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Z64 Walkthrough

A Horse and a Song

Nifty things to Get

Allies here include:

    Malon: She's being forced to work super-hard by the wicked Ingo.  She wishes her father were here, though.  You are the first visitor to Lon-Lon Ranch she has seen in quite some time.
    Epona: She's impossible to tame without Epona's Song, so you should have got it earlier.  She is way faster than the other horse.
    Sheik: When you return to the Sword Chamber, he'll teach you the Prelude of Light to bring you here when you need to hurry.  You must travel over mountains, under water, and even through time to find all of the Sages.  He tells you that the Ocarina of Time and Master Sword are time itself.


Foes here include:

    Ingo: He's a supporter of the new regime above all else.  He will let you ride a horse for 1 minute for R10.  Challenge him while riding Epona and win to frustrate him.  Win again and he'll lock you in the Corral.  He becomes peaceful if you can get Talon to come back.

Items now include:

    Magic Jars

Important locations now include:

    Corral: This is where you may win Epona from Ingo.
    Back Fence: It's too hard to jump the gate once Ingo locks it, so jump this with Epona running at top speed.
    Sword Chamber: Visit Sheik here to learn the Prelude of Light.  Once he leaves, just drop the Mas-ter Sword in the Pedestal of Time to return to childhood.

Warp Song 2:

    Prelude of Light: This song warps you to the hexagonal tile before the Altar in the Temple of Time.  Sheik teaches it to you in the Sword Chamber.  The tune is C-up, C-right, C-up, C-right, C-left, C-up.

Area strategies include:

     When you exit the Deku Tree Vale, you can buy any supplies you need.  You should head to Lon-Lon Ranch and arrive there before sunset if at all possible.  If you cannot, just wait outside until you hear the rooster crow at dawn.  Once you enter the ranch, you should enter the stables and talk to the changed Malon inside.  You will learn that Ingo kicked Talon out and is being mean to Malon and the horses.  You will probably find Ingo out near Corral, so that is obviously your next destination in this place.
     Sure enough, you will find Ingo there, complete with some sort of fancy outfit.  The first time you pay to ride, you should practice on the brown horse to learn how to handle those things.  Call Epona on your second minute of riding and you can challenge Ingo to a race with an R50 wager!  Ingo is relatively easy to beat as long as you have at least one carrot remaining in the meter.  On your victory, Ingo will challenge you to a rematch, this time, with Epona's ownership at stake.  You will find him more challenging this time, but nothing you can't handle with practice.
     When you beat Ingo twice in a row, he locks you in the Corral area and you are stuck on Epona.  It is tricky to line up a leap of the gate, so you should leap the Back Wall instead.  Get Epona to top speed and you will catapult out of there and onto Hyrule Field nearby.  When the short cinema ends, you should head north to the ruined entrance to Hyrule Castle Town.  You can refill your Magic Meter on ReDead, but you should instead go straight to the Temple of Time.  Sheik is there, and has a few things to tell you.
     When you talk to the Sheikah, you will learn that time travel is necessary to find all Six Sages.  The way to travel back in time is to drop the Master Sword in the pedestal, and then pick it up again to become an adult.  You will learn the Prelude of Light to return here in a hurry.  Navi should be telling you to investigate the cloud over Death Mountain by now, so that is your next destination.

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