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Z64 Walkthrough

Cast of Characters

     These characters are the ones you speak with during the game.  They may be friend or foe, but you won't know until you encounter them later on.  Read on, bold adventurer, and meet your acquaintances!
     There are six races of people you may encounter in the game.  Each race has its own unique characteristics.  No two individuals are exactly the same, and you may be surprised who is good or evil.  So be wary, young traveler, when you talk to strangers on your way.
     However, there are some individuals you meet that belong to no humanoid race.  The Great Deku Tree is the intelligent tree protecting Kokiri Forest.  Navi is your wise, female fairy mentor.  The Frogs of Zora's River requires your help to grow.  There is a wise Owl that appears on occasion to offer you useful advice.  These are the major non-humanoid characters.
     The humanoid characters have six races.  The first race you encounter is the Kokiri.  These forest dwellers cannot leave their home or they will die.  They are forever children, even after a great interval.  Their leader is Mido, a male bully of sorts.  The most famous Kokiri girl is Saria, your best friend and Mido's love interest.
     The Kokiri live in the Kokiri Forest.  Their dwellings are carved from huge tree stumps, some of which show signs of life.  North of there forest is the confusing Lost Woods.  If you get lost in here, you will become a skeleton monster known as a Stalfos.  At the northern end of this forest is the Sacred Forest Meadow.  An ancient structure known as the Forest Temple is at the north end.
     Most Hyrulians belong to the Hylian race.  These people have pointed ears so they can hear messages from the gods who made them.  Their main settlement is at Hyrule Castle Town, but they also inhabit Kakariko Village at the foot of Death Mountain.  Their ruler is the mysterious King of Hyrule (you never see him in the game).  Often, they have useful advice you should listen to (or rather, read).
     The most important Hylian you will meet is the lovely Princess Zelda.  You will have to help her several times in your adventure.  The owners of Lon-Lon Ranch, the lovely Malon and her lazy dad, Talon, will offer you milk and other rewards at relatively low prices.  Another interesting citizen of the ranch is Ingo, their disgruntled stable hand.  Later on in the game, you will be able to win a fast, red horse named Epona in a race.
     The next race you meet is the Sheikah race.  The only Sheikahs you see in the game are Impa and Sheik.  Impa is Princess Zelda's personal guardian and was the person who opened up her hometown of Kakariko Village for development.  Sheik is a young man who appears later on and will help you out a lot.  It's odd, but Sheik and Princess Zelda look an awful lot alike to me (you'll find out their true relationship later).  Sheikahs are loyal allies known as the Shadows of the Hylians to the learned.
     The Goron race lives in the active volcano known as Death Mountain.  Gorons resemble rocks when seen from afar, but stand when approached.  Gorons eat rocks, and the best source around is the Dodongo's Cavern, which was blocked by a boulder just after ancient monsters infested it.  King Darunia, Sworn Brother to the King of Hyrule, rules the Gorons.  He has something he will give you if you beat the Dodongo's Cavern.  Gorons can make strong swords and heat-resistant tunics.
     The fifth race you encounter is the Zora race.  These creatures resemble men, but must stay near water at all times.  Their local fish deity, Lord Jabu-Jabu, has been a little green around the gills lately.  King Zora XVI, the current ruler, is extremely worried about Princess Ruto, his missing daughter.
     Zoras live in Zora's Domain, which connects to Zora's Fountain, the source of Hyrule's riv-ers and streams.  This watery grotto has a waterfall with something hidden nearby.  The Zora Shop offers a fish you may offer to Lord Jabu-Jabu and a tunic that won't let you drown underwater.  By the way, if you win one of their Scales in a diving game, you can reach the hidden warp to Lake Hylia under the pond in the cave.
     The river flowing from Zora's Fountain is known as Zora's River.  Just south of the hidden entrance to Zora's Domain is a secret warp to the central Lost Woods.  The warp to Lake Hylia re-veals a very big pond that definitely has earned lake status.  Among the locals are two talking scare-crows, an old scientist, and an expert on fishing.  The flowing waters of a river feed the lake from the northwest.  Under the larger of the two islands in the southern lake is the Water Temple.
     Near Kakariko Village is a creepy Graveyard.  Dampé the gravedigger is a scary-looking, though gentle old man.  Two ghostly composers are buried near the Royal Tomb at the east end of the area.  They were killed recently under mysterious circumstances.  The Royal Tomb hides the secret of the dead composer brothers.  At night, evil ghosts called Poes haunt the graveyard.
     The Gerudo race lives in the western deserts of Hyrule.  The race is made up of female thieves ruled by the one male born to them a century.  Gerudos go to Hyrule Castle Town to look for boyfriends.  The current ruler of the Gerudos is Lord Ganondorf Dragmire, who wears black armor and has evil-looking eyes (I'd watch out for him if I were you).  At the far end of the desert you will find the Desert Colossus.  The Colossus itself is full of secrets, like the surrounding oasis.
     There are many dangers you should be aware of.  You need various tools and weaponry to demolish boulders or simply move them aside.  The upper reaches of Death Mountain are very prone to avalanches, so watch your step.
     Death Mountain Crater is interesting to visit, but also greatly hazardous.  If you're not wear-ing the Goron Tunic, you have a limited amount of time to survive in there.  The lava also hurts you a lot if you fall in.  Lava in the Fire Temple and other areas may be like this, but may slowly hurt you.  Also, if you are underwater and not wearing the Zora Tunic, you will drown eventually.
     That's all of the warnings I have for you at this time.  More will be used, as they are needed.  Before I start off the main guide, I must explain it.  Each area has separate sections listing allies, foes, items, important locations, and afterwards anything else.  This includes Ocarina Songs, gifts from Great Fairies, etc.  Following those sections, you get a walkthrough of the area in paragraph form
     The table below illustrates the color-coding system in the guide.  Allies, foes, and items from a certain region of Hyrule are included in this table, with each region receiving its own color.  Also included in the regional colors are the Sage Elements, as exemplified by the Sage Medallions.  The elements of the Three Goddesses are included as a third major element.  Certain things to learn (Ocarina Songs, magic spells, etc.) are again included.  Any empty cells do not apply to that column.
Area in Hyrule or Element
Ally Example
Foe Example
Item Example
Special Thing to Learn or Obtain
Forest, Courage, Kokiri Forest
Deku Baba
Deku Sticks
Kokiri's Emerald, Saria's Song, Farore's Wind, Minuet of Forest
Plains, Light, Hyrule Castle, Time
Princess Zelda
Lon-Lon Milk
Zelda's Lullaby, Prelude of Light, Epona's Song, Song of Time
Bright Green
Kakariko Village, The Graveyard, Shadow
Lens of Truth
Sun's Song, Song of Storms, Nocturne of Shadow
Underground, Gorons, Death Mountain Exterior
King Darunia
Water, Wisdom, Zoras, Lake Hylia
Princess Ruto
Serenade of Water, Nayru's Love, Bug Catching Song
Fire, Power, Death Mountain Crater
Great Fairy 1
Red Bubble
Fire Arrow
Goron's Ruby, Fire Medallion, Bolero of Fire, Din's Fire, Spin Attack
Ice Cavern, Ice
Ice Keese
Ice Arrow
Desert, Spirit, Gerudo
Iron Knuckle
Gerudo Membership Card
Requiem of Spirit, Spirit Medallion
Anywhere in Hyrule
Scarecrow's Song

    With that done, you are ready to go on with the game!  The controls are at the back of the guide, but you can also check the instruction manual, thank you.  You will find the world of Hyrule a very fun place, if you ignore the monsters that always attack.

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