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Z64 Walkthrough

Getting the Shadow Medallion – A Plunge into Time-Consuming Darkness

Shadow Temple

Allies here include:

    Bird Statue: This creature in Room B1-1 can be either helpful or harmful.  There is one skull near him.  Point his beak at it and the portcullis across the gorge will rise.  If you fail, you’ll fall into a pit.
    Pierre: He is useful in Room B4-9 twice.  The first time lets you reach a platform with 2 Heart and a Gold Skulltula.  The second time gets you to a high ledge with 2 more Hearts.
    Impa: She is the Sage of Shadow.  She doesn’t appear until you beat the Mutoh.  She congratulates you on your work and requests you find and protect Princess Zelda.


More allies here include:

    Saria: If you talk to her after the end of the dungeon, she’ll say that the last dungeon is far to the west, at the desert’s end.  If the Six Sages and the 7th Sage come together, their combined powers will imprison Ganondorf in the Sacred Realm.  Only with all 7 Sages will the seal be perfect.  Someone you know must be the 7th Sage.  Time travel will help you find the other Sages.

Foes here include:

    Unfriendly Spirits: These guard doors, at times not letting you by without using the Lens of Truth.
    Fire Keeses
    Dead Hand: You meet it here in Room B1-5.  It has 2 more regenerating hands and a small lair.  This time, use the Lens of Truth to reveal the spot above and Bomb to force it up.  It takes 10 hits to beat, but the Jump Attack or Biggoron’s Sword halves that.  Your reward is a pair of Hover Boots.
    Giant Skulltulas
    Red Bubbles
    Scythe Twins: These hooded figures of the Grim Reaper spin while trying to hit you with blades.  Dodge by ducking behind or under your shield.
    Guillotines: These devices try to slice you with ultra-sharp blades.  Run under while they’re up.  Some are very fast.
    Blade Traps
    Spike Platforms: These are tough to beat.  Push a block under one to block its fatal spikes.  Then move the block to the other end of the room and climb on top.
    Gold Skulltulas: The 5 here live in Rooms B3-3, B4-2, B4-4, B3-5, and B4-12.
    Fan Creatures: These things blow powerful blasts of wind at you periodically.  Use the Iron Boots to dodge or wait until they stop to move on.  They’ll come back later on.
    Floormasters: One in Room B4-11 is invisible, so watch out!

Phantom Shadow Beast:  BONGO-BONGO

    BONGO-BONGO: This thing is super-scary!  Its figure is that of two hands, a large body, and one red eye with a flower-like lid.  The body vanishes and the eye closes after you first see it.  Stun each hand with a slash, an Arrow, or the Longshot, but watch out for their tossing, vice-like grip, flatten-ing, or fist, or clapping attacks.  When both hands are stunned, the body charges up for the attack.  Use the Lens of Truth and stun the eye with an Arrow just before it hits.  Slash away while it’s stunned.
     Repeat this procedure until the body rises up, swings wildly, and falls down.  This takes close to 18 slashes.  It will dissolve into the Crawling Thing seen earlier.  The Heart Container will appear near you somewhere.  Because the hands drum the platform between attacks, your footing is unsteady at best and Z-Targeting is virtually impossible.  Its lair is in Room B4-16.


Items here include:

    Magic Jars
    Dungeon Map: This is in Room B1-3.  There are 32 rooms in this dungeon over 4 underground floors.
    Hover Boots: These are the “sacred feet” the sign mentioned in Room B1-1.  With them, you may walk over any pit or other obstacle to the next area.  The power only goes a short range, so be careful.  Beat the Dead Hand in Room B1-5 to win them.
    Silver Rupees: You’ll use these to raise the portcullises in Rooms B2-2, B4-1, and B4-4.
    Small Keys: The 5 here are in Rooms B2-2, B4-2, B4-4, B4-5, and B4-11.
    Compass: This is in Room B2-3.  There are 15 other chests in the dungeon.
    Skull Tokens
    Mutoh Key: This is in Room B4-13.  Beat the ReDeads and burn the spiked walls with Din’s Fire to reach it.
    Bomb Flowers: Shoot these with an arrow to bridge the gap in Room B4-9.  These are at the base of a very tall statue.
    Heart Container: This appears near you after you beat Bongo-Bongo.
    Shadow Medallion: This is Impa’s gift to you.  It contains her hope that you’ll find Princess Zelda and protect her from Ganondorf’s evil.  Where is the last Temple?

Temple tricks include:

    Room B1-1: This is the entry room.  Longshot across the pit and dispel the Unfriendly Spirits with the Lens of Truth.  Reveal the real skull and push the Bird Statue so that its beak faces the skull to open the door across the pit.  Come back with the Hover Boots and you’ll make it across.
    Room B1-2: This is northeast of Room B1-1.  The eyes on the skulls of the false walls glow bright green.  East is Room B1-3 and north is Room B1-4.
    Room B1-3: The Dead Hand isn’t here, but the door shuts behind you anyhow.  Beat the ReDead and Keeses to raise the portcullis and get the Map.
    Room B1-4: This is a repeat of Room B1-2.  The northern door is behind a false wall.  However, some walls that look false aren’t.
    Room B1-5: The Dead Hand now lurks here.  The chest with the Hover Boots appears opposite the door.
    Room B1-6: This is past the pit in Room B1-1.  The passage leads down to Room B2-1.
    Room B2-1: This room is important.  When you blow up the Beamos, play the Song of Storms to make a Fairy Spirit.  The east hall leads to Room B2-2, the west to Room B2-3, and past the south wall is Room B2-4.
    Room B2-2: Some Scythe Twins lurk here.  Avoid their blades while you get the 5 Silver Rupees.  The portcullis rises when you get all five, revealing an alcove with a painting at the end.  The alcove with the painting at the far end leads down to Room B4-9.
    Room B2-3: Two Gibdos lurk here.  Beat them both to open the door and get the Compass.
    Room B2-4: This is south of Room B2-1.  A locked door blocks your way in.  Follow the path down-wards while beating the Giant Skulltulas that drop from above.

More Temple tricks include:

    Room B3-1: This is west of Room B2-4.  Beware the Guillotines and Giant Skulltulas here.
    Room B3-2: This large area is important.  As you enter, Navi warns you about Wallmasters waiting to grab you.  Dodge the Guillotines and Red Bubble as you progress.  At the far platform, a Stalfos will appear.  Beat it and go southeast along the invisible platforms to the next door.  The platform to the south is part of Room B4-1.
    Room B3-3: Beat the Like-Like and patrolling Keeses while avoiding the Scythe Twins.  In the cell are a Gold Skulltula, a Blue Rupee, and some Arrows.
    Room B4-1: This is south of the Stalfos platform in Room B3-2.  Jump when the platform is at its highest and you’ll land safely.  There are 5 Silver Rupees near the Beamos.  The Lens of Truth re-veals platforms that lead to Room B4-3 and beyond.
    Room B4-2: This is north of Room B4-1.  Pull the stone block out and use it to block the deadly Spiked Platforms.  When you reach the opposite side, enter the cells to find a Gold Skulltula and some Rupees in a chest.  Above, hit the switch and Longshot over to find a Small Key in a chest.  In the other chest are some Arrows.
    Room B4-3: This is east of Room B4-1.  Avoid the invisible spikes while collecting the Silver Ru-pees.  You don’t have a Small Key, so go north after raising the portcullis.
    Room B4-4: This is north of Room B4-3.  Above, in Room B3-4, you’ll find Bomb Flowers.  A Gold Skulltula is behind the giant skull pot.
    Room B3-4: This is above Room B4-4.  Beat the Keeses here to raise the portcullis below.  Throw a Bomb Flower into the skull-shaped pot below for a Small Key.
    Room B4-5: This is east of Room B4-3.  Dodge the Fan Creatures and Blade Traps while beating any other monsters.  Below the east end is Room B4-6.
    Room B4-6: This is east of Room B4-5.  Dash past each Fan Creature as it stops blowing.  The eye switch spouts fire, so watch out.  South is Room B4-7.  Through the hidden path is Room B4-8.
    Room B4-7: Beat the ReDeads and Navi will tell you how to proceed in the previous room.
    Room B4-8: Beat the two Gibdos here and Bomb the rubble to find a Small Key in a chest.  There are also 2 Possessed Jars.
    Room B4-9: This is east of Room B4-8.  Move the block into an alcove to reach the ladder above.  The climbable wall where the block was leads to Room B2-2.  At the other end, shoot the Bomb Flowers near the statue’s base to make it bridge the gap.  West is Room B4-14.
    Room B3-5: This is above Room B4-9.  On the ferry, use the Scarecrow’s Song to reach Pierre and a Gold Skulltula and Zelda’s Lullaby to start the ride.  Beat the 3 Stalfos that appear before the ferry sinks to save your self.
    Room B4-10: This is north of Room B4-9.  The Lens of Truth reveals walls between you and the Floormasters.  West is Room B4-11, north is Room B4-12, and east is Room B4-13.
    Room B4-11: Beat the invisible Floormaster here to find a Small Key.
    Room B4-12: This is a repeat of Room B4-4, except that there are 3 skull pots and no Keeses or Blade Traps.  The pots have various rewards within.  A Gold Skulltula is behind the pots.
    Room B3-6: This is above Room B4-12.
    Room B4-13: Use Din’s Fire to destroy the spiked wooden walls that try to crush you.  One ReDead is guarding the Mutoh Key, and the other guards some Rupees.
    Room B4-14: This is west of the room with the ferry.  Use the Lens of Truth and Hover Boots to reach the west side and the locked door.
    Room B4-15: This is above the lair of Bongo-Bongo.  Fall through the hole to reach it.
    Room B4-16: Bongo-Bongo lurks here.  It’s on the west side of the drum-like platform as you fall in.  The portal is in the center and the Heart Container is near you after the battle.
    Chamber of Sages: This is where Impa gives you the Shadow Medallion.  Who has the orange Me-dallion?
    High Ledge: You warp here after beating the dungeon.

Temple strategies include:

     When you enter the Temple, you should follow the pathway around the corner to the chasm.  Once you Longshot across, you can learn the Lens of Truth is required to see The Shadow.  When you see the ring of skulls, make sure you reveal the real one with the Lens of Truth before you make the Bird Statue face it.  This opens a door across the chasm, but you need ‘sacred feet’ to cross it.  The next door is found by making a U-turn from the original entrance to the main chamber.  In the dark tunnels, you will find a door to the right if you stick with a straight course.
     In this room, you will fight a ReDead and several Keeses.  When you defeat them all, the Dungeon Map will materialize in a chest and the door will open up.  You should grab the item and then continue through the catacombs to a dead-end room with six arms sprouting from the floor.  To reveal the Dead Hand this time, you can Lens of Truth the floor and then Bomb the dark spot.  Defeat the Dead Hand in another ten slashes (6 with Biggoron’s Sword) and another large chest will materi-alize.  You can open it and claim the Hover Boots, which let you walk over bottomless pits for short distances.
     Once you get the Hover Boots, you should equip them and head back to the Bird Statue.  You should run toward the statue across the chasm.  You will stop within reaching distance of the stone ‘tongue’ and grab your way up.  The tunnel beyond leads you down to a cross-shaped room guarded by a Beamos.  When you destroy the statue, look to either side and you will find doors hidden behind the ‘walls.’  The room on the left is the first one we will cover in this guide.
     The room on the left has five Silver Rupees and Scythe Twins, plus several small alcoves.  You should gather the Silver Rupees to open the alcove holding a small chest.  You can then claim a Small Key, and you should not go into the alcove with a face at its end.  That leads you down to the Mutoh, which you are not ready to face right now!  The passage down the hall leads you into a fight with two Gibdos.  Defeating the mummies earns you the Compass, and leaves you one more passage to explore.
     The wall you find opposite the ramp you took to arrive has a funny sound when you hit it.  This high-pitched ping indicates a vulnerability to Goron ‘special crop’, so you can use a Bomb.  The locked door beyond leads you down into a sloping tunnel leading further underground.  As you go down, you will meet a few Big Skulltulas, no big deal if you Longshot their faces.  When you get through, you’ll find Guillotines in a valley with the final Big Skulltula in between.  As you round the corner, Navi will warn you of Wallmasters in her typically cryptic manner.
     Once you make a turn to the left, you can go along a path filled with Guillotines at the jump-ing points.  At the third platform, you have the added danger of a Red Bubble, but you can dodge that with ease.  He platform you end up on is home to a Stalfos.  Once you defeat it, you should look to the lone platform in the corner and use the Lens of Truth to find more platforms.  Hover Boots over and you will find a tunnel into another room.  The large, multi-sided shape occupying most of the floor is warning of invisible Scythe Twins whirling their blades.
     The foes you can see in this chamber are a Like-Like and some Keeses.  The Like-Like is best killed if you shoot it from afar with your Arrows.  The Keeses are vulnerable to any bladed weapon, but are hard to see against the dark walls of the room.  If you need health, you can create a Time Block below to Recovery Hearts in the corner of the room.  The cell that opens contains a Gold Skulltula and a visible chest holding R5.  An invisible chest holding Arrows is also in that tiny cham-ber.
     When you open the chests, you should head back to the platform where you fought the Stal-fos.  Another skeleton will appear, and you should defeat it easily.  When the elevator platform is at the lowest point in its cycle, you should jump or Hover Boots onto it.  You can only safely reach the next platform if you go out when the elevator is at the peak of its ascent, on the level of the rat hold-ing the chain.  There are five Silver Rupees here, one hidden under a Beamos and the rest guarded by Blade Traps.  When you gather the gems, a door will open nearby.
     The sign in the room tells you to use a stone umbrella unless you want to be crushed.  The Lens of Truth shows you a stone block you can use to protect yourself from the Spike Platforms.  When you get to the point where both platforms are blocked, you must pull the block the rest of the way to the end of the platform.  You should also explore the cells on the lower level of the room, in-cluding a Gold Skulltula and Arrows.  Above the cells, you find a chest of Rupees and a rusty switch.  The switch reveals a chest you can Longshot to that contains a Small Key.
     You should now head back to the Beamos and Blade Traps you met earlier.  The path beyond them leads you to more Guillotines and a pit where you can hear a cranking sound.  The Lens of Truth reveals two platforms, one being pushed and pulled along a chain and one that you can use to get to the first.  When you open the locked door in the alcove, you enter a room with ReDead and Sil-ver Rupees.  There are also invisible spikes in various locations on the floor to hurt you.  The Silver Rupees create a chest of Arrows, but no Small Key for the locked door above.
     To get the Small Key, you must enter the open door on this level.  There are Keeses, Fire Keeses, and Blade Traps guarding the giant skull-shaped pot in this room.  There is also a Gold Skull-tula behind the giant pot, in easy Longshot range.  When you destroy the monsters, you will find two Bomb Flowers on top of the staircases.  Throwing an explosive into the pot will detonate it to reveal a Small Key.  To reach the locked door, you must se the Lens of Truth to reveal a Longshot mark on the ceiling above the platform.
     When you reach the turn to the right in the next room, don the Iron Boots.  This will get you past the Fan Creature and Blade Traps in the first passage.  There is also a Big Skulltula to defeat af-ter a left turn, in between the two Fan Creatures.  When you reach the bottomless chasms, you should Longshot over the first and fall into the one in front of the Fan Creature onto the platform.  Continue through the next room and avoid the flames spewed out by the eye switch at regular intervals.  When you reach the door, you should switch to the Hover Boots.
     In the next room, you come across some ReDeads and a face on the wall.  When the zombies die, the face tells you the wind will take the wearer of the sacred feet to a hidden path.  There is an in-visible chest in this room, but it only contains some Arrows.  The Lens of Truth reveals a door in the wall in the narrow passage, and you can use the Hover Boots to get over.  The next room has Gibdos, Possessed Jars, rubble, and a lock underneath the portcullis.  When you kill the mummies, a chest of Rupees materializes in the middle of the room.
     The only way out is to find a Small Key, so you must do so now.  Use a Bomb on the rubble and you can find an invisible chest holding the required Small Key.  There are a few goodies in the normal pots if you want them.  Inside the next room, you will notice a block to your left as you enter, which you must push and pull into the small pit.  This opens up two ladders—one back to the B2 Scythe Twins room and another up to the ferry.  Stand on the very front (bow) of the ferry and play Scarecrow’s Song if you want that Gold Skulltula on the high platform.
     To start the ferry, you must play Zelda’s Lullaby on the Triforce mark.  When the ferry starts moving you will meet a pair of Stalfos that descend to attack you.  You can defeat them, or just avoid and ignore them, but you must get off when you see a wall straight ahead and a platform on your left.  The platform is safe, but the ferry sinks into the mists as soon as it reaches the wall.  There is no ap-parent way across the gap, until you see the Bomb Flowers at the base of the giant statue.  Detonating all of the Bomb Flowers with an Arrow will lower the statue to form a very useful bridge across.
     There is a door on this side of the chasm that you can also open.  This leads you into a room with Floormasters and walls invisible unless you use the Lens of Truth.  This is a good spot to refill your Magic Meter, and you will need magic soon.  A 90-degree turn clockwise leads you to a room with an invisible Floormaster, the rarest and meanest variety.  As soon as you kill it, you receive the last Small Key in the dungeon.  You should then make another 90-degree turn clockwise, to the room opposite the entrance.
     This room has three giant skull pots on a spinning platform.  You can destroy them to get Ru-pees and sundry goodies, but the real prize is behind the pots.  The Gold Skulltula is the last one in the dungeon, so you should take it.  The last room to explore has you facing two wooden walls clos-ing in on you, but you can stop those with Din’s Fire.  That will also stun the ReDead in the room and grant you easy access to the Mutoh Key.  Once you have that, you can kill the zombies for needed magic refills.
     Back where you left the ferry, there is another way across the gap.  Pierre appears high above on a ledge if you play Scarecrow’s Song, allowing you to Longshot up to two Recovery Hearts.  You can then leap own to a third Recovery Heart on a raised platform you can also use the Song of Time to reach.  You should grab the stuff in the pots, your last chance for items before Bongo-Bongo.
     In the last room, you are on a platform across the pit from the Mutoh Key lock.  You can use the Lens of Truth to reveal invisible platforms and then use the Hover Boots to cross.  Once you make it, you can open the Mutoh Key door to find…an empty room!  Well, there is a pit in the middle and some portraits on the walls.  Falling down the pit, you come face-to-twisted face with the Mutoh of the Temple, Bongo-Bongo.  The body soon turns invisible, leaving you two hands to face in combat and hurt.
     Bongo-Bongo relies on the hands for its main weapons, and they are powerful.  However, they are easily stunned if they try to flatten or grab you.  If the hands try to clap, you can slash and stun both of them at once, turning them blue.  You can also use Arrows or the Longshot from a dis-tance, but that is unreliable.  When both hands are stunned, whip out the Lens of Truth and shoot the angry eye with an Arrow to stun it.  While the creature is stunned, you should slash it before it recov-ers from your attack.
     After Bongo-Bongo recovers, it will move and attack you from a new direction.  Just keep up the stun-see-stun-hit strategy until Bongo-Bongo goes berserk.  The hands will drum wildly for a minute, but then the creature will fall to the ground.  It dissolves into the Crawling Thing, which evaporates into a Heart Container and a portal out.  After you grab the Heart Container, you should head through the portal to the Chamber of the Sages.  Impa tells you Princess Zelda is alive and well before handing over the Shadow Medallion.
     Once you warp out, you should try talking to Saria.  She will tell you the last Temple is at the end of the western deserts of Hyrule.  Ganondorf came from that area, so it must be the Gerudo terri-tory you’ve been avoiding thus far.  The next stop on your journey is Gerudo Valley, and then on to Gerudo’s Fortress!

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