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Z64 Walkthrough

Getting the Fire Medallion – Fight with a Reborn Dragon

Return to Goron City

Allies here include:

    Biggoron:  This giant Goron has appeared very near the High Ledge.  He says he can make better swords than those available at Medigoron’s Blade Store.
    Medigoron: If you talk to him, he’ll sell you the super-fragile Giant’s Knife for R200.  Do not buy it, since it will inexplicably break moments after you pull it out!
    Link the Goron: Toss a Bomb and the blasts will either stop him or he’ll ram into it after going back.  When he does stop, he’ll say his name is the same as yours and he is the son of King Darunia.  He asks you to save his fellow Gorons and help his dad.  Ganondorf revived the Goron-eater, a dragon called Volvagia, while you were sleeping.  The Gorons will be fed to Volvagia to scare all who might resist into servitude.  To help you, he’ll give you a Goron Tunic to help you cope with intense heat.
    Goron Shopkeeper: She’s the only female Goron left because all of her friends are trapped in the Fire Temple.

Foes here include:

    Red Tektites: You are likely to find these things along the Lower Trail.  With the Master Sword, you can kill each one in one slash.
    Gold Skulltula: You will find one in Goron City on the back of the Seal Platform.  The best way to grab it is by using the Hookshot from the ropes.

Items here include:

    Magic Jars
    Giant’s Wallet: Pick it up now if you haven’t gotten it yet.
    Skull Token
    Goron Tunic: You need this heat-resistant tunic to survive the intense heat of Death Mountain Crater.  It prevents you and all non-Gorons who wear it from burning up in the heat of active volcanoes.  Link the Goron will give you this item for free.  You can buy it from the Goron Shop for R200 if you lose it to any sort of enemy.

Important locations here include:

    High Ledge:  You will find Biggoron near here, looming over you from his perch.
    Seal Platform: Check on the back for a Gold Skulltula.
    Third Floor: Link the Goron is rolling around here.
    Goron Shop: This opens after you talk to Link the Goron.  You may buy Recovery Hearts, Bombs, Red Potion, or Goron Tunics here.
    Darunia’s Room: Go here last of all.  As an adult, you may pull out the giant Goron statue that con-ceals a hidden entrance to Death Mountain Crater.  Check in the pots for items.

Area strategies include:

     When you enter Death Mountain Trail, you will find several red boulders in the path.  You cannot defeat them with Bombs, so you will obviously need something stronger to deal with them.  You will also need to kill two Red Tektites hiding behind the rocks as you head up the Lower Trail.  When you get to Dodongo’s Cavern, you will find the Goron and soft soil gone.  If you go up to the Ledge Garden, you will find no Bomb Flower!  You can talk to Biggoron and should heed his warn-ing about Medigoron’s blades.  You obviously need to head into Goron City to find out what’s going on now.
     When you get there, you should head on a rope and thus out to the Seal Platform.  You can find a Gold Skulltula behind the Goron’s mark.  You will see a small Goron rolling around the third floor, always away from you.  When he reaches the Bomb Flowers, you can shoot them to force the Goron to a complete shop.  When you approach, he will reveal himself as Link, your namesake and son of King Darunia.  You should talk to him whenever he starts crying to learn a few things about the current condition.
     First, Ganondorf revived an ancient dragon named Volvagia.  An ancestor of Darunia de-stroyed Volvagia ages ago with a big hammer, but Ganondorf has intense magic powers.  Ganondorf is planning to feed the Gorons to Volvagia as an example to any who might resist.  Darunia wants no help from anyone, but obviously needs it from you.  You will get a Goron Tunic when you agree to help out and the doors on the bottom level open.  You should slip it on right away for your own good, so do so!
     You should now stock up on supplies at the Goron Shop.  Inside King Darunia’s chambers, you will see a giant Goron statue built into the wall.  The secret entrance to Death Mountain Crater is behind the statue, so you must pull it out now.  You can get some more goodies by busting the pots, if you need them.  When you are ready, and you have the Goron Tunic on, you are free to enter the heated pool of Death Mountain Crater once again.


Death Mountain Crater

Your ally here:

    Sheik: Meeting you on the Bridge, he’ll teach you the nifty Bolero of Fire.  He says that the song is dedicated to the power of the heart and that true friendship grows over time as a feeling from the heart.  The passion of friendship soon blossoms into a guiding, righteous power.  He again promises to see you later.

Items here include:

    Magic Jars


Important locations here include:

    Hidden Entrance: This is where you enter.  It is on the west side of the area.  It connects to the Blocked Cave (South) and the Bridge (Northeast).
    Blocked Cave: This area probably conceals another GFF.  How do you get through the red boulders?
    Bridge: After you Hookshot across the gap, head down until Sheik appears.  Beyond the lower end is the Center Platform.  One of the ends is broken and hangs down the cliff wall, but you can Hookshot back using the posts nearby.
    Center Platform: This is the center area of the crater.  It is right in between the two cones above the Fire Temple.  North is a Land Bridge.  The two cones and space in between are known in earlier games as Spectacle Rock because they look like a pair of glasses.
    Warp Tile: This is where you warp to with the Bolero of Fire.  It is on the Center Platform.
    Land Bridge: This leads north of the Center Platform to the Ladder Cave.  The rocks hide items like Hearts or Rupees.
    Ladder Cave: This shaft leads straight down to the Temple Gate.  Take the ladder that names the cave to prevent injury.
    Temple Gate: This is at the bottom of the Ladder Cave.  It is very dangerous inside, but the Goron Tunic prevents any damage from flames.

    Warp Song 3:

    Bolero of Fire: Even niftier than the Hidden Entrance, this takes you right to the Warp Tile on the Center Platform.  It is dedicated to the power of the heart and especially to the passion of friendship.  The tune is C-down, A Button, C-down, A Button, C-right, C-down, C-right, and C-down.  It is long and fairly easy to remember.  It sounds like a military song of some sort.

Area strategies include:

     Once you enter, you can pick up a few more supplies from the pots by the door.  On your right, you can see some more of those red boulders blocking a cave off.  You cannot go to the south side of the area without first smashing the red boulder in the way.  You can, however, go to the Bro-ken Bridge leading toward the Center Platform.  The way over is to use your Hookshot on the wooden bar over the bridge’s end.  As you walk down, Sheik will appear and talk to you some more, another soliloquy, this time on friendship.
     Friendship is a righteous power from the heart that guides one.  The Bolero of Fire he teaches you shortly thereafter leads you back here, to the Warp Tile on the Center Platform, which is marked with the fire emblem.  When Sheik vanishes and you can move, you should head down to the Center Platform.  You can get last-minute supplies by tossing the rocks on the Land Bridge about.  The safe way to the Fire Temple is to climb down the Ladder Cave and then turn around when you reach the bottom.  The room you see under the arch is the first part of the Fire Temple.

The Fire Temple

Allies here include:

    King Darunia: You’ll see him as he’s preparing to fight Volvagia.  He is worried, though, because he doesn’t have the hammer his ancestor used.  He asks you to rescue his people while he takes on the dragon.  You turned out to be a real man after all.  If Volvagia escapes Death Mountain, Hyrule will become a burning and inhospitable wasteland.  He is the Sage of Fire.
    Goron 1: He is in a cell in Room 1F-2.  Each of the 9 Gorons you rescue has a different clue to tell you, so they’re discussed separate.  In order to reach the room where King Darunia went, you must do something about the pillar stuck in the ceiling.  Get up there ASAP.
    Goron 2: He is in Room 1F-4.  Walls vulnerable to explosives sound differently than normal walls when stuck with the Sword.
    Goron 3: He is in Room 1F-6.  Some switches here only activate when cut.

Other allies here include:

    Goron 4: He’s in the lower part of Room 3F-2.  The False Doors you find may be destroyed with Bombs.
    Goron 5: She is in Room 3F-3.  When you’re on fire, swing you sword or roll forwards to put it out.
    Goron 6: She’s the Goron in Room 2F-2.  Hit the switch behind the cell to release her.  Somewhere in the Fire Temple are creatures that dance as they attack.  They are Arrow-resistant, but harmed by Bombs.
    Goron 7: The switch that opens her cell is halfway across the room from it.  The Ocarina helps you get to places you can see on the Map but can’t reach.
    Goron 8: You need the Megaton Hammer to open her cell.  A statue in Room 1F-1 conceals a door.  Bombs won’t work on it, so you need something stronger (like the Megaton Hammer).
    Goron 9: She asks you to help King Darunia before it’s too late.  Her cell is in Room 1F-11.


Foes here include:

    Fire Keeses
    Red Bubbles: These skulls are fast and surrounded by red flames.  If one gets near, knock its flames off with your shield and slash away.  It is easier to avoid them, since they are too fast to hit easily.
    Flying Tiles: These slabs marked with Goron faces rise from the floor and spin at you.  You can de-feat them by smashing them against the Hylian Shield or the Master Sword.
    Like-Likes: These things eat Hylian Shields and clothing like the Goron Tunic.  If this happens, beat it quickly to regain your stuff.  Arrows from afar seem best.  They live in Rooms 1F-5 and 1F-9 here.
    Gold Skulltulas: You can get 3 of the 5 here for now.  They are in Rooms 1F-5, 3F-2, and 1F-9.  When you get the Longshot, you may get the one in Room 4F-7 and the one in Room 5F-4.
    Torch Slugs: These creatures have molten shells and flames on their backs.  If they see you, they will slink after you in a hurry.  When you slash one once or Hookshot it, you can extinguish its flames temporarily.  If a Torch Slug escapes you long enough, it can recreate the flames, so watch out.  Torch Slugs are an excellent source of Magic Jars if you can get two or three slashes in.
    Torch Statues: These unbeatable foes spit flames at you.  Just avoid them if at all possible.  Some of them spit flames all the time, whereas others just launch them if you get too close.
    False Doors: These look real, but fall on you if you try to open them.  You can destroy them with Bombs or the Megaton Hammer.  You can tell where False Doors are if you check the Dungeon Map.
    Flare Dancers: These two guard crucial areas.  They live in Rooms 3F-10 and 1F-10.  For the first one, Hookshot or Bomb the body and slash the body as it run around.  After 4 hits, it changes from orange to blue, and then becomes green 4 hits later.  For the second one, Hammer nears it to douse the flames.  Twelve to 14 slashes to the vulnerable body causes each to explode, leaving you Bombs.


Subterranean Lava Dragon:  VOLVAGIA

    VOLVAGIA: Ganondorf brought this Goron-eater back from the dead, so Navi can’t help.  Its lair is Room 1F-12.  When its upper body appears, pound the neck and then pound or slash the jewel on the head.  Once this happens, Volvagia will perform one of 2 aerial attacks.  One is where the dragon chases you and breathes painful flames at you (block this with an Arrow).  Roll under the body to dodge.  The other attack is when Volvagia makes rocks (dodge the shadows) fall down on you.
     After about five to eight hits, Volvagia is done for.  It will fly up and burn itself up with the flaming hair.  The charred skull will turn into your Heart Container in a puff of blue smoke.  Pack your Fairy Spirits, as this often takes several tries for beginners.

Items here include:

    Magic Jars
    Skull Tokens
    Small Keys: These are in the cells with Gorons 1-8.  To find the next one, just free the next Goron in sequence.
    Dungeon Map: This is in Room 3F-5.  There are 36 Rooms in this dungeon over 5 floors, though some rooms are quite large.  You enter this dungeon from the north so all directions are reversed.
    Compass: This is in Room 3F-9.
    Megaton Hammer: This legendary weapon is a must from now on.  You need two hands to swing it.  It can destroy some statues, activate rusty switches, or pound certain pillars.  It is in the chest in Room 5F-2.  It can break up brown boulders in one hit and red boulders in two.
    Mutoh Key: This is in Goron 9’s cell in Room 1F-11.
    Fairy Spirits: Check in the pots on the north wall in Room 1F-2 to find these.
    Heart Container: This appears near you after Volvagia’s skull vaporizes.
    Fire Medallion: King Darunia gives you this in the Chamber of Sages.  It contains his friendship and the power of the fire spirits.  It is red and engraved with the fire emblem.

Temple tricks include:

    Room 1F-1: The upper left door is your first objective.  Behind the statue and a locked door is Room 1F-8.  The lower left door leads to Room 1F-11.  The upper right door leads to Room 1F-3.
    Room 1F-2: You will meet King Darunia here.  In the southwest corner of the room are Goron 1 and a Small Key.  To the east are Room 1F-12 and Volvagia.
    Room 1F-3: To the north of this cavern lie Rooms 1F-4 and 1F-5.  Past the southern false wall is Room 1F-6.  East is Room 1F-7.
    Room 1F-4: Goron 2 is in this room.
    Room 1F-5: A Like-Like, some Flying Tiles, and a Gold Skulltula may be found here.  Call down the Time Block to get in.
    Room 1F-6: Goron 3 is at the end of this short hall.
    Room 1F-7: Climb onto the southern netting and push the block onto the torch.  This will give you a ride up to Room 2F-1.  Watch out for Keeses, though!
    Room 2F-1: Go west to exit after arriving here.
    Room 2F-2: Goron 6 is here, but the switch is behind her cell.  Beat the Torch Slugs and jump across to the switch.  Move the block to the end of the depression and climb up with it.  Bomb the crystal switch to temporarily retract the flames.
    Room 3F-1: Go east to exit this room.
    Room 3F-2: Boulders that roll around a lot guard the lower paths.  A Gold Skulltula is behind the southwest wall.  Goron 4 is in the lower part and Goron 7 is above.  When you reach the crack in the upper level, Bomb to create a shortcut.  Come back with the Scarecrow’s Song to reach the Gold Skulltula on the inverted pyramid.
    Room 3F-3: Goron 5 is at the end of this hall.
    Room 3F-4: The eye switch controls the portcullis over Room 3F-5.  On the ledge are 3 Hearts, which you should need by now.
    Room 3F-5: On the caged ledge where you first enter is the Map.  A wall of flames chases you across the netting.  After freeing Goron 7, you should jump to the ledge with the locked door on it.
    Room 3F-6: This hall connects Rooms 3F-5 and 3F-7.
    Room 3F-7: You are directly above Room 1F-2 here.  You need Room 3F-8 to reach the north part of this room.  Hit the switch to temporarily retract the flames.
    Room 3F-8: Goron 8 is imprisoned here.  Goron 7’s advice is handy when trying to rescue Goron 8.

More temple tricks include:

    Room 3F-9: The Compass is at the end of this hall.
    Room 3F-10: This is behind the flames and false wall in Room 3F-7.  After beating the resident Flare Dancer, the platform carries you up to Room 4F-1.
    Room 4F-1: Your elevator ride ends here.
    Room 4F-2: This is a smaller, simpler replica of Room 2F-2.  Climb the platform and Bomb the crys-tal switch.  The chains lead up to Room 5F-1.
    Room 5F-1: Go east after climbing up from Room 4F-2.
    Room 5F-2: This is below the eastern cone above.  Hit the switch and run up the narrow ledge to find the Megaton Hammer in the chest.  Below the block is Room 4F-3.
    Room 4F-3: Pound away the statue to reveal a door after landing.
    Room 4F-4: Defeat the Keeses and fire Keeses here first of all.  Then, pound the pillar to reveal a blue switch.  Get a crate down there to keep the portcullis raised.
    Room 4F-5: Pound the block here to return to Room 3F-7.
    Room 1F-8: This is behind the statue and locked door in Room 1F-1.  Beat the Torch Slugs and Fire Keeses to raise the portcullis.
    Room 1F-9: There are another Like-Like and some more Flying Tiles here.  On the wall is a Gold Skulltula.
    Room 1F-10: This is west of Room 1F-9.  Beat the resident Flare Dancer for some Bombs and to raise the portcullis.
    Room 1F-11: Activate the rusty switch to release Goron 9.  The Mutoh Key is in the chest.
    Room 1F-12: The battle with Volvagia is here.  After you jump from the bridge platform to the cen-tral one, it sinks into the lava.  The portal is above the central lava pit afterwards.
    Roof: The guy up here gets disturbed when the clouds clear away from Death Mountain.
    Chamber of Sages: King Darunia gives you the Fire Medallion here.
    Room 4F-6: Your inverted pyramid ride ends here.  Outside is Room 4F-7.
    Room 4F-7: A Gold Skulltula is on the upper chains as you climb.  Above is Room 5F-3.
    Room 5F-3: Go out to reach Room 5F-4.
    Room 5F-4: On the inner wall outside the door is your final Gold Skulltula.

Temple strategies include:

     When you enter, you will see two Fire Keeses flying above the chamber.  You can enter the door to the left of the staircases, but all you can see is a caged Goron.  In the upstairs chamber, you can only enter the open door on your left, since the door on the right is locked and chained.  In the room on the left, you will meet King Darunia preparing to enter the lair of Volvagia.  He is worried, though, because he does not have his ancestor’s hammer to help him.  When he vanishes, you should hop over to the switch near the cage.  Goron 1 says that you must knock down the column in the ceil-ing to reach the chamber where King Darunia went.
     When the Goron leaves, you can grab the Small Key in the chest.  When you open the locked door, you enter a vast room full of lava pits, platforms, and Fire Keeses.  You should first head to the left of the doorway and enter the door inside the square-shaped arch.  You will find Goron 2 and an-other Small Key in the hall beyond, but nothing else.  When you stand away from the entrance of the alcove in the big room, you can play the Song of Time.  The Time Block you reveal forms a conven-ient stair up to another doorway.
     In this room, you will fend off Flying Tiles first of all.  When those are all destroyed, you can attack the Like-Like with Arrows or your Hookshot, but Arrows work best.  You can then get the Ru-pees left by the gelatinous tube and then kill the Gold Skulltula on the wall.  You should now cross the lava room to the northern corner, where you will find a funny-sounding wall.  Drop a Bomb next to it and you can open the door beyond to free Goron 3.  Once he leaves, his Small Key is yours to keep.
     Okay, you should know about the big bridge in the lava room stretching across the central section.  Go to the end with the locked door and open the door at once.  When you slide down the ramp beyond, you end near a flame jet and two chain-link gates.  Climb up the one on your right as you slide down and you will end up on a platform with two Keeses resting on it.  You can kill the bats and then leap down to push the giant block ahead.  When it falls onto the lava jet, you can jump onto it and wait for a free ride up to the second floor.
     When you open the locked door in the 2F chamber, you can see a caged Goron behind the bars, but no switch on this side.  You should kill the Torch Slugs at once, since they are very annoy-ing.  When you can see the crystal switch (the diamond-shaped object), just leap over to it and push the block to form a stairs up to the ledges.  You must drop a Bomb off the ledge directly above the switch and then hurry up the chains before the flames reappear.  The door above leads you into the boulder maze of the third floor.
     When you emerge, you should head to your right until you see a Goron in a cage.  Goron 5 gives you a bit of advice about what do if you ignite, but the Goron Tunic precludes that.  Almost di-rectly opposite the cell is a section of false wall concealing a Gold Skulltula.  When you kill the spi-der, you should head into the door you can see outside the hidden section.  This leads you to another Goron and a Small Key.  There is a locked door near there, which you should head through.
     When you enter the next room, you will see a hole all the way down to the 1F lava room be-low the ledge.  You can jump over to the Recovery Hearts at your leisure, since you might need them any time.  The eye switch on the wall opens the door you can see opposite the Recovery Hearts and their ledge.  Inside the new room, you are on a caged section of platform with a large chest.  After you get the Dungeon Map, you should head to the locked door in the previous room.  You can use the L-shaped platform to jump over to the chain links over the lava pit.
     The moment you land, a wall of flame appears behind you and begins advancing.  You must reach the other door in the room before the flames catch up to you.  Along the way, you will find Re-covery Hearts on two platforms and Red Bubbles jumping from the lava.  The door on the ledge leads you back to the boulder maze, this time above the rolling rocks.  You will hear Goron voices on the crack near the Torch Slug, so you can Bomb the thing at your leisure.  When you do, you can climb down to the caged Goron you saw below.
     The door to the cage opens when you press the switch there.  You will meet creatures that dance as they attack in the Temple somewhere, and these creatures are only hurt by Goron ‘special crop,’ a term for Bombs.  When you take the Small Key, you should head back to the flame wall room.  There is a ledge about halfway around the chamber that you must jump to if you want to pro-ceed.  You will find a locked door there, which leads into a narrow corridor and an open door beyond.
     In the next room, Navi will point out you are directly above the room where you met Darunia on the chains near the column.  You should head toward the wall of flame after that, and then look for a door on the outer wall.  This leads you into a narrow hall with the Compass in the chest at its end.  When you get back, you should head to the central column, on the side with the big Torch Statues.  You will find a door there that you can head through to find a caged Goron and two high platforms.  You can reveal a Time Block nearby, but that does nothing but reveal a rusted switch above.
     When you exit the chamber, follow the yellow line on the Map provided to the switch.  This shuts down the flaming barrier on a nearby ledge, so hurry to get up there!  You will find Bombs and Hearts in the pots, and a False Door nearby.  Detonating the False Door destroys a false wall and re-veals a real door.  You will want the goodies in the pots to deal with the enemy you fight in the next chamber.
     The enemy you fight is a Flare Dancer, creatures that dance as they attack.  When it spins in place, you must Hookshot its body and then slash away.  You should get four slashes on it before it jumps back into the fire to reappear coated in blue flames.  Keep Hookshotting the creature out of its clothes, blue or green, until it expands and flashes red rapidly.  It will leave behind some Bombs as the flames around the center platform vanish.  The platform forms an elevator of sorts up to the fourth floor when you climb onto it.
     Once you arrive, you should exit the chamber and climb up the platform outside.  You must drop a Bomb onto the crystal switch before you can attempt to climb to the fifth floor.  When you reach the fifth floor, turning a doorknob leads you into a room with Fire Keeses, boulders, ledges, a narrow stair, and a chest surrounded by flames.  If you fall, you land in the room with the column in it on 3F.  When you hit the floor switch, you must run up he narrow stair and open the chest for the Megaton Hammer.  This will let you pound down the block near the floor switch and reveal a hole down to the fourth floor.
 In the room below, you reveal a door by pounding the sides of the statue with the Megaton Hammer.  In the next room, do not destroy the crates on the wall, since you need them to get out.  You can reveal a blue pressure switch by pounding the top of the statue with the Megaton Hammer.  When you kill the Fire Keeses, you can carry a crate down to keep the switch activated.  The block in the next room leads back to the column room when you pound it.  On the ledge above, you can open the door by pounding the rusted switch.
     In the next room, you should first hop over to the Time Block, if you chose not to move it.  If you did move it, you should pound the rusty switch to free the Goron below.  This gets you the last Small Key and a clue about the statue in the first room.  You can get there easily by pounding down the column and then hopping down after it.  This gets you no damage (thank goodness) and creates a bridge to the Mutoh Key’s lock.  When you pound the statue, you can find the final locked door by pounding the statue to the right of the staircase.
     When you get in, you find yourself in a room with Fire Keeses and Torch Slugs.  When you beat them all, you can go into the next room.  You will meet a Like-Like, more Flying Tiles, and a Gold Skulltula here, but nothing new.  The room to the left of the entrance leads you into another fight with the Flare Dancer.  When it spins in place, you can douse its clothes by pounding the ground, and then proceed with the slashing.  You earn a chest with Bombs by destroying this second sub-Mutoh creature.
     You can now free Goron 9 and get the Mutoh Key.  Before you go to fight the Mutoh, there are a few goodies you can get in Room 1F-2.  There is a Hookshot mark on a column to the right of the Mutoh Key lock.  The ledge above the column has four pots containing Bombs and Fairy Spirits on it for your convenience.  When you feel ready, you should go into the Mutoh Key room, a fight with Volvagia.  The dragon emerges once you hop onto his platform using the stone bridge.
     When you can first hit Volvagia, take care not to let it hit you.  The Megaton Hammer stuns the creature long enough for you to slash the jewel on its vulnerable head.  The dragon should then rise into the air and start trying to immolate you with his breath.  You can block this by shooting Volvagia with an Arrow to the head.  Volvagia may also rise up and knock boulders loose from the ceil-ing with its flaming mane.  When you can hit Volvagia on the ground, the dragon may try to trick you by pretending to appear from several holes simultaneously.
     If Volvagia knocks you off the platform in its rages, you can climb up the sides, which are rough enough to scale.  When you deal enough damage, Volvagia will go berserk and launch into the air.  The dragon’s flaming mane will burn up the mottled flesh and leave nothing but some charred bones.  The skull, with its jewel intact, will fall next to you and then burn up to reveal your Heart Container.  You should of course get it before you head into the portal to the Chamber of the Sages.  King Darunia is the Sage of Fire, and gives you the Fire Medallion with glee.
     Do you remember that strange man chewing beans at Zora’s River when you’re a kid?  He can help you get all sorts of items, including a few Heart Pieces.  He only appears when you’re a kid, so you need to relinquish the Master Sword at your leisure.  There are a few things to get in Death Mountain Crater first, though.

Magic Beans Across Hyrule

Allies now include:

    Great Fairy 4: She lives in GFF 4 behind the Blocked Cave.  She’ll double your Magic Meter, allow-ing you to cast twice as much magic.  She is the Great Fairy of Wisdom.
    Bean Seller: He’ll sell you the Magic Beans he doesn’t eat.  You need tons of money to afford his wares that get more and more expensive as you buy them.
    Frogs: They live at the Sunken Log.  You need to play some songs on your Ocarina to make them grow up.  The dark blue one is the C-left button, the white one is C-up, C-right is red, C-down is yel-low, and A Button is light blue.  The Song of Storms wins you Heart Piece 23.  After all are big, uses the Bug-Catching Song (see below) to win Heart Piece 24.
    Kid 4: You’ll have way over 40 Skull Tokens by the end of this time for sure!  He’ll give you some Bombchu to help you out.


Foes now include:

    Red Tektites
    Gold Skulltulas: At this time you may get at least 10 of these.
    Peahat Larvae
    Blue Tektites
    Business Scrubs


Items now include:

    Deku Seeds
    Magic Jars
    Skull Tokens
    Magic Beans: These odd seeds reach maximum growth after 7 years, and the leaf can carry you to otherwise unreachable areas.  The cost increases by R10 for each one you buy.
    Bottle Bugs: These can force Gold Skulltulas from their Bean Patch lairs outside Zora’s River.
    Heart Piece 19: This is in the crate on the Ledge in the Graveyard.
    Heart Piece 9: This is in the Niche above the Dodongo’s Cavern.
    Heart Piece 20: The Business Scrub in the Hole below the Lake Hylia Gate offers this for R10.
    Heart Piece 21: This is atop the Lakeside Laboratory.
    Heart Piece 22: This is on the peak of the West Cone in Death Mountain Crater.
    Heart Piece 23: Play the Song of Storm for the Frogs to win this.
    Heart Piece 24: Play the Bug-Catching Song for the Frogs to win this.
    Bombchu: Get these from Kid 4 after you get 40 Skull Tokens.

Areas and locations to visit now include:

    Death Mountain Crater
    Warp Tile: You start out here.  A Bean Patch is near here when you’re a child.
    Blocked Cave: Pound away the rocks with the Megaton Hammer to reveal GFF 4.
    GFF 4: Here, Great Fairy 4 wills double your Magic Meter in size and endurance.
    West Cone: The 7th Magic Bean takes you near here.  On the peak is Heart Piece 22.
    Death Mountain Trail
    Ravine: Since Volvagia is dead the avalanches are done.  Behind the boulder at the top is a Gold Skulltula.
    Ledge Garden: Behind the red boulder here is another nocturnal Gold Skulltula.
    Cavern Entrance: Plant the 5th Magic Bean near here.
    Niche: Heart Piece 9 is in this depression above Dodongo’s Cavern.
    Zora’s River
    Sales Post: This spot on Zora’s River is where the Bean Seller is.
    Sunken Log: The Frogs live near here.
    Kakariko Graveyard
    Ledge: This is where the 4th Magic Bean leaf takes you.  In the crate is Heart Piece 19.
    Kokiri Forest
    Kokiri Shop: Outside is a Bean Patch that takes you to the Rupee Ledge as an adult.
    Rupee Ledge: The first Magic Bean leads here.  Twenty-six Rupees are on it.
    Lost Woods
    Log Bridge: The second Magic Bean flies over here.  This comes in handy later on.
    Forest Stage: Plant your third Magic Bean nearby.  At night when you’re an adult, a Gold Skulltula is above.
    Lake Hylia
    Lakeside Laboratory: Plant the 6th Magic Bean outside and ride it to the roof, where you’ll find Heart Piece 21 above the ladder.
    Hyrule Field
    Lake Hylia Gate: The Hole is in between the four posts.
    Hole: The Business Scrub here offers Heart Piece 20 for R10.
    Bean Patches: These are where you may plant your Magic Beans.  All one are inhabited by Gold Skulltulas.  Two are in Gerudo territory, so wait before going to them.

A strange, one-use song:

    Bug-Catching Song: This song helps the Frogs grab the hovering butterflies.  However, you must play it really fast.  Your reward is Heart Piece 24.  The tune is, in this order, A Button, C-left, C-right, C-down, C-left, C-right, C-down, A Button, C-down, A Button, C-down, C-right, C-left, A Button.

Quest strategies include:

     When you can move, you should head to the Broken Bridge in Death Mountain Crater.  Your objective is the cave blocked off by red boulders and the ledge nearby.  By smashing the boulders, you can force your way into another GFF.  Play Zelda’s Lullaby and Great Fairy 4 will double the length of your Magic Meter.  You can get Heart Piece 10 as an adult by smashing the red boulder just outside and hopping over to the ledge before you climb over to the Climbing Wall.  South of the crater, you should descend the wall to the first red boulder on your left.  At night, you can find a Gold Skulltula by smashing the rock.
     You can get another Gold Skulltula behind a similar rock in the Ledge Garden.  You can pick up Bombchu if, as you should, you have more than forty Gold Skulltula Tokens.  You should also pick up some Bottled Bugs from the Potion Shop so you can find more Skulltulas.  When you go to the Temple of Time, you should go back in time.  You should stock up on Rupees before you buy any Magic Beans, since buying them all costs a pretty Rupee.  The first one costs a mere R10, but that price goes up by R10 so you pay R550 for ten Magic Beans!
     When you run low on money, you can go visit the Frogs at the Sunken Log.  Play the Song of Storms and they give you a Heart Piece for letting them go singing in the rain.  The other five “gray note” songs will mature the frogs and make them very hungry besides earning you R250-R50 per frog matured.  Play the Bug-Catching Song as I have directed and you will earn another Heart Piece for filling their stomachs.  When you get the ten Magic Beans, you should plant them wherever you find a convenient Bean Patch.  The one at Zora’s River helps you get the Heart Piece midstream if you could not do so earlier.
     When you leave Zora’s River, the next stop is Kokiri Forest and the Lost Woods.  You should head to the Kokiri Shop and look for the Bean Patch on one side when you get there.  When you see a Bottled Bug enter the hole, gather the other two and you can wait for a Gold Skulltula to come out.  This will free up the hole for your Magic Bean, as will the two in the Lost Woods.  If you haven’t got the Mask of Truth yet, you should get it right away.  Showing it to the Deku Scrub Tribe will get you an upgrade to 30 Deku Nuts, or a few random goodies.
     When you exit the Lost Woods this time, you should head south along Hyrule Field to Lake Hylia.  The Hole is in the center of the area between the gates, so Bomb where the Stone of Agony reacts.  The Business Scrub underground sells you a Heart Piece for R10, a real bargain in your favor.  To enter Lake Hylia from Hyrule Field, you should find the ladder on one side of the stone and climb up the wall.  When you kill the Gold Skulltula in the Bean Patch by the Lakeside Laboratory, you can plant the Magic Bean there.
     You should now head to the Graveyard at Kakariko Village, and time does not matter in this case.  The Magic Bean patch is on the upper part of the Map display, near a row of graves facing south.  You can also get the Gold Skulltula from the Bean Patch outside Dodongo’s Cavern at this time.  When you have planted those Magic Beans, you should have only three left.  Play the Bolero of Fire and you can find an eighth Bean Patch near the Death Mountain Crater Warp Tile.  When you have killed the spider and planted the bean, you should warp to the Temple of Time.
     You should now become an adult and start collecting any Heart Pieces you missed.  You can get at least one more Heart Container if you’ve been collecting them all so far.  You can also find a Gold Skulltula if you go to the Magic Bean near Forest Stage at night.  Navi should be telling you by now to investigate the arctic wind from Zora’s River at once.

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