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Z64 Walkthrough

Getting the Goron’s Ruby – A Climbing Experience

The Graveyard

Allies here include:

    Dampé: This scary-looking gravedigger is really quite nice.  If you have the money, he will dig up the soil he’s on.  Each hole costs R10.  With luck, you’ll find Heart Piece 6 or a few Rupees.

Other allies here include:

    Sharp the Elder: This red-robed ghost was a composer hired by Impa to study the hereditary musical powers of the Royal Family and the Ocarina of Time.  He and his partner, Flat the Younger, commit-ted suicide rather than let Ganondorf know their secrets.
    Flat the Younger: This green-robed ghost was also a composer hired by Impa.  He and Sharp also studied ways to control the sun and moon using Ocarina songs.  The results of that study are buried in the nearby Royal Crypt and guarded by fearsome monsters.


Foes here include:

    Poes: These evil ghosts are the spirits of concentrated evil and hatred made by Ganondorf to work his will.  They appear when you pull on most graves at night.
    Keeses: These bats inhabit caves and dark areas.  Shoot or slash them before they fly into you.
    ReDeads: These zombies live in and around the Graveyard.  Their gaze is paralyzing.  The Sun’s Song paralyzes them for a short while.


Items here include:

    Deku Seeds
    Heart Piece 6: This appears at random from a hole in the soil.  You’ll need a lot of money to find it.
   Heart Piece 7: In the Unmarked Grave, play the Sun’s Song after killing the ReDead to find the chest.
    Hylian Shield: This is in the chest below the Flowery Grave.  You’ll need it before you climb up Death Mountain.


Spooky sites to see include:

    Dampé’s Hut: Dampé sleeps here every day.  An interesting journal is inside.
    Marked Grave: This grave has a chest holding the Hylian Shield inside.  What’s past the false wall?
    Unmarked Grave: This grave in the second row is home to a ReDead.  Beat it and play the Sun’s Song to find the chest holding Heart Piece 7.
    Composer Tombs: These graves, near the east end of the area, are where Sharp and Flat rest in peace.  In between is a Triforce tile.
    Royal Crypt: This immense grave is where the royalty of Hyrule lie buried.  To open it, play Zelda’s Lullaby on the Triforce tile.  In the first room, you must beat some Keeses to open the door.  After that, you find yourself in a room with swampy water and ReDeads.  Through the final hall is the key to the Sun’s Song, and the accompanying epitaph.  You change night to day when you learn the song.

An “enlightening” New Ocarina Song:

    Sun’s Song: This is the tune composed by Sharp and Flat.  It will change night to day and day to night when played.  It also paralyzes those pesky ReDeads for a while.  It may have weird effects at various locations.  The tune is C-right, C-down, C-up, C-right, C-down, and C-up.

Sun’s Song Epitaph

     The rising sun will eventually set; a newborn’s life will fade.  From sun to moon, moon to sun; give peaceful rest to the living dead.  Restless souls wander where they don’t belong; bring them rest with the Sun’s Song.

Area strategies include:

     When you arrive, go to Dampé and talk to him at the first plot of soft soil he comes to.  Pay R10 and he will dig up the hole, maybe holding Heart Piece 6.  If you run out of money, you can rob two graves at a time to reveal Poes and a Blue Rupee in every grave.  You must gain valuable experi-ence fighting Poes, which will pose a significant threat later on.  If you run out of money without a Heart Piece, just open the Marked Grave and obtain the Hylian Shield.  You should now try to locate the large grave flanked by a smaller grave on either side and with a Triforce mark in front.
     If you check the smaller graves, either Sharp or Flat will appear as a sort of deranged Poe.  Defeat them in combat and they will leave behind green essences you can talk to for advice.  They apparently left behind a secret song somewhere in the Royal Crypt.  The song, they say, can control the sun and moon, making it something Ganondorf wants.  When you try to push the Royal Crypt away, it does not budge, so there must be a musical way to get in.  If you play Zelda’s Lullaby on the Triforce marking, a ball of lightning will appear and attract more lightning until the grave explodes to reveal a pit.
     Inside the first room of the pit, you must fight off four Keeses hiding on the dark walls.  If Navi turns yellow, you can Z-Target the bats and shoot them without alerting them.  By destroying four Keeses, you open the door between the two braziers.  In the next room, the safest way to go without alerting the ReDeads is by running through the slightly harmful swampy water.  If you want a less deadly route, you might try attacking each zombie from behind with a series of Jump Attacks.  The chamber beyond leads you to a plaque marked with Hylian runes.
     When you read most of the Sun’s Song epitaph, you notice the carved song in the corner.  Play the Sun’s Song and you will see a short cinema where night changes to day outside.  By playing Sun’s Song in the ReDead room, you can stun the zombies long enough for you to run past to safety.  Once you get back outside, you can play Sun’s Song again to bring back the night.  Find the Un-marked Grave in the second row and you can jump down into the pit below.  Defeat the ReDead within and play the Sun’s Song if you want to get Heart Piece 7

Death Mountain Trail

Allies here include:

   Gorons: These rock-eaters look like rocks from a distance, but stir when you get close.  The Boulder blocks the way into the Dodongo’s Cavern, which are full of monsters and the tastiest rocks around.  A Gerudo in black armor (Ganondorf) blocked off the cave.  A fairy lives at the top of Death Moun-tain, but you need Bombs to reach her.

Foes here include:

    Red Tektites: These red spiders inhabit Death Mountain.  Two or three slashes kills one.  They guard the Lower Trail especially.

Items here include:

    Deku Seeds

Important locations here include:

    Lower Trail: This stretch of road leads from Kakariko Village to the Boulder.  Four Red Tektites guard it.
    Boulder: Ganondorf placed this rock to block of the Dodongo’s Cavern.  You have to blow it up to gain access.

Other important locations here include:

    Dodongo’s Cavern: This grotto is your next dungeon.  You must blow up the Boulder to get in.  The most delicious rocks in the area are to be found here.  Ancient monsters have reappeared here only re-cently.  Due to the food shortage, the Goron race could go extinct!
    Road Fork: This is where the road splits in two.  The upper part heads to the top of the mountain, but the lower one leads to Goron City.  A sign and a Goron identify it.
    Ledge Garden: A mysterious flower has chosen to grow here.  The Goron nearby calls it a “Bomb Flower.”  The “Bomb Flower” has chosen to grow in the sun and could explode at any time.  The ledge is right above the Boulder.
    Goron City: This is the height of Goron civilization.  King Darunia has taken a shiny stone and wants to talk to the Royal Family’s messenger.


Area strategies include:

     When you first arrive, you should build up some experience against the Red Tektites.  These sorts of creatures are quite common on Death Mountain, and a real nuisance.  You can hear a rustling behind a rock wall, indicating a Gold Skulltula, but you have no way to reach it.  You will find a strange-looking rock right next to a very big boulder.  When you approach, this “rock” will stand up and reveal the muscular form of a Goron.
      This Goron is one of close to a dozen inhabiting Death Mountain, the last refuge of their race.  This Goron says that a Gerudo placed the boulder in front of Dodongo’s Cavern in black armor.  You know this to be Ganondorf, so he obviously got here ahead of you.  By talking to the Goron guarding the strange flower, you learn that you need a Goron’s Bracelet to lift the “Bomb Flowers” or mining plants that grow on this mountain.  The nearby cave entrance marked by a circle of rocks in front of it leads to Goron City.  You will learn inside this bowl-shaped community the way to the sec-ond Spiritual Stone.

Goron City I

Allies here include:

    Gorons: These starving people have more advice than their friends outside.  King Darunia, who they all call “Big Brother,” has taken the Spiritual Stone of Fire.  He won’t let anyone but the Royal Fam-ily’s messenger in.
    King Darunia: He is in a really bad mood.  Ganondorf’s sealing of Dodongo’s Cavern has caused a rock shortage.  The Bomb Flower Crop has been very bad this year.  Play Saria’s Song to calm him down.  He’ll give you the Spiritual Stone of Fire (the Goron’s Ruby) once you clear out Dodongo’s Cavern.  The Goron Bracelet he gives you lets you pick up Bomb Flowers.  His name is actually pro-nounced “Dahr-wah-nuh,” not “Duh-roo-nee-uh.”
    Goron Shopkeeper: This female Goron runs the Goron Shop near Darunia’s Room.  She offers Re-covery Hearts, Red Potion, Goron Tunics, and Bombs.
    Hot-Rodder Goron: This big Goron rolls in order to relieve stress.  When you have Bombs, try stop-ping him a few times.
    Medigoron: This giant Goron is working on something neat.  It’ll be ready in five to seven years.  His home is a cramped chamber not big enough for him, which also includes a forge and Gossip Stone.

Items here include:

    Deku Seeds

Other items here include:

    Deku Stick: There’s one in a pot somewhere in town.
    Goron’s Bracelet: This bracelet lets the bearer lift heavy things.  King Darunia gives it to you once you calm him down.  You may lift Bomb Flowers, rocks, and bushes using this item.
    Bomb Flowers: These explosive plants only grow on Death Mountain.  The Goron’s Bracelet lets you lift them.  You can get nearly anywhere in Goron City once you have them.  They are plentiful in the Dodongo’s Cavern.
    Heart Piece 8: This may appear with R25 if you toss a Bomb Flower into the Statue.
    Red Potion: One dose costs R50 at the Goron Shop.
    Goron Tunic: This red tunic allows non-Gorons to endure the intense heat of Death Mountain Crater.  The catch is that it costs R200 and only fits adults.  There is a way to get it for free later on, though.
    Heart Piece 9: You can get this Heart Piece after you open Dodongo’s Cavern.  When a new Bomb Flower grows, stand in the corner with your back to the edge and chuck the Bomb Flower away.  You will find this Heart Piece in the niche above Dodongo’s Cavern after you can move again.


Important locations here include:

    Seal Platform: This platform is supported above the center of the city.  The Goron’s Ruby was here until Darunia took it and locked himself up.  The hungry Goron there only wanted one lick.
    Darunia’s Room: This is where King Darunia lives.  It opens when you play Zelda’s Lullaby.  The statue at the back hides a door into Death Mountain Crater.  The flame from the torches is needed to make the Statue spin.
    Goron Shop: The shopkeeper owns this shop near Darunia’s Room.  Items available are Bombs, Goron Tunics, Red Potion, and Recovery Hearts.  You need a Bomb Flower to get in.
    Statue: This huge vase is at the center of the bottom floor of the city.  Light the torches on the floor if you want to make it spin.  While spinning, toss a Bomb Flower inside and you may get Heart Piece 8, or three Rupees.
    Medigoron’s Shop: This room is on the third floor and walled off by several rock barriers like the one Inside the Deku Tree.  Medigoron lives in this cramped room.  The furniture is a small forge and a Gossip Stone.
    Warp Tunnel: This connects with the Stone Arch in the Lost Wood.  Just blow up the boulders and the way on both sides will be cleared.  It’s on the second floor, near two unlit braziers and a Goron wanting light from King Darunia’s chamber.
    Boulder Room: This room on the top floor is full of rocks of all sorts of varieties.  You need a lot of ways to clear out this room.

Area strategies include:

     When you arrive, you should talk to the Goron by the entrance.  He says that the Gorons have become such gourmets that they can only eat the top sirloin rocks from Dodongo’s Cavern.  The Goron out on the Seal Platform says Big Brother Darunia took a red and shiny stone into his chamber.  Other Gorons on less precarious perches will corroborate the story, saying their chieftain will only open his door for the Royal Family or their messenger.  There are a few items in the village you can find by slashing the pots you find on the staircases.
     When you reach the bottom level, you find two blocked doors and a giant vase.  Stand on the plush carpet in front of one door and play Zelda’s Lullaby to open the blockage.  Enter the tunnel be-hind the door and you will meet a grumpy Goron, King Darunia himself.  When he stops being talka-tive, (after “We don’t need help from strangers.”) play Saria’s Song.  Once the scary dance sequence ends, he talks some more and hands you the Goron Bracelet.  It automatically equips and allows you to pick up Bomb Flowers.
     You can trigger the Statue by lighting a Deku Stick on one of the braziers in the chamber.  Take the flame to the four torches on the bottom level to light them all and spin the Statue.  You should also knock the Bomb Flowers near the blocked door down to reveal the Goron Shop.  From the second level, you can soon find a Bomb Flower to throw into the Statue.  If you land it while the statue’s smiling face is toward you, you will get Heart Piece 8 as a reward.  When you get it, you should try blowing up a few of the rock barriers in town.
     One most interesting chamber in the city is on the third floor, east side.  There are two blue blocks in a lava pit with a ledge on the other side.  The question is, how can you cross the pit safely, without the lava burning you first?  You cannot do so for now, but you will find a way once you have some sort of grappling hook.  You are done in Goron City for now, so head outside to the Ledge Gar-den.  Chuck a Bomb Flower down and you will see the Boulder in front of Dodongo’s Cavern ex-plode from a strange viewpoint.
     You can get another Heart Piece right now at slight risk to yourself if you so choose.  Chuck a second Bomb Flower away from its stalk and then execute a backwards flip from the corner down-ward.  You will land in the niche above Dodongo’s Cavern, right next to Heart Piece 9.  You can get this later if you want to do so with no damage, but it’s nifty to have now.  You will see a strange patch of soft soil as you work your way into Dodongo’s Cavern.

The Dodongo’s Cavern

Allies here include:

    Business Scrubs: These salesmen somehow got in here.  They offer Deku Nuts, Deku Seeds, Deku Shields, and Bombs.
    King Darunia: He will fall from the sky once you warp out of the dungeon.  Your reward is the promised Goron’s Ruby.  You become his Sworn Brother, meaning he will call you “Brother” from now on.  Take his advice to see the Great Fairy atop Death Mountain.

Foes here include:

    Beamos:These statues have laser vision, so watch out.  Deku Nuts stun them, but Bombs or Bomb Flowers destroy them.
    Baby Dodongos: These bug-like monsters erupt from the ground when you approach.  You need them to open certain walls where Bomb Flowers aren’t available.  One slash kills each one.
    Fire Keeses: These Keeses carry flames that will burn up your Deku Shield.  Block with your Hylian Shield and slash once.
    Lizalfos: These four warrior lizards inhabit two rooms.  Block their attacks with the Deku Shield and hit while you can.  While one takes its three hits, the other comes forward.  Repeat until both are de-stroyed.  If you can shoot one with a Deku Seed, it will retreat and give its partner a chance to come forward.
    Dodongos: These are grown-up and very harmful.  As they breathe fire, slash the vulnerable tail sec-tions.  You can also chuck two Bomb Flowers at them when they inhale fire.  Either procedure, done properly, will detonate the creatures and leave behind something tasty.
    Armos:These statues come to life when you slash them.  While they hop around, kill them with a Bomb Flower or Bomb.  They guard things like Gold Skulltulas or the Compass.  Gorons used them in the past to guard treasure, and all are stamped with the mark of the Goron’s Ruby on their fore-arms.
   Gold Skulltulas: Three of the five here may be gotten.  The ones you may get (period) are in Rooms 1F-3, 2F-1, 2F-1, 1F-12, and 1F-2.  For two of them, you need a grappling hook.
    Blade Traps: These spiked dangers are unbeatable.  Avoid them at all costs.


Infernal Dinosaur:  KING DODONGO

    KING DODONGO: This infernal dinosaur is smaller than the Dodongo skull hanging in the back of Room 1F-1.  His main attack is a forward roll that can be quite nasty unless you stay by the walls.  However, his fireball attack is harder to avoid.  While he is inhaling the fire, toss a Bomb or Bomb Flower into his mouth.  When it explodes, slash him before he can recover from the red stun effect.  After four hits, he rolls into the lava.
     This rock dragon lives in Room 1F-14.  He is around 3 meters high and ten meters long.  He also weighs around 30 metric tons.  When you beat him, Bombs may be sold across Hyrule.  The Heart Container is near his head, and the portal is near his right claw.

Items here include:

    Deku Seeds
    Bomb Flowers
    Dungeon Map: Bomb the false wall on the left side of Room 1F-1 to find this in a chest.  This dun-geon has 22 rooms over 2 floors.
    Skull Tokens
   Bomb Bag: This bag was made from a Dodongo’s stomach.  It comes full with 20 Bombs.  There are two upgrades available, and the second one is in Goron City.
    Bombs: These explosives come with the Bomb Bag.  You may only carry up to the capacity of your Bomb Bag.  Use them against any funny-sounding wall or any nigh-invincible foes.
    Heart Container: This is near King Dodongo’s skull when he dies.
    Goron’s Ruby: King Darunia gives you this after a hearty slap on the back.  Getting this makes you two Sworn Brothers.
   Deku Shields:  Odds are, you will lose yours to the Fire Keese or Dodongoes in the dungeon.  You can buy one from a Business Scrub for R50 or find another in a chest in Room 2F-3, across the bridge near the dead Dodongo’s eyes.

Dungeon tricks include:

    Room 1F-1: Use the Bomb Flowers to blast away the first false wall.  After jumping across the pillars to the left wall, blast the false wall to find the Map.  Blast away the door to Room 1F-2.  On your re-turn, hit the switch to open the way to Room 1F-8.  The giant Dodongo skull hides the door to Room 1F-10.
    Room 1F-2: Use the Baby Dodongoes to blast through to Room 1F-3.  You need to keep the blue switch depressed with a statue to access Room 1F-4.  You need to be older to reach the ledge where Navi goes green.
    Room 1F-3: Three of Keeses, a lit torch, and a Gold Skulltula are here.  Kill the Keeses before they can become Fire Keeses.
    Room 1F-4: A pair of Keeses guards this narrow hallway.  Through the far door is Room 1F-5.
    Room 1F-5: This is the first room where you fight two Lizalfos.  Once you beat them, the door to Room 1F-6 opens.  Hearts are in the pots.
    Room 1F-6: Dodongoes may only be found here.  Past the false wall is Room 1F-7.  Light the torches to raise the portcullis to Room 1F-1.
    Room 1F-7: A Business Scrub that sells Deku Sticks is here.
    Room 1F-8: Lower the giant staircase by detonating the Bomb Flowers below it using the Bomb Flower by the wall.  South is Room 1F-9.
    Room 1F-9: Kill the Armos to reopen the door.  The Compass is in the chest.

Other important locations here include:

    Room 2F-1: Two Gold Skulltulas are here, but you may only get one for now.  Hearts and R are in the pots.
    Room 2F-2: Kill the Fire Keeses here before they hit you.  Move the statue by the ladder and hit the switch on the platform to raise the Portcullis.
    Room 2F-3: When you get back from Room 2F-4, hit the switch and a platform will rise up from be-low.  Toss Bombs into the Dodongo skull’s eyes to open it up.  Past the false wall is a chest holding a Deku Shield.
    Room 2F-4: In the northwest corner of this room is the chest with the Bomb Bag.  On the platform with the Bomb Flower is another chest holding a red Rupee.  Through the false wall is Room 2F-5.
    Room 2F-5: Shoot the yellow eye switch to lower the flaming pillar.  The Baby Dodongoes have no use at all, so avoid them.  The door leads to Room 2F-6.
    Room 2F-6: Once you kill the two Lizalfos here, the door will open.  On top of the far pillar are two Hearts.
    Room 2F-7: Shoot the farther eye switch to lower the first flaming pillar.  The eye switch in the al-cove lowers the next flame pillar.
    Room 2F-8:  This room north of Room 2F-4 has a Business Scrub or two trying to get your money, nothing else.
    Room 1F-10:  This is the room beyond the Dodongo’s skull in the main room.  You will need to keep the switch depressed to open Room 1F-13.  The doors on the ledges to the north and east both lead to Room 1F-11.
    Room 1F-11: Avoid the swooping Fire Keeses and use the ledges to reach a block in Room 1F-10.  Behind the false wall is Room 1F-12.
    Room 1F-12: An Armos and a Gold Skulltula are here.
    Room 1F-13: There is a chest here holding Bombs.  Bomb the crack in the floor to reach Room 1F-14.
    Room 1F-14: This is King Dodongo’s lair.  Four Bomb Flowers grow in the corners.  The center area is a deadly lava pit that cools once you beat King Dodongo.  The portal will appear in the very center of this area.


How do you get through this area?

     You enter the dungeon to find nothing but a small room with a false wall and two Bomb Flowers.  Use one of the plants to detonate the rocks and you will see the intro cinema for the dun-geon.  In the two-story main room, there are three platforms that rise and fall from the lava pit below temporarily.  Jump over to the western (left) platform and you will find a false wall, a Beamos, and a blocked door.  Hitting the Beamos with a thrown Bomb Flower will detonate it, and Deku Nuts will blind them temporarily.  You will find the Dungeon Map in the chest behind the false wall, so you should pick it up now.
     The way forward is across the room, behind a Beamos-guarded false wall in the southeast corner.  You need to jump there by bypassing the Beamos on the center platform and then using the elevator platform.  Blow up the Beamos and you get easy access to the false wall.  In the chamber be-yond, you can battle your way past three Baby Dodongoes.  Use the fourth on the false wall and you can access a new chamber.  You can see three Keeses and hear the lone Gold Skulltula perched on the wall behind the lit brazier.  The Fairy Slingshot and Hylian Shield will help you defeat the bats and get the Skull Token with ease.
     Back in the previous room, you will see a pair of statues guarding a blue pressure switch.  Pull one statue or the other onto the switch and you can access the next hallway, which has two Keeses on the walls.  Defeat them and you have free access to any goodies in the pots.  In the next room, you are trapped as two Lizalfos drop down to attack you two-on-one.  You can scare them off with Deku Seeds, and each one dies after six slashes from the Kokiri Sword.  When they die, you can collect goodies from the pots and then head on to the door that opened.
     In the next room, you will meet up with three fully-grown Dodongoes guarding several metal braziers.  If you break the false wall, you can find a Business Scrub selling Deku Sticks if you need them.  Lighting the braziers will open the door back to the main room and a floor switch.  When you hit the floor switch, you open the door across the room.  This leads you to a room with several Bomb Flowers around a stone block and a different Bomb Flower off to one side, near a false wall.  If you defeat the Armos statue in the room beyond the false wall, you can open the chest to claim the Com-pass.
     To reach the second floor, you must find a way to detonate all the Bomb Flowers around the block at once.  Placing the lone Bomb Flower in between the two central plants facing the door to the Compass room.  When the Bomb Flowers detonate, you can climb up the staircase formed by the lowering of the stone block.  Go around to the upper ledge, where there are Skullwalltula and a Gold Skulltula on the vines.  Shoot down both spiders and you can collect the Skull Token, a very good thing indeed.
     In the next room, you should have the Hylian Shield equipped due to the patrolling Fire Keese above.  Defeat them and you can concentrate on finding the statue with the ladder behind it.  Pull it away and you can access a floor switch that opens both of the doors.  Take the eastern door and you can cross the upstairs portion of the main room to Room 2F-4.  You can then go over to the plat-form with a chest and a Bomb Flower on it, which you must pull the block to form a step up to.  Throw the Bomb Flower at the false wall just so and you can blow away the rubble to reveal a tunnel.
     In the next room, there is a column of fire between you and the passage beyond.  Shoot the yellow eye switch and you can jump over to the passage full of Baby Dodongoes with ease.  You need not let them worry you as you head to the door, which opens into a second mini-Mutoh battle.  You can defeat two more Lizalfos with the same tactics you used below, and with more practice.  In the room that opens, you can deactivate one flaming column using the visible eye switch.  The other eye switch is to your left when you jump onto the first platform.
     Back in Room 2F-4, you can easily leap across to the chest holding the Bomb Bag.  You should now head back to the main room and trip the switch to raise an elevator platform to this level.  There is a plaque nearby which tells you to make the dead Dodongo see red to open a new doorway.  You can make this happen by dropping Bombs into the eye sockets of the huge Dodongo skull from the broken bridge section nearby.  If you need a Deku Shield, you can find one in a chest behind the false wall.  The next doorway is in the mouth of the Dodongo skull, which is made of material a Beamos’ laser cannot penetrate.
     In the next room, you need a block to depress the pressure switch in the small pit.  Enter the eastern tunnel and you will emerge into Room 1F-11.  When you reach the north end, you can open Room 1F-12 by chucking or dropping a Bomb near the doorway.  You can defeat a Gold Skulltula and an Armos in here, bringing you up to 3 Skull Tokens here.  You can use the blocks in the previ-ous room to reach the doorway you need via the ledges.  Push and pull the block in the next room into the pit when you kill the Fire Keese to open the door.
     This next room has a black square on the floor in between you and a chest.  You can drop a Bomb on the shadowy square and refill your supply from the chest.  Falling down the pit you create, you can watch the King Dodongo opening cinema, but watch out!  When you can move, quickly chuck a Bomb into the dinosaur’s mouth before he uses his flame breath on you.  If you miss, just pick up a Bomb Flower once Dodongo stops rolling about the room.  When you do stun King Do-dongo, you can get in one normal slash with the Kokiri Sword.
     Once Dodongo rolls about and turns to attack you again, just chuck another explosive to stun him and then slash with the Kokiri Sword.  After four slashes, King Dodongo will go berserk and roll about the chamber.  When he crashes into the lava that cools around him, you can grab the Heart Con-tainer and head into the blue light.  Once outside, King Darunia and his Gorons drop from the sky to congratulate you.  He gives you the Spiritual Stone of Fire, making you his Sworn Brother, and tells you to find the Great Fairy atop Death Mountain.  You will then run away from the Gorons, who want to give you a big hug.

Finding 2 Great Fairies

Allies now include:

    Cows: There are two here.  One is in the Cow Hole on Death Mountain.  The other is in the stall at Impa’s House in Kakariko.  A nifty trick used here lets you reach the latter Cow.
    Owl: He commends you when you reach the Upper Ledge.  He advises you to blow up the nearby false wall and meet Great Fairy 1 inside.  After you learn the Spin Attack, he’ll give you a free ride down to Impa’s House in Kakariko.
    Great Fairy 1: She lives in the Great Fairy’s Fountain (GFF) behind the false wall at the Upper Ledge.  She teaches you the nifty Spin Attack.  Her sister lives by Hyrule castle.  Great Fairy 1 is the Great Fairy of Power.
    Bowling Alley Lady: This tired woman runs the Bombchu Bowling Alley in Hyrule Castle Town.  You can’t play her game unless you have the Goron’s Ruby.
    Great Fairy 2: She lives in the GFF behind the Dead End at Hyrule Castle.  She teaches the flame magic of Din’s Fire.  She is one of 3 Great Fairies of Magic.
    Hot-Rodder Goron: Stop him with Bombs to win the Biggest Bomb Bag.  His reason for rolling is to relieve stress he suffers.

What are your foes now?

    Skullwalltula: Three guard the Climbing Wall from the Ravine to the Upper Ledge.  All but the highest one can be shot from the ground.
    Gold Skulltula: You may get 3 at this time.  The first is in a crate in Death Mountain Crater.  An-other is behind a false wall in the Lower Trail.  A third is in a crate in Goron City’s Boulder Room.
    Peahat Larvae

Items now include:

    Deku Seeds
    Bombs: These start to appear in bushes or pots now.
    Skull Tokens
    Magic Jars: These green decanters refill your Magic Meter.  Big ones obviously refill more.
    Heart Piece 10: This is in an alcove in the Wall Ladder at Death Mountain Crater.
    Heart Piece 11: This is inside the stall with the Cow at Impa’s House.  Grab it while you can!
    Bombchu: These little creatures are living time bombs.  Their first use is to win prizes at the Bombchu Bowling Alley.  They can run up walls and only explode when their fuses run out or when they hit something.  You may carry up to 50.
    Purple Rupees: Each of these amethysts is worth R50.  Two are in the back of the Boulder Room in treasure chests.  You may win more at the Bombchu Bowling Alley as prizes.
    Big Bomb Bag: This is a prize at the Bombchu Bowling Alley.  Its capacity is 30 Bombs.
    Heart Piece 12: This is a prize at the Bombchu Bowling Alley.  It’s hard to get, but worth it.
    Biggest Bomb Bag: Stop the Hot Rodder’s rolling near his sign in Goron City using Bombs to win this.  Its capacity is 40 Bombs.

Important locations now include:

    Boulder Ledge: This sloped ledge leads to the Cow Hole and Ravine.  Blow up the rocks for money and to clear the way forward.
    Cow Hole: A Cow lives in this cave.  You are guaranteed at least R26 per visit.
    Ravine: This trench leads directly to the Climbing Wall.  Duck under the Hylian Shield to block the falling rocks.
    Climbing Wall: Shoot down the Skullwalltula to clear the way.  At the second ledge is a Gossip Stone.  At the top is the Upper Ledge.
    Upper Ledge: The Owl and Biggoron may be found here.  Behind the false wall is GFF 1.  Down-stairs is Death Mountain Crater.

Other important locations now include:

    GFF 1: The orange flames on the torches represent power. Great Fairy 1 lives here.
    Death Mountain Crater: This sweltering inferno is full of lava pits, rocks resistant to Bombs, and secret caves.  A Gold Skulltula is in the crate and Heart Piece 9 is in the Wall Ladder.
    Wall Ladder: This is a very large section of climbable wall in Death Mountain Crater.  Heart Piece 10 is in a niche in the very center of it.
    Impa’s House: The Owl drops you off here after flying you down.  Go off the right side of the roof to find a secret ledge above the Cucco Pen.  The opening leads to Heart Piece 11 and a Cow.
    Hidden Caves: These false walls along Death Mountain Trail hide secret surprises.  The one near Goron City hides a Purple Rupee, whereas the one near Kakariko hides a Gold Skulltula.
    Bombchu Bowling Alley: There are many prizes here.  You need the Bombchu, Big Bomb Bag, and Heart Piece 12.  Other prizes include Bombs and R50.  Each game you play costs R30.
    Dead End: Blast through the brown boulder to reveal a tunnel.  Crawl through to find GFF 2.
    GFF 2: The green flames on the torches represent magic.  Great Fairy 2 lives here.
    Third Floor: The Hot Rodder rolls along this level of Goron City.  Bomb Flowers appear a lot here.
    Boulder Room: With the Biggest Bomb Bag, blast away the brown boulders to reveal two chests, a crate, and a Gossip Stone.  Purple Rupees are in the chests and a Gold Skulltula is in the crate.


A Sword technique:

    Spin Attack: This is very useful later on.  Hold down B and your Sword will stick out.  Release when your sword is surrounded by flame for a nifty spin attack that deals tons of damage.  Orange flame is stronger and deals more damage.  For a quick, weak spin, rotate the control stick while holding B.  About 23 Spin Attacks drain your Magic Meter.  You learn it from Great Fairy 1 in GFF 1.

Something new to see:

    Magic Meter: This appears as a green bar just below your Health Meter.  Portions of it that have been used are black.  Visiting Great Fairies gets a free complete refill.  Magic Jars are more conven-ient but restore less magic.
A necessary spell:

    Din’s Fire: This fire spell creates a dome of fire that expands to kill most enemies in a room.  You learn it from Great Fairy 2 in GFF 2.  It costs 6 Magic Points (MP), so you can use it 4 times before your Magic Meter empties.  It also lets you light up large numbers of torches.

Quest strategies include:

     Once you can move on your own, you should head up to the Boulder Ledge.  You will get 25 Rupees by using Bombs on the rocks and clearing the way upward.  The boulder on the ledge above conceals the Cow Hole, a convenient stop if you like Lon-Lon Milk.  In the Ravine beyond, you can either run or duck beneath the Hylian Shield to avoid the boulders that rain down from the crater.  You will eventually reach a climbable wall guarded by three Skullwalltula leading to the summit of Death Mountain.  Shoot them down and you can safely climb up to the High Ledge.
     When you get up there, you should talk to the Owl.  He says coming up here was a very good idea, and tells you a bit about the mountain.  When the clouds above the mountain look normal, the mountain is at peace.  The part of the wall that looks weird conceals the hidden entrance to Great Fairy’s Fountain (GFF) 1.  Play Zelda’s Lullaby on the Triforce mark and Great Fairy 1 will grant you a Spin Attack and reveal the Magic meter.  The stairs outside the GFF lead down into the inferno of Death Mountain Crater.
     Without a Goron Tunic, you get eight seconds per full Heart Container you have when you enter.  You who have 6 Heart Containers will have 48 seconds, 7 Heart Containers = 56 seconds, and 8 Heart Containers = 1:04.  When you get the Gold Skulltula, head directly over to the brown boulder in the main chamber.  Bomb that and you can find a cool cave, a welcome respite from the heat.  Go down the Climbing Wall in here and you will find Heart Piece 10 in the Alcove.  You can reveal a Gossip Stone across the narrow bridge, but it is safer now to run out of here, right now!
     After you leave, you should again talk to the Owl.  Grab his talons when he flaps his wings and he’ll deposit you on the roof of Impa’s House in Kakariko Village.  You can find the secret en-trance by walking to the right and dropping to the ledge above the Cucco Pen.  The Cow inside pro-vides any Lon-Lon Milk you might need, but the main item here is Heart Piece 11.  You can get a nocturnal Gold Skulltula inside the Hidden Cave closest to Kakariko Village, and you can climb up the back wall.
     You should now head back to Hyrule Castle Town for more goodies.  If you wear the Bunny Hood, you will not face any Stalchildren on your way there at night!  The Bombchu Bowling Alley is opposite the Bazaar and Potion Shop, near some stairs onto a balcony of sorts.  Inside, you will use Bombchu to hit targets and try to earn several prizes, including the Bigger Bomb Bag, Bombchu, Bombs, Purple Rupees, and Heart Piece 12.  Get the first, second, and fifth items in that sequence at least before you head to Hyrule Castle.
     When you reach the intersection in the paths, go to the right and the boulder.  Using a Bomb on it will reveal a tunnel you can crawl through, like the ones Inside the Deku Tree.  Inside, you will find a second GFF, this time with a different color of flame on the torches.  Play Zelda’s Lullaby on the Triforce mark and you will meet Great Fairy 2, one of the three Great Fairies of Magic.  When you receive Din’s Fire, you will be well prepared for the final Spiritual Stone dungeon.
     Outside the GFF, Navi will be telling you to ask Saria where to go.  Play Saria’s Song and you will be able to talk to your old friend from where you are.  She says King Zora of Zora’s Domain holds the last Spiritual Stone, the one of water.  Zora’s Domain is south of Kakariko Village and the Graveyard, at the source of Zora’s River.  Look for the river on the east side of Hyrule Field and swim across to its other side to reach the area entrance.  Just outside Zora’s River, a sign warns you of swift currents and strong undertow.

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