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Z64 Walkthrough

Retrieving the Lens of Truth - Time Travel to the Old Man's Home

Kakariko Village III

Allies here include:

    Sheik: Once you approach him near the Well, he'll advise you to get back just as an Invisible Monster lifts him up and tosses him around.  You can't defend him from the Crawling Thing from the Well.  The evil shadow spirit has escaped its prison in the Well.  Impa tried to seal it up, but the seal wasn't strong enough.  Impa needs your help in the Shadow Temple to seal it up again.  To get you there, he'll teach you the Nocturne of Shadow.  Impa's a Sage, so you must help her!
    Shooting Master: Beat the game at the Shooting Gallery to win the Big Quiver.
    Kid 5: Finally, you've freed every Kid.  Your reward is Heart Piece 29.
    Anju: Talk to her and she'll give you a Pocket Egg.  The Pocket Cucco that hatches does not cause an allergic reaction.  After you can prove that it's really happy, she'll give you Cojiro, which she says belongs to her missing brother.
    Talon: He's very happy that you saved Malon.  He'll head back and try to make amends with Ingo.  Wake him with the Pocket Cucco once it hatches.
    Roof Guy: He's on the Roof of Granny's Shop.  He'll give you Heart Piece 30 as a memento of your visit.
    Bazaar Owner
    Potion Shop Owner
    Bearded Man
    Old Man
    Mamamu Yan: She's surprised that you haven't heard of her little Richard.
    Guru-Guru: As a kid, play the Song of Storms for him and the Windmill will spin enough to drain the Well.


Foes here include:

    Invisible Monster: This thing blows off the top of the Well.  It toys with Sheik and tosses him to the Courtyard.
    Crawling Thing: This thing slinks out of the Well after Sheik lands in the Courtyard.  It is made up of a weird material the Hylian Shield can't block.
    ReDeads: Go down the Hole in the Courtyard to find 2 zombies.  Beat them both for a Huge Rupee.
    Gold Skulltula: One is above Impa's House at night.

Items here include:

    Magic Jars
    Huge Rupee: Beat the ReDeads in the Hole to win this immense gem.  It is worth a whopping R200!  The few you may get in the game are hidden very well.
    Skull Token
    Red Potion
    Green Potion
    Blue Potion
    Deku Nuts
    Blue Fire
    Deku Sticks
    Bottle Bugs
    Fairy Spirits
    Hylian Shields
    Big Quiver: This is your prize for beating the Shooting Gallery again.  It holds up to 40 Arrows.
    Heart Piece 29: Kid 5 will give you this in the Skulltula House.
    Heart Piece 30: The Roof Guy will give you this as a memento.
    Pocket Egg: This small egg is a gift from the Anju.  It hatches into a Pocket Cucco at dawn.
    Pocket Cucco: This chicken hatches from the Pocket Egg.  It gets very happy when used to awaken Talon.  The Anju isn't allergic to this breed of chicken, which she wants back when it's happy.
    Cojiro: This blue Cucco belongs to the Anju's brother.  Get it back to him ASAP.  It used to crow a lot, but since it's owner left, it's been silent.

Important locations here include:

    Well: Sheik is standing near here.  The top flies off as the Invisible Monster appears.  When it's safe, you'll find that an indestructible stone barrier blocks off the bottom.
    Courtyard: Sheik lands here after the Invisible Monster throws him.  The Crawling Thing knocks you out here as well.  Bomb the center of this area to find the Hole.
    Hole: This is below the Courtyard.  Beat the ReDeads here for a Small Key.
    Potion Shop
    Granny's Shop
    Roof: This is on top of Granny's Shop.  The Roof Guy is here.
    Impa's House: A nocturnal Gold Skulltula is on the walls above the roof.
    Shooting Gallery: Beat the game inside this red house for the Big Quiver.
    House: This is below the hill where the Bazaar and Potion Shop are.  Talon, the Mamamu Yan, and another woman are inside.
    Windmill: Play the Song of Storms for the Guru-Guru as a child to drain the Well and gain access.


Warp Song 5:

    Nocturne of Shadow: This melody leads you into the darkness that consumes even time.  It will take you to the Warp Tile on the High Ledge in the Graveyard.  This song is needed to reach the Shadow Temple.  The tune is C-left, C-right, C-right, A Button, C-left, C-right, C-down.  Sheik teaches it to you once you recover.

Area strategies include:

     When you arrive, there is a story sequence in which you see Kakariko Village aflame.  You will run to the Well, where you see Sheik looking into its depths.  Just after he warns you to get back, the Invisible Monster picks Sheik up in a whirlwind.  When you rush to his unconscious form in the Courtyard, a Crawling Thing will emerge from the well and start moving.  It will act like it's going after something and then charge you.  You try to defend Sheik, but it knocks you senseless as every-thing goes black.
     When you awaken, the fires are out and Sheik is helping you to consciousness during a bit of rain.  He tells you the monster that attacked the village is now in the Shadow Temple.  Impa tried to seal it into the Well, but it broke free and went there instead.  To get to the Shadow Temple, you must use the Nocturne of Shadow Sheik then teaches you.  Sheik then vanishes after promising to help the villagers salvage the situation as best they can.  In a flash of light, the sequence is ended and you are able to move about Kakariko again.
     The first thing you should do is go to the Shooting Gallery, the red building below the Windmill.  When you go in, you can compete to earn a Big Quiver, the first Quiver upgrade.  The gems appear in random order, so you'll have to watch out for them at any time.  When you win the Big Quiver, you gain an instant upgrade to 40 Arrows.  You should then head to the House of Skull-tula and pick up any rewards you missed.  You can find a Gold Skulltula above Impa's House at night, if you can Longshot to the roof.
     You should also Longshot to the roof of Granny's Shop and pick up another Heart Piece.  When you talk to the Anju, she offers you an item called a Pocket Egg.  Accept, and you get a tiny egg containing a tiny Cucco about to hatch.  After playing Sun's Song twice, you receive a Pocket Cucco free of charge.  Talon is resting in the house at the foot of the big staircase, along with the Puppy Lady.  When you wake up Talon, he is glad you saved Malon and vows to go home soon.
     You should now load up on any supplies you may need.  This is the last chance you have to earn the Song of Storms before you need it, and you will need it!  You will feel a rumbling ten to twenty steps east of the Tree in the courtyard.  Planting a Bomb there will force open a hole contain-ing two ReDead, typical zombies you first met in the Royal Crypt.  Killing them both will earn you a Huge Rupee in a chest, if you need it, which you won't.  When you feel prepared, you should go back to the Temple of Time and become a kid again.
     Before going on, you should make sure that you have Din's Fire from Hyrule Castle.  You'll need this to enter the Shadow Temple, and inside to solve a few tricky puzzles.  When you go to Kakariko Village as a kid, you should head straight to the Windmill.  When you play the Song of Storms for Guru-Guru, the Well will drain in a short cinema sequence.  You can climb down safely and enter the cave entrance at the bottom.  This sub-dungeon area is known as the Bottom of the Well.

The Bottom of the Well

Your ally here:

    Navi: If she goes green, talk to her for useful advice.  This often will save your skin.

Foes here include:

    Giant Skulltulas
    Green Bubbles
    Statue Fountain: This thing is a big obstacle if you wish to complete this area.  Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce tile to drain the water it spits.
    Fire Keeses
    Dead Hand: This creature has 4 arms that sprout from the ground and a strange body.  The body has two stub-arms, no feet, and an extendable neck.  Use your Sword to knock it back when it tries to bite.  Every three hits, it returns underground until an arm gets you.  After 10 slashes, it disintegrates, leaving you the Lens of Truth.  The arms aren't invincible; they just regenerate gradually.  Its lair is in Room B1-5.
    Beamos: Like I said, these are hidden in remote places.
    Gibdos: These things are ReDeads in mummy wrappings.  They could be a little harder, though.  Fire is not effective like it was against previous versions.
    Deku Babas
    Gold Skulltulas: The 3 here live in Rooms B1-10, B1-11, and B1-3.
    Possessed Jars: Defeat these pots before they fly into you and cause damage.

Items here include:

    Deku Seeds
    Bomb Flowers
    Magic Jars
    Bombchu: Bomb through the debris above Room B2-1.  These are in the chest there.
    Deku Nuts
    Deku Sticks
    Lens of Truth: This mystical artifact is a must-get.  It can see through illusions and reveal hidden tricks, traps, treasure, etc.  Beat the Dead Hand in Room B1-5 to get it.  You need it in the rest of your adventure.  It will get you through some parts of the Shadow Temple.  It uses Magic while active, so use it sparingly.
    Fairy Spirits: If Navi goes green for no reason, play the Sun's Song or the Song of Storms to sum-mon some.
    Huge Rupee: This is in a chest in Room B1-5.  After you kill Dead Hand, you can find it invisible and opposite the door.
    Dungeon Map: This is in Room B3.  There are 19 rooms in this dungeon over 3 underground floors.
    Deku Shields: You may need some due to Fire Keeses.  Check in certain chests to find them.
    Small Keys: There are 3 here.  They're in Rooms B1-7, B1-9, and B1-13.
    Compass: This is in Room B1-8.
    Skull Tokens
    Silver Rupees: You need these to raise the portcullis in Room B1-6.

Sub-dungeon tricks include:

    Room B1-1: Upon entering, crawl through the tunnel to Room B1-2.
    Room B1-2: Climb the ladder to enter a passage.  Beat the Giant Skulltula and talk to Navi while tar-geting the skeleton.  The spirits of the room advise you to find "the eye of truth."
    Room B1-3: This is past the false wall in Room B1-2.  Beat the Green Bubble and Giant Skulltulas to remove dangers.  The Statue Fountain is at the east end of the room.  Right in front as you enter is the rubble you blast.  The chest in the southwest corner holds some Deku Nuts.
    Room B2-1: This is below rubble in Room B1-3.  In the chest are some Bombchu.
    Room B2-2: This is in front of the west wall after the water drains.  In the chest are some Bombs.  Through the tunnel is Room B2-3.
    Room B2-3: Beat the Giant Skulltula and climb the vines to reach Room B1-4.
    Room B1-4: This is above Room B2-3.  Through the door is Room B1-5.
    Room B1-5: The Dead Hand lurks here.  When you beat it, the chest holding the Lens of Truth ap-pears.  The chest holding the Huge Rupee is on the wall opposite the door.
    Room B3: This room looks like a giant, four-fingered hand.  Down a hall are a ReDead and the Map.  Up the ladder is Room B2-4.  Avoid contact with swampy water.  Three Silver Rupees are here.
    Room B2-4: This is above Room B3.  Get the Silver Rupee and climb up to Room B1-6.
    Room B1-6: Get the final Silver Rupee here to raise the portcullis.
    Room B1-7: Go through a false wall in the southwest part of Room B1-3 to find here.  In the chest is a Small Key.
    Room B1-8: This is the center of Room B1-3.  The Compass is here, but you must use a secret door to get it due to the hole in the cell.  Watch for Wallmasters in here.  The northeast locked door leads to Room B1-10, and the other one leads to Room B1-11.
    Room B1-9: This is the northwest part of Room B1-3.  A Small Key is in the chest.
    Room B1-10: This is northeast of Room B1-8.  Beat the Deku Baba and Possessed Jars here so you may get the Skull Token from the Gold Skulltula.
    Room B1-11: Beat the 5 Keeses here with your Boomerang.  Reveal the path with the Lens of Truth and take it to find another Gold Skulltula.
    Room B2-5: This is the last room below Floor B1.  In the chest is a Recovery Heart.  Climb the chains to the north to reach Room B1-12.
    Room B1-12: This room is full of coffins and unlit torches.  You will also meet Gibdos here.  Beat the two Gibdos and several Keeses to find a Small Key and other goodies.  Use Din's Fire.
    Room B1-13: This room is past the last locked door in Room B1-3.  Beat the Beamos with a well-thrown Bomb for starters.  If the Fire Keeses burns your Deku Shield, check the chest.  Past the door is Room B1-3.
    Sword Chamber: Warp here after doing everything and reclaim the Master Sword.
    High Ledge: This cliff behind the Royal Crypt can't be reached without the Nocturne of Shadow.  A Warp Tile and a Gossip Stone are on it.  Downstairs is the Torch Chamber.
    Torch Chamber: This is the eastern end of the Graveyard.  Stand on the platform and use Din's Fire to light the 24 torches and open the Temple Gate.
    Temple Gate: This is beyond the Torch Chamber.  Light the 24 torches to raise the stone slab block-ing it.  Don't enter yet, though.
    Lost Woods: Ride Epona here after opening the Temple Gate.  Make sure she faces away from the entrance.

Sub-dungeon strategies include:

     When you first enter this area, there is a tunnel at the end of the passage to crawl through.  This leads you to a ladder down to a lower chamber leading to a Big Skulltula.  Defeat the creature and you can continue to the skeleton at the end of the passage.  Navi hears spirits telling you to find an "eye of truth" in this area.  The wall nearby is an illusion designed to block you from entering the catacombs.  When you go around the pool, you'll see a Green Bubble fly around from time to time and some piles of rubble across the way.
     When you Bomb the rubble, it reveals a chest holding Bombchu in the B2 section.  There are two invisible sections of wall in the catacombs of B1 that lead you to Small Keys in chests.  You might need them later, so you should grab them soon.  The main problem here is the Statue Fountain, which produces the water flooding the chamber.  When you deactivate it with Zelda's Lullaby, a number of new chambers are opened.  The most important of these is the pool at the front of the cata-combs, now dry.
     You can grab the Recovery Heart in the chest if you need it, but save it if you don't.  When you go through the tunnel, you'll see a Big Skulltula.  When you defeat it, you can climb up to an open door.  The door slams shut on the other side, trapping you in a room with four arms growing out of the ground like trees, only worse.  When an arm grabs you, the Dead Hand arises to fight and bite you!
     To escape the arm, just press any button a lot and quickly.  Z-Target the Dead Hand and you can keep an eye on its head.  When it leans down to bite you, you can slash it three times before it re-treats.  You'll have to repeat the grab-and hit strategy until the Dead Hand slumps onto the ground and its arms vanish.  You should get the Lens of Truth from the big chest once it appears amid the gloom of the chamber.  You can use this to reveal anything invisible to the unaided eye you find in the game.
     You should now go back to the catacombs and look for anything that seems out of place.  The Lens of Truth will reveal any illusory walls, getting you into the cell holding the Compass.  When you explore the central room, watch out for the Wallmaster near the center of the room.  There are also a few illusions concealing pits leading down to B3.  The locked door on the left leads you into a room with a Deku Baba, Possessed Jar, and a Gold Skulltula.  You can defeat all of them easily, and you should grab the Skull Token.
     You will find a pit guarded by Keeses in the other locked room.  The bats die easily, and there is no apparent way around to the corner alcove.  You can reveal a walkway with the Lens of Truth that leads you to the second Gold Skulltula here.  You can find Deku Nuts in the chest guarded by a Big Skulltula.  You will find another chest of Deku Nuts near a pit and a Big Skulltula by blast-ing some rubble.  You can find a secret if you go into the small B2 chamber containing a Recovery Heart and then climbing up the opposite wall.
     The room beyond has six coffins in it, one of which opened to show you a Gibdo (singular of Gibdos).  The mummy is vulnerable to Sun's Song, and flames do not kill it instantly, so you should watch out.  When you light the other braziers, the remaining five coffins will open.  You can find more another Gibdo and several Keeses in these tombs.  You should block Fire Keese with the Hylian Shield or just kill them with a slash.  One of the tombstones contains the final Small Key here, and others contain Recovery Hearts.
       You should now fall into the third basement of the dungeon.  This room is shaped like a four-fingered hand, with treasures in the "finger" passages.  You will find some Bomb Flowers here you can use to blow up boulders here.  The Dungeon Map is in the shortest passage, but there is a ReDead guarding it.  To get out of this room, you need to collect the Silver Rupees over the swampy water and as you climb the ladders out.  The last Silver Rupee will open the door back into the cata-combs.
     The last room to explore is in the upper-right corner of floor B1.  To go there, you must use the Lens of Truth to avoid a variety of pits along the way.  The locked door leads you to a Beamos and several Fire Keeses flying about over several hidden pits.  If you lose your Deku Shield, there is a spare in the chest across the pits.  You will exit the room to find a Like-Like, a chest of Rupees, and a Gold Skulltula.  After you defeat them and get the Skull Token, you should play the Nocturne of Shadow.
     This puts you above the Royal Crypt in the Graveyard, at the top of a big staircase.  Going down, you see a platform marked with fire in the midst of 24 metallic braziers.  Using Din's Fire on the platform will light all of the braziers at once, raising the gate marked with the Eye of Truth motif into the roof.  You cannot complete the Shadow Temple as a child, so you should complete the Adult Link trading game to help you prepare.  It will get you Biggoron's Sword, the most powerful and longest effective sword in the game.

The Hunt for Biggoron's Sword

People to trade with include:

    Grog: He is the Anju's brother.  When you give him Cojiro, he'll give you the Odd Mushroom.  He's a Stalfos by the time you get back from Granny's Shop.  Yes, he was the people-hater you met as a kid in Kakariko Village at night.
    Granny: If you give her the Odd Mushroom before it spoils, she'll turn it into an Odd Potion.  It won't cure foolishness or restore monsters, though.
    Fado: This Kokiri girl stands by the Single Stump.  She'll exchange your Odd Potion for the Poacher's Saw the Guy had.
    Mutoh: He owns the Poacher's Saw.  All of his workers are at the Gerudo's Fortress, so he can't fix the Broken Bridge.  He's at the Tent in Gerudo Valley.  Your new item is the Broken Goron's Sword.
    Biggoron: He's at the High Ledge of Death Mountain Trail.  He can't reforge the Broken Goron's Sword without the World's Finest Eye Drops to clear out his eyes.  You have to wait 3 days after that, though.  He'll give you a Prescription you can give King Zora XVI.
    King Zora XVI: He's the person you give the Prescription to.  He only has the main ingredients for the World's Finest Eye Drops, the Eyeball Frog.  Get it to the Chemist before it gets too warm.
    Chemist: Give the Eyeball Frog to him.  After he realizes he can't have Eyeball Frog Soup, he'll make you the World's Finest Eye Drops.  They don't have preservatives, so hurry back to Biggoron.

Monsters to fight now include:

    Gold Skulltulas: There are 4 in Gerudo Valley.  One is by the Plank Bridge (as a child).  Another is under the Rock Overhang.  A third is behind the Tent.  A fourth is in the Bean Patch on the Low Ledge.  You can also get the last 2 in Dodongo's Cavern.
    Red Tektites
    Blue Tektites


Items to find now include:

    Magic Jars
    Magic Bean: Plant one on the Low Ledge in Gerudo Valley, near the Gerudo and her Cow.  It grows into a dry way to reach Heart Piece 31.
    Heart Piece 31: This is behind the Waterfall in Gerudo Valley.  Use the leaf from the Magic Bean or the ladder under the River to reach it.
 Skull Tokens

Trading items include:

    Cojiro: The Guy is ecstatic when you return his Blue Cucco.  Your reward is the Odd Mushroom.
    Odd Mushroom: The Guy gives you this.  Get it to the [hidden] Potion Shop in 3 minutes or less for the Odd Potion.
    Odd Potion: Granny gives you this.  It is her strongest Potion ever.  However, it won't work on fools or monsters.  Give it to the Girl for the Poacher's Saw.
    Poacher's Saw: The Girl gives you this.  The Guy was carrying it, but he's gone now.  Give it to the Mutoh to receive the Broken Goron's Sword.
    Broken Goron's Sword: The Mutoh is carrying this.  Biggoron can't repair it without the World's Finest Eye Drops, so you get a Prescription.
    Prescription: Give this to King Zora XVI on Biggoron's behalf.  You'll get the Eyeball Frog in re-turn.
    Eyeball Frog: This amphibian is the main ingredient for the World's Finest Eye Drops.  Get it to the Chemist in 3 minutes to get the World's Finest Eye Drops.  King Zora XVI exchanges the Prescrip-tion for it.  It is also the main ingredient of Eyeball Frog stew, which the Chemist adores.
    World's Finest Eye Drops: The Chemist brews these in exchange for the Eyeball Frog.  Give these to Biggoron in 4 minutes and wait 3 days for the Biggoron's Sword.
    Claim Check: You need this to get the Biggoron's Sword.
    Biggoron's Sword: This long blade is yours days after you heal Biggoron's eyes.  It can't be broken and is twice as strong as the Master Sword.  The only flaw is that you can't use a shield with it, and it might not be useful against Ganondorf.

Areas and places to visit now include:

    Lost Woods
    Single Stump: The Guy and Girl may be found here.
    Log Bridge: Ride the Magic Bean leaf over this and hop off in a hurry.
    Kakariko Village
    Granny's Shop: You exchange the Odd Mushroom for the Odd Potion here.
    Gerudo Valley: A deep gorge and a river running through it mark this.  The Broken Bridge was busted 7 years ago.  Other landmarks are the Plank Bridge, the Tent, the Rock Overhang, the Water-fall, the Low Ledge, and the River.
    Plank Bridge: This is the first landmark in Gerudo Valley.  Nearby at night when you're a kid is a Gold Skulltula.
    Broken Bridge: This once connected the two parts of Gerudo Valley.  Until it's repaired, get across with Epona or the Longshot.
    Tent: The Mutoh is always standing near here.  A Gold Skulltula is behind it at night.
    Rock Overhang: This is the lair of another nocturnal Gold Skulltula.
    River: This is beneath the Broken Bridge.  Its currents take you back to Lake Hylia.  The Low Ledge is along the northwest shore.  It comes from the Waterfall.
    Waterfall: This brings the River from the stream near Hyrule Castle Town.  Behind is the niche hold-ing Heart Piece 31.  A ladder or a Magic Bean leaf gets you up there.
    Low Ledge: A Gerudo maiden, her Cow, and a Bean Batch are down here when you're a child.
    Bean Patch: There's a Gold Skulltula hidden within here.  It's on the southern Low Ledge.
    Death Mountain Trail
    High Ledge: Go here to find Biggoron.
    Zora's Domain
    Royal Chamber: King Zora XVI is here.
    Lake Hylia
    Lakeside Laboratory: The Chemist is here.
    Shadow Temple Gate: Go here after you have Biggoron's Sword and enter the Shadow Temple.

Quest strategies include:

     When you become an adult, you must have Epona at your beckon call, and it should be between midnight and dawn.  If you do not, you must get her before you can complete many of these tasks.  You also need the Magic Bean Leaves at the Log Bridge and Dodongo's Cavern fully grown.  When you get those things done, you should ride Epona to the entrance to the Lost Woods from Hy-rule Field.  Make sure Epona faces outward before you dismount and head into Kokiri Forest.  You should then head to the Single Stump from where you are.
     When you get there, assign Cojiro to a C button and look at the Guy.  He will wake up only if you can get Cojiro to crow in his presence.  When he wakes up, he takes the chicken and asks you to give an item to the owner of the Potion Shop in Kakariko Village.  He means Granny so take the Odd Mushroom as you head to the Log Bridge on the Magic Bean Leaf.  When you get to Hyrule Field, ride Epona to Kakariko Village and make sure it is day.  You cannot use Sun's Song or the Odd Mushroom will spoil.
     When you get into Kakariko Village, you should go to the Potion Shop and use the back en-trance.  Granny is in the red house nearby, and she is totally blind.  Her nose, though, can smell stuff from the Lost Woods at great distances.  She turns the Odd Mushroom into an Odd Potion in seconds, telling you to give it to the Guy, if he is still there.  You should then head back to the Single Stump, where Fado is waiting for you.  She will trade you the Odd Potion for the Poacher's Saw the Guy left behind when he became a Stalfos.
     The Poacher's Saw belongs to the Mutoh Carpenter, but he is no longer in Kakariko Village.  You will instead find his tent pitched in Gerudo Valley, across the Broken Bridge.  To get there, you must either leap across with Epona or launch over with the Longshot.  The Rock Overhang has a Gold Skulltula on it at night, and you find another behind the Tent.  The Poacher's Saw becomes a Broken Goron's Sword when you trade it, giving you two choices.  Medigoron gives you a flimsy Giant's Knife, but Biggoron might get you something better.
     When you go up to Biggoron, you can use the Magic Bean Leaf outside Dodongo's Cavern.  When you get up to Biggoron, he says he needs eye drops to clear out his eyes from the eruption.  He gives you a Prescription for King Zora, so you need to thaw the fish-man if you haven't already.  When you show King Zora the Prescription, he gives you the ingredients for the Eye Drops.  The Eyeball Frog will spoil in 3 Earth-minutes so you need to go to Lake Hylia on Epona in a hurry.  Warping songs will only make the items spoil, and force you to start over.
     When you reach the Lakeside Laboratory, dismount and go in.  The Chemist wants Eyeball Frog stew (yuck!), but will make you the World's Finest Eye Drops instead.  These have a four-minute timer attached, but that is plenty of time.  A good delaying tactic is to hit the Gossip Stone as you climb up to Biggoron's perch at the High Ledge.  Biggoron starts working the moment he hands you the Claim Check, so all you have to do is wait.  After three or four days go by naturally, you can present the Claim Check and get Biggoron's Sword.
     With this weapon, you are ready to get into the Shadow Temple.  You may want to get the other two Gold Skulltulas at Gerudo Valley, plus the Heart Piece behind the Waterfall there.  There are two more Gold Skulltulas in Dodongo's Cavern, if you want them.  The first is in the lower Baby Dodongo room in an alcove you need Pierre to reach.  The other is in the room where the big staircase terminates, and you can get it easily.  Take the route back from the rising column and you can get it by climbing up to an alcove within Hookshot or Longshot range of the Skulltula.
       When you feel ready, you can go to the Shadow Temple Gate via the Nocturne of Shadow.  Biggoron's Sword doubles your offensive power, a needed ability against several nasty monsters.  This Mutoh is especially tough, and the Lens of Truth is needed to see its true form.  With luck, you will survive the hordes of undead to save Impa.

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