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Z64 Walkthrough

The Frozen Fate of Zora's Domain - Endless Ice floes

Zora's Domain II

Foes here include:

    Octoroks: You will find these creatures plentiful along Zora's River.
    Gold Skulltula: There is one atop the Frozen Waterfall.


Items here include:

    Magic Jars
    Deku Nuts
    Skull Token


Important locations here include:

    Big Pond: This is now completely frozen solid.  Not even Din's Fire can melt it even a bit!
    Frozen Waterfall: A Gold Skulltula is on top of this feature.
    Zora's Shop: This is hidden behind a curtain of red ice.  How can you melt that?
    Royal Chamber: This will lead you back to Zora's Fountain.  King Zora XVI is also stuck in a block of red ice.


Area strategies include:

     Once you enter Zora's River, you will notice a lot of Octoroks everywhere.  There aren't any Blue Tektites anywhere, and the Magic Bean you planted is fully-grown.  This will help you reach the Heart Piece high on the Small Platform in the middle of the area.  You will also find some strange white stuff falling as you approach the Waterfall entrance to Zora's Domain.  That is snow, indicating an icy change to Zora's Domain.  Play Zelda's Lullaby as usual on the Plaque to enter the cavern of Zora's Domain.
     Once you get in, you will see everything is ice!  The Zoras are trapped beneath it, and all are unable to help you.  King Zora XVI is under a very strange block of red ice on his throne, and Din's Fire does nothing to it.  You might be able to find some clues to the ice at Zora's Fountain, so you should head there now.  You might also be able to pick up a few Heart Pieces along the way!

Zora's Fountain II

Your ally here:

    Great Fairy 3: Visit her if you're low on Magic power.  Get Farore's Wind before the next dungeon if you don't have it already.

Foes here include:

    Blue Tektites

Items here include:

    Magic Jars
    Heart Piece 25: This is on an Ice Floe near the east end of the area.


Important locations here include:

    GFF 3: It's right where you remember it, in the southeast corner of the area.
    Altar: This is still at the center of the area, but Lord Jabu-Jabu has vanished completely!  In his place, the Ice Ramp leads to the Ice Floes.
    Ice Ramp: This leads up the east end of the Altar to the Ice Floes.
    Ice Floes: These mini-glaciers form a fragmented bridge to the Ice Cavern.  Some rotate, others sink with your weight, and still others just stay still in the water.  On the eastern one is Heart Piece 25.
    Ice Cavern: This cave is at the north end of the area.  It provides some required items, but there is no Mutoh like Phantom Ganon or Volvagia inside.  Din's Fire will be a must as you deal with several ice-based foes within.


Area strategies include:

     When you enter this area, you will find even more ice and snow.  You will find Lord Jabu-Jabu gone, presumably to waters where he can use his gills in peace.  You should get Farore's Wind now if you forgot to the last time you were here, which was seven years ago.  You can get a lot of ex-perience moving on the ice as you fight off the Octoroks.  You will also need to jump carefully if you want to get Heart Piece 25 from the Ice Floe at the end of the area.  You can see a cave opening high above, but there is no apparent way to reach it from here.
     Do you remember the cavern at the north end of the area?  Well, that is now within easy reach of your jumps, if you move carefully.  After you get to the final platform, you must jump up be-fore the platform tips you into the sea.  The cavern is full of ice, along with a lot of foes vulnerable to Din's Fire.  The magic of flames protects you inside this area, the Ice Cavern north of Zora's Foun-tain.
     The Ice Cavern is not a Temple, for very obvious reasons.  It does not have a Mutoh Key, or any Small Keys for that matter.  It is only one floor tall, with an unlucky thirteen (also a baker's dozen) rooms.  You will find three braziers burning with the strange Blue Fire inside the cavern, often near puzzles involving red ice.  You must utilize Blue Fire if you want to free King Zora and reach the Water Temple in Lake Hylia.


The Ice Cavern

Allies here include:

    Sheik: He appears once you beat the White Wolfos and claim the Iron Boots.  He will teach you the reflective song known as the Serenade of Water.  According to him, there was no point in trying to save the Zoras, because everything is ice.  He freed Princess Ruto and she left for the Water Temple.  The ice is created by the curse of the monster in the Water Temple, so you must beat it before any ice will melt.  The Serenade of Water leads you there - if you have courage enough.
    King Zora XVI: He'll shiver out his story once you unfreeze him with Blue Fire.  As a gift of gratitude, he'll give you a Zora Tunic, which won't let you drown underwater.  This is a must if you wish to reach the Water Temple and Princess Ruto.

Foes here include:

    Blade Traps
    Freezards: These icy statues are alive for some reason.  Their icy breath freezes you in a harmful block of ice.  Din's Fire is your best defense against these creatures.  If you chop a few times, the chopped-off part will slowly regenerate.  Be quick, because some of them vanish after a few seconds.
    Ice Keeses: These icy cousins of Keeses are very vulnerable to Din's Fire.  Block their attacks with your Hylian Shield to avoid being frozen.
    Gold Skulltulas: There are 3 in here.  They are in Rooms 1F-4, 1F-7, and Room 1F-9.
    White Wolfos: This giant, cold-loving mammal is extremely dangerous.  This one is strong as a regular Wolfos, but its brethren you meet later are much stronger.  Din's Fire does little to this.
    Blue Tektites

Items here include:

    Magic Jars
    Silver Rupees: These crystals are silver-colored Blue Rupees.  They often help you reach certain areas when all in a room are collected.
    Blue Fire: This cool flame is found throughout the dungeon.  It can melt the red ice you find here.
    Dungeon Map: This is in Room 1F-6.  There are 12 rooms in this single-floor dungeon.
    Purple Rupee:  There is a pot under red ice in Room 1F-6.  By melting the red ice, you can reveal the Purple Rupee inside the pot.
    Compass: This is under red ice in room 1F-7.
    Heart Piece 26: A Heart Piece in a dungeon is a rare find, but this one is here.  It is under red ice and opposite the Compass in Room 1F-7.
    Skull Tokens
    Iron Boots: This heavy footgear makes you unable to swim or run.  This is great for sinking to the bottom of a body of water to get something or go somewhere out-of-reach.  The only problem is that you'll eventually drown without the Zora Tunic equipped.  You do not slide on ice with these on.
    Heart Piece 27: Grab this from the Pond Bottom outside with the Iron Boots.
    Zora Tunic: You need this item to enter the Water Temple.  It allows you to stay underwater without fear of drowning.  If a Like-Like takes it, buy it for R300 at the Zora Shop.  You'll need it later.

Dungeon tricks include:

    Room 1F-1: Use this hall to reach Room 1F-2.
    Room 1F-2: Beat the five Freezards here to raise the portcullis.
    Room 1F-3: This hall connects Room 1F-2 to Room 1F-4.
    Room 1F-4: Dodge the ice blades while collecting the Silver Rupees to raise the portcullis.  A Gold Skulltula is on the southwest wall.
    Room 1F-5: Dodge the foes here to avoid harm.
    Room 1F-6: On the platform is Blue Fire.  Follow the path to find the Map.  Be sure not to get frozen by the Freezards and Ice Keeses here.
    Room 1F-7: Another Blue Fire torch, the Compass, a Gold Skulltula, and Heart Piece 26 are here.
    Room 1F-8: This hall leads to Room 1F-9.
   Room 1F-9: Beat the Ice Keeses here and collect the Silver Rupees using the large block and Blue Fire to raise the south portcullis.  Get some Blue Fire and the last Gold Skulltula before you leave.
    Room 1F-10: Beat the Freezards in this hall and use Blue Fire to melt the red ice.
    Room 1F-11: This is where you fight the White Wolfos.  Once you beat it, the Iron Boots are in the chest at the center.  Sheik appears near the door.  The hole in the floor makes a quick getaway.
    Room 1F-12: Some getaway!  Run to conserve air.  Past the arch you may switch to the Kokiri Boots.
    Pond Bottom: Sink here with the Iron Boots to collect Heart Piece 27.
    Royal Chamber: Use Blue Fire to defrost King Zora XVI and receive the Zora Tunic.
    Zora Shop: Use Blue Fire to open it up.  If you lose the Zora Tunic, buy it here for R300.

Warp Song 4:

    Serenade of Water: Time is an endless river that you can move back and forth on using the Master Sword.  The water's surface reflects growth and development.  This reflective Song is taught to you by Sheik.  The tune is A Button, C-down, C-right, C-right, C-left.  It takes you to the Warp Tile on the Large Isle at Lake Hylia.

Sub-dungeon strategies include:

     When you first enter, you will find a hallway leading further into the cave.  In the first large room you find, you will see three Freezards and a Blade Trap on the ice-coated floor.  Defeating the three ice statues using slashes or Din's Fire will raise the portcullis over the door to the north.  Past another short hallway, you will find an ice fan cutting the air around a large room.  You will first see Silver Rupees-a major puzzle from now on-in the room at various points.  You might have to slash the icy stalagmites in the alcoves first, though.
     When you get all five Silver Rupees, the portcullis above will rise.  There is a Gold Skulltula in an alcove, and you need the Hookshot to get it.  The Freezards in the hallway are good practice for sword skills, but the blue checkerboard floor is extra slippery.  You meet up with a few Ice Keeses in the next room, along with even more Freezards.  You will find the use of Din's Fire a necessity to avoid being trapped in the ice breath.  You will find a platform in this room with some Recovery Hearts resting on it if you need them.
     When you see the Blue Fire brazier, you should put some in at lest two Bottles.  You can then take out the last Freezard and then grab the Dungeon Map.  You can get the Purple Rupee nearby if you want, but you shouldn't need it.  You should refill on Blue Fire before you head to the ice fan chamber.  You should melt the red ice wall in the southeast corner and then go through the hallway beyond.  This will get you to a room full of Keeses that also has a Blue Fire brazier.
     When you kill the bats, you should chop the ice in front of the two alcoves.  You should then melt the Compass and its chest before you grab it.  Across the way, you will find a Gold Skulltula on the wall and Heart Piece 25 under the red ice.  You should then go to the other red ice wall in the ice fan room and melt that.  This leads you closer to the last treasure in the dungeon-the Iron Boots.
     Inside this new chamber, you must first shoot down Ice Keeses before they fly into you.  There is a third Gold Skulltula on the side of the chamber, near one of the bottomless chasms.  There is a block of ice you can push around to get you some more Silver Rupees.  You will need more Blue Fire for the next room, so you should grab some more quite soon.  If you want money, you can play the Song of Time near the brazier to reveal more Time Blocks and some Red Rupees.  You will need Blue Fire to find one Silver Rupee.
     When you enter the tunnel to the south, you will need Blue Fire to melt some pots blocking your way.  You can see a door, and the pots contain some last-minute supplies.  The monster in the new room is a White Wolfos, a larger, arctic version of a regular Wolfos.  The same strategies apply, and the White Wolfos dies after one hit to its vulnerable hindquarters.  When you defeat the monster, it will reveal a large chest in front of a hole in he floor.  You will need the Iron Boots held in the chest, which allow you to walk at the bottom of Lake Hylia.
     When you grab the Iron Boots, you will see Sheik near the door.  He says that the monster in the Water Temple created the ice with its evil powers.  The only way to destroy the ice is to kill the monster, which lives below Lake Hylia.  Princess Ruto has already gone to the Water Temple to try combating the curse on her own.  You will then learn the Serenade of Water that takes you to the Temple entrance, or near enough, as it makes no difference.  With that, Sheik vanishes, leaving you with still more questions about him.
     When you can move, you should equip the Iron Boots and dive down into the hole.  This wa-tery passageway will lead you back to Room 1F-2, very near the exit.  You should get at least one Bottle of Blue Fire, two if you also want to reopen the Zora Shop.  You should then free at least King Zora from his prison, earning you a Zora Tunic free of charge.  You should equip that and then take it with the Iron Boots to Zora's Fountain.  The Pond Bottom has another Heart piece surrounded by eighteen Rupees on the walls.
     You are now ready to go visit Lake Hylia again.  If you were there to collect the Magic Bean Heart Piece, you should know that it is now very shallow.  You can get there by riding Epona or play-ing the Serenade of Water that you just learned.  The Water Temple is one of the longest and most confusing places in the game, and you will hate its many puzzles.  There are a few items at Lake Hylia that should help you, though.

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