyrule Field: The 10 Big Poes lurk here.  Check near the entrance to Gerudo Valley, by the entrance to Hyrule Castle Town, by the Staircase, by Lon-Lon Ranch, and between Hyrule Castle Town and Gerudo Valley.
    Hole: This is by a tree in the northwest part of Hyrule Field.  Heart Piece 35 is at the bottom of the pool within.
    Rock Pit: This is beneath a rock just outside Gerudo Valley.  A Giant Skulltula and a Gold Skulltula are inside with a Cow.  Use Din's Fire to melt the webs.
    Bridge: The Mutoh had Ichiro, Jiro, Sabooro, and Shiro repair it while you were gone.
    Tent: The Marathon Runner and your carpenter friends are inside.
    Twin Ledges: These are in the south part of Gerudo Valley.  Heart Piece 36 is in the crate on the western one.
    Lost Woods Bridge: Beat the Marathon Runner here for another reward.
    Corral: Malon's obstacle course runs around this.
    Waterfall: Check near this Zora's River landmark to find a Gold Skulltula.
    Large Platform: On a nearby wall is another Gold Skulltula.
    Secret Tunnel: This is below the gray boulder outside GFF 3.  Blast the boulder beneath to gain ac-cess.  Along the tunnel are 4 invisible Skulltulas.  Near the exit above the ladder are a Giant Skulltula and a nocturnal Gold Skulltula.
    East Wall: There's a Gold Skulltula along this part of the Hedge Maze.
    Secret Hole: Remember that tree near the Hidden Entrance to Hyrule Castle?  Play the Song of Storms nearby to open this up.  Inside are several Skullwalltula, a Gold Skulltula, and a Gossip Stone, along with tons of goodies.
    Dead Tree: Atop this feature of the Large Isle is a nocturnal Gold Skulltula.
    Tree Hole: This is under the small tree near the Staircase.  A Gold Skulltula is inside.
    North Gate: Go through this after you do absolutely everything you can think of.

Quest strategies include:

     The moment you can move on the Desert Colossus Warp Tile, you should use the Prelude of Light.  You will suddenly walk into the Temple of Time in a short cinema with Sheik appearing be-hind you.  He tells you some more stuff, including the Triforce Epic recorded below.  The good part about Ganondorf touching the Triforce is that he only got the Triforce of Power to serve his dreams of conquering the world.  You have the Triforce of Courage, but who could possibly have the Triforce of Wisdom?  Sheik answers that question for you by holding up his hand, which glows with the Triforce of Wisdom as a column of light hits you.
     Suddenly, "Sheik" is revealed to be the missing Princess Zelda, Sage of Wisdom.  She apologizes for her duplicity, but she had no choice if she wanted to stay safe.  After the flashback to that day, seven years ago, she hands over the one weapon to beat Ganondorf-the Sacred Arrow of Light.  When the item dialog box vanishes, the Temple starts rumbling while Princess Zelda becomes en-cased in rosy crystal.  Ganondorf tells you to come to his castle if you want to save her from his clutches.  You can do that by heading on the road to Hyrule Castle, but there are things to do first.
     First of all, there are two more Heart Pieces to obtain and bring you to 20 Heart Containers.  To find one Heart Piece, you need only find the lone tree in northwestern Hyrule Field, near the road to Gerudo Valley.  When you Bomb the tree, a hole appears, leading you into a grotto with a Blue Tektite guarding a pool of water.  You can get the Heart Piece at the bottom of the pool using either the Golden Scale or the Zora Tunic and Iron Boots.  You can get the last Heart Piece by bashing the crate on the ledges in the southern region of Gerudo Valley.
     Okay, now for the Gold Skulltulas.  There is one more in Dodongo's Cavern you could not get before, but you can with Pierre and the Longshot.  To get it, you need to go into Room 1F-2 (the lower Baby Dodongo Room) and play Scarecrow's Song where Navi goes green on the ledge.  This gets you to the Gold Skulltula.  There is a gray rock at Zora's Fountain, just outside the entrance GFF 3, if you opened it.  You will find a brown rock stuck in the ground (buried in a hole) if you lift and toss the gray rock.
     Underneath the brown boulder, you find a hidden tunnel with some pots in it.  Around the bend, you can use Z-Targeting to 'see' several invisible Skulltula in the passage.  When you defeat them all, you can climb up to the high ledge and the cave entrance in the eastern wall of the Fountain.  When you get up, you will have to kill a Big Skulltula hanging from the ceiling.  There is a nocturnal Gold Skulltula on the side of the cave exit, if you are interested.
     There are two more Gold Skulltulas in the Fire Temple.  To get them, you need to head to the platform below the inverted pyramid above the boulder maze and play Scarecrow's Song.  This al-lows you to Longshot up to Pierre and then over to an elevator platform.  You will find the first Gold Skulltula on the upper section of chains in the 4F room above.  The second Gold Skulltula is in the cone chamber of the Temple above that, just outside the door.
     Okay, you can use the Skulltula Location Index in the appendices to find the remaining Gold Skulltulas.  You can get more than 100 Skull Tokens, if you use this trick:  Go to the hole at the Tree near the Secret Entrance to Hyrule Castle and use the Song of Storms to open it.  Behind one of the walls is a Gold Skulltula on a wall with a Skullwalltula.  Kill the Gold Skulltula and stand one pace in front of the warp tile out.  When you grab the Skull Token and get the message, warp out before it completes; you can do this as many times as you want.
     You will find ten Big Poes while riding Epona around Hyrule Field.  When you see one, you should peg it with two Arrows before it dematerializes into a wall.  After you gather three Big Poe Essences in your Bottles, you should give them to the Ghost Guy in the ruined Market.  After you gather the ten large ghosts, you will receive the final Empty Bottle.  You should also complete the Gerudo's Training Ground if you have not already done so.  When you feel ready, you should head north of the ruined Market to Ganon's Castle, the mockery of Hyrule Castle created by Ganondorf the King of Evil.

The Triforce Epic

     This is an all-but-unknown legend of the Triforce passed down by the Sheikahs.  If you would seek the Triforce, listen well.  The Sacred Realm is a mirror that reflects the heart of whom-ever enters it.  If that person is evil, the Sacred Real becomes a wasteland, but a good person turns the Realm into a paradise.  The Triforce represents the perfect balance between Power, Wisdom, and Courage.
      If the person entering the Realm has those qualities balanced, he or she will then gain the True Force to govern all.  If their heart is unbalanced, they will gain the Triforce they believe in the most and must seek out the 2 missing parts, which are hidden in predestined persons.  The people holding Triforce fragments have the Triforce symbol on the backs of their hands.  The prophecy came to pass when Ganondorf touched the Triforce.  Ganondorf kept the Triforce of Power and used it to conquer Hyrule.  Ganondorf started seeking out the other 2 Triforce fragments and their bearers to satisfy his greed.  You hold the Triforce of Courage and Princess Zelda (a.k.a. Sheik) holds the Triforce of Wisdom.

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