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Z64 Walkthrough

Getting the Kokiri's Emerald - A Simple Challenge

The Kokiri Forest

Allies here include:

    Navi: This small fairy is very impatient.  She will help you a lot throughout your journey by offering advice on where to go and how to beat certain villains.  If her icon is flashing on the screen at any time, press the C-up button to listen to her.  Sometimes she speaks out automatically, especially if you're taking too long to do something.  Pressing Z uses her identification ability.
    Saria: Your best friend appears as you exit Your House.  She is glad that you finally have a fairy as your life partner.  She likes to giggle.
    Know-it-All Brothers: These three brothers live in the Know-it-All House, on the hill near the Train-ing Center.  Their advice is very useful, so listen up.  They can tell you how to use the C-Buttons.
    Kokiri Shopkeeper: This especially short Kokiri runs the Kokiri Shop.  His Deku Shield costs 40 Rupees (R40).
    Other Kokiri: Though not as useful as the others mentioned above, they can still be helpful.  They will help you use Navi and control your character well.  The girl on the awning of the Kokiri Shop tells you how to talk to people at a distance, too.
    Great Deku Tree: This benevolent plant is the guardian spirit of Kokiri Forest.  Its home is in the Deku Tree Vale.  It was cursed and you have to break the curse.  Though it speaks using archaic terms, you should have little trouble understanding it.

Foes here include:

    Mido: The leader of the Kokiri is your rival for the affections of Saria.  He won't let you visit the Great Deku Tree until you have visibly obtained the Deku Shield and the Kokiri Sword.  He is a jerk, always bullying you because you are different.
    Deku Babas: Though these plants look withered, they are harmful to the touch.  The stationary kind you see on the Path to the Deku Tree is a good source of Deku Sticks.  When you see their heads spin around, they are very dangerous, because their stalks are covered with thorns.


Items here include:

    Kokiri Sword: This sword is at the extreme southern portion of the forest, deep in the Hidden Vale.  Its chopping powers will help you get money.  This sword is adequate against your foes for now.
    Rupees: These small gems are the official currency of Hyrule.  They can be found in Kokiri Forest if you know where to look.  Check the appendices for further data.
    Hearts: You might get hurt if you encounter some Deku Babas.  These little items will restore health to your Health Meter (the hearts in the upper left corner of the screen).  A form called the Recovery Heart is in many treasure chests.  Four of these are inside Saria's house, and more appear elsewhere.
    Deku Shield: This wooden shield is available in the Kokiri Shop for R40.  It is available later on in treasure chests.  If it is hit by fire, it will burn.  You need it and the Kokiri Sword to pass Mido.
    Deku Sticks: These large twigs have many uses.  Their best use is as torches so you can see in dark areas.  You can carry more than ten later on.


Important locations here include:

    Your House: This tree house is your place of residence and where you start.  It is in the southern part of the Forest.  West is the Training Center and east is Saria's House.
    Training Center: This place is great if you want practice.  The Kokiri here knows a lot of moves.  Perform them all and you'll get money.  A tunnel (the Hole of 'Z') leads to the Hidden Vale.
    Hidden Vale: This small valley is the resting place of the Kokiri Sword.  Rupees are also plentiful.  Watch out for the boulder as you seek the Kokiri Sword in the southern areas.
    Know-it-All House: The Know-it-All Brothers live here.  Check for Rupees in the pots.
    Ledge: This raised land leads north into the Lost Woods through a log.  Don't go in, or else!
    Mido's House: This stump is across the road from the Training Center.  It is also right below the Ledge.  Behind it is a Blue Rupee.  Inside are 2 Blue Rupees, a Green Rupee, and a Recovery Heart.
    House of Twins: This house near the Kokiri Shop has two occupants and two peaks.  Rupees are on the twin cots.
    Saria's House: This house, to the right of yours, has four Hearts inside if you need them.  The bridges from the roof lead to a stone pillar that has a Blue Rupee and a Kokiri atop it.
    Pond of Happiness: This pond is in between the House of Twins and the Kokiri Shop.  Jump across either way to get a Blue Rupee.
    Kokiri Shop: This stump has a multicolored roof, so it's easy to spot.  The Deku Shield inside costs R40.  It is next to the Path leading to the Deku Tree Vale.
    Path: Mido guards this grassy road.  Watch for Deku Babas about halfway through.
    Deku Tree Vale: This many-sided valley is home to the Great Deku Tree.  More Deku Babas are here to guard it.  The "mouth" that opens at the center is the entrance to your first dungeon area.

Area strategies include:

     The game starts off with the Great Deku Tree giving a monologue.  Try to think of a cultured male voice speaking in Middle English, if it helps.  During the monologue, we see inside a neat tree house (in the literal sense, meaning an actual house inside a living tree) from above.  Shivering on the cot is Link, the only Kokiri in the entire forest without a fairy.  The dream sequence that follows is very prophetic, meaning this sequence will happen in the game:
     Link and his fairy will stand outside the entrance to the castle during a raging storm.  The drawbridge lowers as they hear a horse neigh.  A white horse bearing Princess Zelda and her masked guardian will dash by once the drawbridge is lowered.  Link then turns to see an evil-looking man on a midnight-black horse nearby.  That is Ganondorf, and he has as much pity as he did in other games, which means he has no pity.  The dream ends when Ganondorf blasts Link.
     The next sequence is where the Great Deku Tree sends the Fairy Navi to you.  When Link gets up, you should leave the house right after you hop off the bed.  The green-haired Kokiri girl who runs to meet you outside is Saria, your best friend.  You can talk to her if you want her advice, which is just a bit of encouragement.  Use the map at the bottom-right of the screen and head toward the nar-row path by the shop.  You can find the shop by looking for a tree stump decorated with a strange fabric around its top.
     Talking to the Kokiri along the way will get you some advice as to controlling Navi and Link.  Mido, the big Mutoh of the Kokiri, guards the path to the Great Deku Tree.  He will not let you pass until you get a sword and shield visibly equipped.  The sword is easier to get, and you need it to get the shield in any case.  From Mido, head along the dirt path and turn left at the big hill to reach the Forest Training Center.  A small tunnel called the "Hole of Z" leads to the tiny area where you can get the first sword.
     The only obstacle here is a rolling boulder in the square rack.  Just after it passes, you can dodge through and follow it.  If you turn left at the first intersection and right at the second, you will find a large chest on a tree stump.  You must get the Kokiri Sword inside if you want to get past Mido, so equip it on the Subscreen by pressing A.  You can get some Rupees in here, and earn more in the Forest Training Center.  You need 40 Rupees to buy a shield from the Kokiri Shop, unfortu-nately.
     You can get more Rupees in Kokiri Forest than in the Forest Training Center.  In the western part of the village, there is a house that is almost backed up against the cliff; that is Mido's House.  Exploring near it will earn you a Blue Rupee, and you can get 11 more Rupees by robbing the chests inside.  You can get a Blue Rupee by crossing the bridges above Saria's House (the one right next to yours, with Hearts on the roof).  Eventually, you will earn enough Rupees to buy a Deku Shield from the Kokiri Shop.  When you equip the shield and sword, you can go on the path to the Great Deku Tree.
     You will meet up with three Deku Babas on the way to the tree.  To defeat these weeds, you need only slash once when they sprout new heads.  Keep doing this until you earn ten Deku Sticks, little twigs that come in handy as torches, among other things.  When you talk to the Deku Tree, you will come to a yes-or-no question.  Answer either, and the mouth of the tree will open to reveal a dungeon cave.  The area Inside the Deku Tree gives you a test of your abilities, and supplements them handily.

Inside the Deku Tree

Allies here include:

    Navi: Her advice will be invaluable as you make your way through the dungeon.  Her accomplish-ments here include telling you how to open doors, telling you how to break a giant web, and other important things.
    Great Deku Tree: Once you destroy the thing poisoning it, a blue light will appear to warp you out-side.  Though you were successful in your effort to save it, the tree will die.  You will hear the Crea-tion Epic, Part I and receive the Kokiri's Emerald before the tree turns gray and dies.  You can, how-ever, go back in for a time.


Foes here include:

    Deku Babas: The moving variety first appears here.  This kind snaps its head at you and stands up straight when stunned.  When you see the stationary variety, take that as a hint as to what to do.
    Deku Scrubs: These weird plants appear throughout the dungeon.  To beat them, reflect their Deku Nuts back at them with your Deku Shield.  The last three are guarding the boss monster and give you a hint on beating it.
    Skullwalltula: These spiders live on rough, climbable walls.  You could shoot them down with a Slingshot.
    Skulltula: These spiders are annoying because they won't let you reach crucial areas.  When they show you their soft stomachs, slash.  Do this twice and victory is yours.
    Big Skulltula: These giant creatures are, as their name suggests, large versions of regular Skulltula.  They are just as hard, but yield better rewards.
    Gold Skulltulas: These weird monsters can be very helpful.  You can't target them, so luck will come into play here.  The Skull Tokens they provide will be important later on.  Three of the four here may be killed now.
    Gohma Larvae: These monsters are the spawn of Queen Gohma.  Watch out when the eye of one turns red, for that means they're getting ready to pounce.  Two hits beats one once it hatches.

Parasitic Armored Arachnid:  GOHMA

    QUEEN GOHMA: This giant creature is the source of the Deku Tree's troubles.  It is about 3 meters tall and weighs about 1 metric ton.  When she's on the ground, stun her with a Deku Nut or shoot her eye with a Deku Seed.  Slash away before she recovers and scurries up the wall.  If you're quick, you can shoot her down with a Deku Seed in the eye.  If not, you must beat three Gohma Larvae before she falls again.
     Keep stunning and slashing until she dies, ten normal slashes later.  As she disintegrates in the white smoke, be proud that you survived the encounter.  Of course, the Jump Attack will help end the battle quickly.  She is easy compared to later boss monsters, though.


Items here include:

    Deku Sticks
    Deku Nuts: These items are very useful.  When thrown, they produce a blinding flash of light that stuns many enemies.  They are especially useful against Queen Gohma.  You may carry more than 20 later.  They come from moving Deku Babas most often.
    Dungeon Map: This piece of parchment shows you all of the rooms in the dungeon you find it in.  Nearly every dungeon has one.  Here, it is found near the top of the first floor.  This dungeon is very spread out, having fourteen rooms over five floors.  It is commonly called the Map.
    Fairy Slingshot: This item is great against flying foes.  It is inside the large chest in Room 2F-3.  Its ammunition is the Deku Seeds you find.  Use it and Z-Targeting to get a good shot at Queen Gohma.
    Deku Seed Bag: This bag holds your Deku Seeds and comes with the Fairy Slingshot.  Larger ones are available.
    Deku Seeds: These white pebbles are ammunition for your Fairy Slingshot.  You may only carry up to the capacity of your Deku Seed Bag.
    Compass: This device shows you where the treasure chests and boss (skull mark) in a dungeon are.  It will also show your progress through a room.  The red arrow shows where you entered a room, and the yellow arrow shows where you are and where you're facing.  It is in the large chest in Room 3F-2.
    Skull Tokens: These skull-shaped items will help you out later on.  You get one from each Gold Skulltula you kill.  You can get three of the four here at this time.
    Heart Container: This item expands your Health Meter.  One appears after you beat a dungeon boss.  Eight of the eleven dungeon areas provide Heart Containers.
    Kokiri's Emerald: This item is the Spiritual Stone of the Forest, given to you by the Great Deku Tree.  Note that the gold is carved like the symbol on your Deku Shield.

Dungeon tips and information:

    Room 1F: This entry room makes up the entire floor.  The central pit is covered by a web that can only be broken if you jump from really high, in this case the 3F chamber.  The ledges lead up to the Dungeon Map's chest and Room 2F-1.
    Room 2F-1: The door here leads towards the Fairy Slingshot.  You can't go up to Room 3F-1 due to the Skullwalltula blocking your way.
    Room 2F-2: A lone Deku Scrub is this room's obstacle.  After beating him, he'll tell you that if you roll after you jump from a high place, damage will be prevented.  This doesn't work, though, if the cliff is extremely high.
    Room 2F-3: This is the last new room on this floor.  After you hit the floating tile, it crashes to the floor.  The chest on the high ledge is a Recovery Heart.  After you get the Fairy Slingshot, shoot the ladder to reach the door again.
    Room 3F-1: The door leads to Room 3F-2.  If you jump from a ledge up here after killing the Giant Skulltula nearby, you can break through the web if you do not move forward as you fall.

More tricks include:

    Room 3F-2: The door closes on you as you enter.  The switch on the ledge makes three sections of the floor rise, so you can reach the Compass (straight across the room), or a Recovery Heart and a Gold Skulltula (southwest wall).  Light the metal torch to open the door.
    Room B1-1: Two Gold Skulltulas and a Recovery Heart are here.  Hitting the floor switch lights the torch.  The web on the lowest platform hides the door to Room B1-2.  Once you can reach the highest platform, push the block into the water to form a bridge.  This will help you burn through the webbing to Room B2-1.
    Room B1-2: The Deku Scrub here knows how to reach Queen Gohma.  Beat his brothers below in middle-right-left order to win.  The portcullis (iron bars) blocking the door is raised when you Sling-shot the eye switch.
    Room B1-3: This southern room has two challenges.  First, hit the sunken switch to lower the water.  This gets you under the spiked log.  Once across, beat the Skulltula & move the block to the end of the track too reach the door.
    Room B1-4: Light the torches here while avoiding your foes to open the door to Room B1-5.
    Room B1-5: This room completes the circuit around the floor.  When you have the Bomb Bag and Boomerang, blast into Room B1-S.  Crawl through the tunnel to the high platform in Room B1-1.  The wriggling balls on the ceiling are Gohma Larvae in egg form.
    Room B2-1: A pool of water hiding three Hearts is in the south part of the room.  Opposite this is the trio of Deku Scrubs.  Once you beat them in order, the door opens to Queen Gohma's lair.
    Room B2-2: This is where you face Queen Gohma.  Four pillar-like roots support the roof.
    Room B1-S: You need the Bomb Bag and Boomerang to reach this area off Room B1-5.  The dun-geon's final Gold Skulltula is high on the wall near the door.

Area strategies include:

     Upon entering, you will see a web in the center of the floor.  The Deku Babas guarding it can give you Deku Nuts, natural stun grenades of a sort.  The webbing covers a hole leading into the basement of the tree, near its roots.  The only way you can go now is up, either by the ladder or by climbing the vine-covered wall.  When you reach the chest on the edge of the second floor, you can open it to reveal a map.
     Due to the pesky Skullwalltula, you cannot climb to the third floor on the vines.  The door is obviously the way to go, and Navi will get you through.  To defeat the Deku Scrub inside, you must bounce its Deku Nut back with the Deku Shield and then catch it.  Its advice is that rolling after you fall can reduce damage unless the cliff is extremely high.  You must hop over to the large chest in the dead-end room to receive the Fairy Slingshot.  Shoot down the ladder and you can return to the big room.
     You can now shoot down the Skullwalltula and climb the vines to 3F.  The Big Skulltulas around the hole are of no importance right now, but the door is.  Hitting the floor switch in the room beyond will raise three hexagonal platforms from the floor.  Hopping straight across the room will get you to the chest holding the Compass.  Hopping into the small alcove will get you past a Skulltula.  The gold spider on the wall is a Gold Skulltula, one of 100 scattered in Hyrule, and very valuable if dead.  To get out once you have the Skull Token, you need only light the metal brazier with a Deku Stick torch.
     With that done, you are free to eliminate a Giant Skulltula near the large open spot.  When you do, you must jump straight down and land on the webbing, which crumbles and vanishes.  When you land in the basement, you can kill two more Gold Skulltulas-one on the vines, and another on the wall that looks like a barred tunnel.  Hitting the floor switch on the platform will light the golden brazier and burn the webs.  You can then light a Deku Stick and jump over to the webs blocking the door onward.
     In the next room, you come face to face with a second Deku Scrub.  When you defeat this one, he tells you to beat his three brothers in 2-3-1 orders when you meet them below.  To get into the next room from here, you need only hit the eye switch with a Deku Seed.  The next room requires you to lower the water so you can cross under the spiked log on the raft.  That is accomplished if you hit the timed switch underwater and then jump onto the raft.  After you defeat the Skulltula opposite, you can form a stair by pushing the block along the groove.
     When you enter the next room, there are Deku Babas and extinguished braziers scattered about.  The door to the next room only opens when you light all the braziers with a Deku Stick.  When the Skulltula ahead descends, you can stun it and then Jump Attack its back to destroy it.  The wriggling balls on the ceiling, if you let them drop, turn out to be three Gohma Larvae.  One web blocks a Deku Baba and a strange barrier from you, whereas you must progress through the tunnel behind the other.
     The tunnel leads you back to the first basement room, near a second pit covered by webs.  You must push the block into the water to create a stair here from the brazier.  Light a Deku Stick and you can burn the webs by crouching on them (press R to defend).  This lands you just down from the free Deku Scrub brothers.  Defeat them in middle-right-left order, as you were told, and you will end the battle.  Load up on any last-minute supplies you may need and you are free to go into the final chamber.
     When you enter the main, cavernous part of the room, you hear a rustling just after a block of stone slams to the ground behind you.  Look up, and you will soon see the orange eye of Queen Gohma, who soon drops down in front of you and attacks.  You can stun her by either shooting her eye with a Deku Seed or tossing a Deku Nut.  That will give you time to slash the eye before Gohma recovers and scurries up the walls of the room.
     When Gohma is on the ceiling, you might see her eye turn red.  If you can, you should shoot that red eye with a Deku Seed to drop and stun the creature.  If not, you must fend off three Gohma Larvae before Queen Gohma herself descends.  In any case, you must keep up the stun-and-slash strategy until Gohma dissolves in a cloud of blue-white smoke into a Heart Container.  Take that item and you can warp outside by stepping into the circle of blue light.
     Outside, you will talk to the Great Deku Tree once again.  Your reward for beating the dungeon is the Kokiri's Emerald, the Spiritual Stone of the Forest.  You will hear the Creation Epic, Part One at this time, and see the accompanying cinema.  The evil man of the desert is the same one from your dream, and he is evil.  The Great Deku Tree will then turn gray and die, with leavers falling and everything, but the mouth will remain open.  You will run back to Kokiri Forest, followed a moment later by a very sad Navi.

The Creation Epic, Part I

     A wicked man from the desert cursed the Great Deku Tree.  This evil man is always using his evil magic to seek the Sacred Realm connected to Hyrule.  For it is in the Sacred Realm that the di-vine relic, the Triforce, which contains the essence of the gods, may be found.
     Three golden goddesses descended on the chaos that was Hyrule before time began and be-fore life and spirits existed.  They were Din, the goddess of power, Nayru, the goddess of wisdom, and Farore, the goddess of courage.  Din, with her strong flaming arms, cultivated the land to create the red earth.  Nayru poured her wisdom onto the world to give it a spirit of law.  Farore's rich soul created all life forms that would uphold that law.
     Their labors completed, the three golden goddesses returned to the heavens.  Three sacred, golden triangles were placed at the point where they left the world.  Where the Triforce stood became sacred land.  Since that time, the Triforce has been the basis for Hyrule's providence.

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