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Z64 Walkthrough

Exploring Hyrule - A Long and Useful Journey

Lon-Lon Ranch

Allies here include:

   Talon: He runs a game in the House where, for a R10 fee, try to win a Bottle full of Lon-Lon Milk.  You have to pick out three special chickens called Super Cuccos from among normal Cuccos.  You can try again for R5.  If you run out of Lon-Lon Milk, you can buy another Bottle full for R30.
    Ingo: This disgruntled stable hand wants to be in charge of the ranch instead of the lazy Talon.  Watch out for him later on.
    Malon:She is tending the horses in the Corral.  Her best friend is the red foal, Epona.  She will teach you Epona's Song so you can tame the horse.
   Lon-Lon Cows: These bovines appear practically everywhere to help you out.  If you play Epona's Song for them, they will refill your supply of Lon-Lon Milk.

Foes here include:

    Gold Skulltula: You may get 2 of the 4 here at this time.  One is in the tree near the House.  Another is behind the shed at the Corral.  One is on the House's bedroom window, but you can't reach.  An-other won't appear until later.
   Guays:These crows appear at night.  Slash before they can peck you.  Their razor-sharp beaks dam-age you one Heart Container per hit!  These purple birds are very common in later areas.

Items here include:

    Deku Seeds
    Skull Tokens
    Bottle: This stores lots of nifty stuff.  You may get one from Talon full of Lon-Lon Milk.
   Lon-Lon Milk: This tasty milk is found on Lon-Lon Ranch or throughout Hyrule.  A Bottle full costs R30.  Each of the two drinks per Bottle restores 5 Hearts.
   Heart Piece 2: There is a hidden room in the Tower behind the crates.  This is there, in a bundle of hay.

Important locations here include:

    House: This is where Malon and Talon sleep.  Talon's Game will get you a Bottle full of Lon-Lon Milk.  At night, a Gold Skulltula is on the high window.  Bash the nearby tree to find another.
    Stables: Two Cows and Ingo are here no matter what.  The horses are also here at night.
    Corral: This is where Epona and the horses are by day, with Malon and Epona at the center.  At night, a Gold Skulltula is behind the wooden shed at the corner.
    Tower: Inside this are three cows and six crates.  Move them to find Heart Piece 2 in a room.


New Ocarina song:

    Epona's Song: Malon's mother composed this song.  It will draw Epona immediately to your side.  It also convinces Lon-Lon Cows to refill your supply of Lon-Lon Milk.  It is C-up, C-left, C-right, C-up, C-left, C-right.  Remember this later on!

Area strategies include:

     If it is day when you arrive, you can complete several things unavailable at night.  First among them is a mini-game involving Talon.  From the entrance, enter the house on your left and toss the Cuccos into the gap by the stairs.  Then, when you play the game with Talon, you can complete it much easier, and it's not cheating.  Talon jokingly asks you to marry Malon and gives you a Bottle of Lon-Lon Milk in any case.  If you enter the stables across the way, you meet a disgruntled stable hand named Ingo who wants to be in charge of the ranch.
     If you enter the large, grassy field with all the horses, there should be a tree immediately on your left.  You can bash it and reveal a Gold Skulltula, what should be your fifth.  Go into the walls of the corral and you will find Malon standing near a red foal and singing.  When you get close, the foal, called Epona, will run off, scared.  When Malon asks you to sing with her, pull out the Fairy Ocarina and she will teach you Epona's Song.  This tune has a temporary calming effect on the horse, one you will need in the future to ride her.
     If you come back at night, Talon and Malon are asleep in their bed, and Ingo is still working.  If you venture into the corral, you will find several flocks of evil crows called Guays.  You should fend off any of these birds that fly into you while you head for the storage tower.  You can pick up a Gold Skulltula from the back of the Corral shed along the way.  Inside the tower, you can move around six crates to reveal a small tunnel.  Take the Heart Piece from the secret room and head out of Lon-Lon Ranch to the bridge from Kokiri Forest.
     Navi is by now telling you to go see Saria.  To do that, you will have to traverse a strange forest known as the Lost Woods.  Talking to Kokiri will inform you that she is waiting in "the usual place," a meadow on the far side of the Lost Woods.  The entrance you need is the log tunnel on top of the hill above Kokiri Forest.  From the bridge, head left, by Mido's House, and clamber up onto the ledge you see behind the house.  Climb the vines there and you can finally run up to the desired log tunnel entrance to the Lost Woods.

Lost Woods I

Allies here include:

    Deku Scrub:  If you get 3 bulls-eyes in a row, he'll give you the nifty Bullet Bag from his perch.
   Skull Kids: These kids have been lost in here for a long time.  The two at the Double Stump want your participation in their jam session.  Play three of their tunes back correctly for Heart Piece 3.  The one at the Single Stump will give you Heart Piece 4 if you play Saria's Song for him. 
    Owl:He appears twice here.  The first time is near the Stone Arch.  The Sacred Forest Meadow is at the end of the Lost Woods.  You will reach it, and Saria, by following the music.  He reappears after you visit Saria.  Saria's Song has a strange power, like other songs.  Play your Ocarina even when a staff is not shown.  Melodies you know are recorded on the Quest Status Screen.
   Business Scrubs: These Deku Scrubs sell you nifty items at inflated prices once you beat them.  You can get many of their items for free, but some may let you carry more of certain stuff 
    Saria:She is playing the music permeating the forest.  She is sitting on a stump just below the Forest Temple.  Saria's Song lets you talk with her over long distances.


Foes here include:

    Wolfos: This wolf monster appears when you try to enter the Hedge Maze.  Strike while its guard is down or when its back is turned.  You'll soon learn a nifty sword technique that makes beating these guys a lot easier.
    Mad Scrubs: These red Deku Scrubs are a little trickier to defeat.  When you hit them with their Deku Seeds, chase and slash once.  They inhabit the Hedge Maze.


Items here include:

    Deku Seeds
    Bullet Bag: You get this from the Deku Scrub after getting 3 bulls-eyes on the Target in a row.  Its capacity is 40 Deku Seeds.
    Heart Piece 3: The Skull Kids at the Double Stump give you this if you can beat their jam session 3 times without quitting.
    Heart Piece 4: Play Saria's Song for the solo Skull Kid to win this.
    Deku Sticks: A Business Scrub near the Wood Bridge will let you carry up to 20 for R40.


Important locations here include:

    Target: This is east of where you enter.  The Deku Scrub gives you the Bullet Bag when you get 3 bulls-eyes in a row.
    Double Stump: This is at the south end of the valley below the Target.  The Skull Kids here will give you Heart Piece 3 if you correctly play back 3 of their tunes.
    Stone Arch: This is north of the area with the Target.  The Owl is on a nearby log.  When you get to Goron City, unblock the hidden warp from their side if you can.


Other important locations here include:

    Pond: This is east of the Stone Arch.  If you had a deeper dive, you could reach the Rupees and the hidden warp to Zora's River.
    Forest Stage: This hole is northeast of the area with the Pond and marked by butterflies.  Its secret comes from the masks of the Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule Castle Town, which isn't open yet.
    Sacred Forest Meadow: This pristine clearing in the north of the Lost Woods is divided into the Hedge Maze and the Upper Meadow by two staircases and a narrow passage.
    Hedge Maze: To enter this path, you must beat the Wolfos to unbar the gate.  Mad Scrubs are found all along the path.  There is a mysterious hole in the center, but walls surround it.
    Upper Meadow: This is the upper part of the Sacred Forest Meadow.  It is connected to the Hedge Maze by a passage and two staircases.  Saria is playing her Ocarina on the stump below the Forest Temple.  Nearby is a mysterious, hexagonal platform with a Triforce carved into it.
    Forest Temple: This immense dungeon is cursed.  The ghostly foes there are way too strong for you at this point.  Besides, you can't get in due to the broken staircase.
    Single Stump: Play Saria's Song for the Skull Kid in this area west of the entrance to earn Heart Piece 4.
    Bridge Area: This valley is home to the Wood Bridge.  At its south end is a Business Scrub who will let you carry more Deku Sticks.

A nifty Ocarina song:

    Saria's Song: This lively Kokiri tune lets you talk with Saria when you're not in the forest.  This is quite useful later on.  It also allows you to talk with the forest spirits.  Also, any angry person you meet calms down when he or she hears this song.  The tune is C-down, C-right, C-left, C-down, and C-right, C-left. 

Area strategies include:

     When you enter this area, you have the choice of going left, right or straight ahead.  Take a left, and you will find a creature called a Skull Kid playing a tune called Saria's Song.  If you can play along with him, he will become your friend.  Going straight ahead returns you to Kokiri Forest, as will almost all tunnels with gold light shining in them.  Taking a right lets you into a ledge above a valley, with a target hanging from a tree.  Shoot three bulls-eyes (when you see 100 appear in blue three times) and you will receive the Bullet Bag from a Deku Scrub.
     The stumps at the end of the valley are home to two more Skull Kids.  Play along with three of their original tunes without quitting and you will earn a third Heart Piece.  In the glade to the north, you will see an arch blocked by boulders and meet the Owl again.  The music in the forest is loudest on the way to Saria, he says before flying off.  Follow the music and you will end up in an apparent dead-end passage.  The way to Saria is through the log tunnel into the top of the map display in the corner.
     You emerge into the first stage of the Sacred Forest Meadow, a grassy area with spikes block-ing the way ahead.  Approach the gates and you will meet a fierce wolf monster known as a Wolfos.  You can defeat the creature by tricking it into exposing its vulnerable hindquarters and slashing twice.  When you enter the Hedge Maze, you will have to fend off several Mad Scrubs.  When you hit these Deku Scrub cousins with their own Deku Nuts, you must chase them and slash once to destroy them.  Two Mad Scrubs guard the long passage to the Upper Meadow, but you can beat them easily.
     When you emerge onto the Upper Meadow, you run to Saria on her tree stump.  She feels this place will be very important for both of you in the future.  If you want to talk to her from far away, just play Saria's Song, which she teaches you then.  After you learn that, head out of the Sacred For-est Meadow and talk to the Owl again.  When he flies off, head back to the single Skull Kid dancing on the tree stump and play Saria's Song on the stump reserved for you.  He gives you Heart Piece 4 then, bringing you up to 5 Heart Containers.
     That done, you should head down the other exit from the glade.  Head down below the bridge until you reach the gray stone clock.  Defeat the nearby Business Scrub and he offers to upgrade your Deku Stick capacity for R40.  Accept the offer if you can, or note the location if you can't take the of-fer right now.  When you are done, head out to Hyrule Field via Kokiri Forest and walk up the right side of the map.  Across the river and up the stairs is the burgeoning small town of Hylians known as Kakariko Village.

Kakariko Village

Allies here include:

    Guard:This man guards the Death Mountain Trail.  He is guarding the Gate at the north end of town.  Show him the Letter to open the road.  He says the Bazaar Owner gives you a discount on the Hylian Shield if you mention him.  His son wants a popular mask from Hyrule Castle Town, but he can't leave his post (ever).
   Workers: These four men work on improving Kakariko Village while their boss, Mutoh, rests by a tree.  Their advice (if you can catch one) is very useful. 
    Mutoh: This old man is in charge of the Workers.  He hates anyone who takes entirely too long to do a simple job.
   Anju: This woman raises seven Cuccos, even though she's allergic to them.  Return them all to the Cucco Pen for a Bottle.
   Guru-Guru: This man playing a phonograph is trying to compose a tune based on his home, the Windmill.  He likes going around and around a lot.  He'll help you out later. 
    Man:This Hylian lives in Impa's House.  He tells you to help out Anju.  He hates intruders, but has a soft spot for kids.
   Skulltula Family: This family was transformed into Skulltula due to their greed.  If you get enough Skull Tokens, you can free them.  The central father is the only talkative one until the kids are freed.  They live in the House of Skulltula, just below Impa's House.
   Kid 1: This member of the Skulltula Family gives you the Adult's Wallet when you have 10 Skull Tokens.
   Grog:  This strange young man sits under the tree at the front of the village every night.  He says that since all people disgust him, you must be disgusting, too.

Foes here include:

   Gold Skulltulas: Five of these appear at night.  They are at the Tree, the Climbing Tower, outside the Skulltula House, in the Construction Site, and behind the House at the Gate.  For two of them, it is advised that you use the Fairy Slingshot.

Items here include:

    Deku Seeds
    Skull Tokens
    Bottle: Anju will give you this when you return all seven Cuccos to the Cucco Pen.
    Adult's Wallet: This wallet holds up to R200.  Kid 1 gives you this when you get 10 Skull Tokens.  You should have this before leaving town.
    Lon-Lon Milk: There's a Cow inside Impa's House.  She'll refill your supply if you used it between Lon-Lon Ranch and here.


Important locations here include:

    Tree: Mutoh is here by day.  Grog and a Gold Skulltula are here by night.  It is in the west part of town.
    Gate: This is at the north end of town, on top of the hill.  Once you show the Guard the Letter, it opens up.  The road beyond is the Death Mountain Trail.
    House: The Guard lives here with his son.  You can't get in until later.  A Cucco appears by day.  A Gold Skulltula is along the sidewall by the pots at night.
    Empty Shop: This building is across the road from the House.  The shelves inside make it look like a Potion Shop.  The Worker here blocks the back exit.
    Impa's House: This is where Impa used to live.  The Man is here.  There is a Cow in a stall with a Heart Piece, but you can't get in right now.  Rupees are upstairs, near the furniture.
    Cucco Pen: This enclosure behind Impa's House is where the Cuccos go.  The Anju is nearby in the day.
    Climbing Tower: A Gold Skulltula is on the ladder by night.  The view from the top is excellent.
    Windmill: This building draws water from the Well.  You can see a door and a Heart Piece inside, but they're too high to reach.  The Guru-Guru lives here.
    Well: If you could find a way to drain it, you could reach the cave at the bottom.  Its water powers the Windmill.
    Construction Site: This building is under construction.  A Worker is here by day.  A Gold Skulltula is on a brick pile by night.
    Skulltula House: The Skulltula Family lives here.  A Cucco is penned up outside by day.  A Gold Skulltula is on a sidewall by night.  The children are along the walls, and the father is in the center.
    Red Shop: This place near the Windmill is a Potion Shop that is closed because its owner is on vaca-tion.  She can brew a potion that refills both Life and Magic Meters.

Area strategies include:

     When you enter the village, be sure to speak with everybody you can.  You can play an Oca-rina song for Guru-Guru, but none of the ones you know work right now.  You can only open the Death Mountain Gate by showing Zelda's Letter to the Guard at the gate.  There are seven Cuccos scattered around the village in various locations.  Here is a list of where they are and how to get them back to the pen below Impa's House:
    1. The first Cucco is running around near the entrance from Hyrule Field.  Just grab it barehanded and you can carry it home.
    2. The second Cucco is running around near the Cucco pen.  Just grab it and throw it in.
    3. Bust the crate at the foot of the big stairs to reveal a third Cucco to carry to the en.
    4. The fourth Cucco is running about near the gate to Death Mountain atop the big staircase.
    5. After grabbing #4, go to the building under construction and glide to the ledge near the House of Skulltula.  You can deposit one or the other, but not both.
    6. After grabbing #5, head to the door to the Windmill, but make sure you have a Cucco first.  The first Cucco you get on the other side is in the valley below the closed-up potion shop.  Toss it over to the main part of Kakariko.
    7. In the same area as #6, climb the ladder to find the final Cucco beside the Windmill.
     Return the Cuccos to their pen and you will earn an Empty Bottle you can put stuff in.  You are all done here during the day, so leave and come back just after sunset.  That allows you to get five Golden Skulltulas, one of which is revealed by bashing the tree trunk that Grog (the people-hater) is sitting at.  Numbers two and three are on the north side of the House by Death Mountain and on the south side of the Skulltula House respectively.  The next two are on the Climbing Tower and in the Construction Site (use the Slingshot for both).  When you have all of these, you can go to the House of Skulltula and get the Giant's Wallet.
     You now have three possible routes to take at this point.  You who want to go onward in your quest with no distractions can go to the Death Mountain Gate and walk through.  You who are into the spooky side of Hyrule can go east of the Cucco Pen to the Graveyard.  You who are into helping people out can go back to Hyrule Castle Town and visit the Happy Mask Shop.  The Happy Mask Trading Sequence will help you the most, so that shall be covered next.


The Mask Game

Allies now include:

    Happy Mask Salesman: This man runs the Happy Mask Shop in Hyrule Castle Town.  He will lend you Masks that you sell on your own and collect the money when you return.
    Chest Master: This man runs the Chest Game in Hyrule Castle Town.  If you get all five Room Keys, you will find Heart Piece 5 in a chest.
   Shooting Gallery Owner: He runs the Shooting Gallery.  If you shoot 10 gems with the Fairy Sling-shot, you'll get the Giant Bullet Bag.
    Guard: He'll give you R15 for the R10 Keaton Mask.  He's still at his post near the Gate.
    Skull Kid: He'll pay R10 for the R20 Skull Mask.  He wants the mask so he'll look more fearsome and so he will not get made fun of by the other Skull Kids.
   Boy:The Guard's son likes imitating Dampé the Gravedigger.  He will pay all of the R30 required for the Spooky Mask.
    Marathon Runner: This man is chasing rabbits around Hyrule Field.  You must find all three Spiri-tual Stones before you can find him.  He will pay you an amount of money that fills even the largest Wallet in exchange for the Bunny Hood, which costs R50.
   Deku Scrub Tribe: These Deku Scrubs are peaceful and live at the Forest Stage.  They love some Masks (Skull), and will upgrade your abilities if you wear them.  Others they are okay with (Bunny Hood) and will give you a lot of Rupees.  They hate the Spooky and Keaton Masks and will chase you off if you show them such masks.

Foes now include:

    Peahat Larvae

Items now include:

    Deku Seeds
    Small Keys: These allow you to proceed in the Chest Game.  An item you'll get later will help you spot them.
Heart Piece 5: Beat the Chest Game to win this.
    Giant Bullet Bag: This is the reward for beating the Shooting Gallery.  Its capacity is 50 Deku Seeds.  No bigger version is available.

Masks to sell include:

    Keaton Mask: This mask shows a popular fox-like character named Keaton.  The Mamamu Yan and Deku Scrub Tribe hate this mask.  The Guard will pay R15 instead of the required 10 for it.
    Skull Mask: This mask looks like the skull of a horned monster.  The Deku Scrub Tribe will let you carry up to 30 Deku Sticks if you show them this.  The Skull Kid will pay you 10 of the needed R20 because he wants to look tougher.


More Masks to sell include:

    Spooky Mask: The Deku Scrub also hates this item.  The Boy will pay you all R30 needed for it so he can look more like Dampé the Gravedigger.
    Bunny Hood: The Deku Scrub Tribe is okay with this Mask.  When you can find the Marathon Run-ner on Hyrule Field at night, he'll pay you way more than the R50 needed for this mask.  This mask makes you feel in touch with nature and is very cute.
    Mask of Truth: The Sheikahs donated this mysterious mask.  While wearing it, you may talk with the weird gray statues called Gossip Stones that you see in the game.  You get it after selling the first four masks.  The Deku Scrub Tribe pities you when you wear it so they give you a Deku Nut upgrade.
    Goron Mask: This mask looks like a Goron from Death Mountain.  It makes you feel happy and cheerful.  The Deku Scrub Tribe is okay with it.
    Zora Mask: This mask looks like a Zora from Zora's Domain.  It makes you look cool while diving.  The Deku Scrub Tribe is okay with it.
    Gerudo Mask: This mask looks like a Gerudo from Gerudo Valley.  You feel like a thief while wearing it.  The Deku scrub Tribe is okay with it.


Locations to visit now include:

    Happy Mask Shop: All eight masks come from here.  It's to the right of the North Gate.
    Chest Game: This is to the right of the road from the Rupee House.  The game is only open at night.  Each game costs R10.
    Shooting Gallery: This is to the left of the North Gate.  You can win the Giant Bullet Bag here.
    Forest Stage: The Deku Scrub Tribe living here only appears if you wear a mask in the light.
    Gate: The Guard is here.
    Single Stump: The Skull Kid is here.
    Graveyard: The Boy is here.  Return after you show the Bunny Hood to the Deku Scrub Tribe.
    Lon-Lon Ranch: The Marathon Runner usually rests somewhere outside here.

Quest strategies include:

     If you must wait for day to arrive, then wait for day to arrive.  You should now attempt the Shooting Gallery and obtain the Biggest Bullet Bag.  After you get that item, you should head across the way to read the fine print inside the Happy Mask Shop.  You should then borrow the Keaton Mask and take it to the Guard at Death Mountain Gate.  He will pay you an extra R5 for the Mask, thus opening up another mask.  The Skull Mask is available now, and it goes to a friend of yours in the Lost Woods.
     When you reenter the Lost Woods from the ledge above Mido's House, take a left and talk to the Skull Kid as a Kokiri.  Go to the Forest Stage and show the Deku Scrub Tribe the Skull Mask for a free Deku Stick upgrade.  Show the Skull Kid the Skull Mask and he pays you R10 for it, so you have to make up the difference.  Pay R20 to the Happy Mask Salesman and pick up the Spooky Mask before you head to the Graveyard (it must be day for this).  Give the Boy the Spooky Mask and you can pay back 30 Rupees to borrow the Bunny Hood.  You must be back in the Graveyard just after sunset just to be on the safe side.

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