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Z64 Walkthrough

Getting the Water Medallion - Hero of Time versus a Protozoan

Return to Lake Hylia

Allies here include:

    Bonooru: He tests your memory here.  If you play your version of the Scarecrow's Song correctly, he'll congratulate you.  He'll ask Pierre to help you when you play that song if he's around.
    Pierre: If you play the Scarecrow's Song at certain locations, he'll appear nearby in range of your Hookshot.  This is nifty if you want to get to the Fishing Pond and don't have the Magic Bean Leaf growing.
    Fishing Master: He's almost out of business because you're his only customer.  His hair has started to fall out, so he wears a cap over his bald spot.  He'll give you a Gold Scale in exchange for a 20-pound fish.
    Chemist: Dive to the bottom of his pond with the Gold Scale to win Heart Piece 28.  That is the deepest you can dive in the game, for your information.  His pupil is in the hidden Potion Shop in Kakariko Village, so she must be Granny.

Foes here include:

    Blue Tektites
    Gold Skulltula: Bash the crate in the Lakeside Laboratory pool to reveal this spider.


Items here include:

    Skull Token
    Magic Jars
    Gold Scale: Catch a 20-pound fish at the Fishing Pond to win this.  You may dive down to eight me-ters with this.
    Heart Piece 28: The Chemist gives you this when he sees you dive to the bottom of his pool.

Important locations here include:

    Warp Tile: This is where you start out.  It's right where you remember it, on top of the Large Isle.
    Large Isle: The Temple Gate is at the bottom of the Last Pool at its base.
    Last Pool: This is the last of the once-proud Lake Hylia.  The Temple Gate is submerged at its bot-tom.
    Tilled Area: Bonooru is the only scarecrow here now.
    Fishing Pond: Go in after Pierre helps you up.  Catch a 20-pound fish to win the Gold Scale.  There are more fish, and some weigh a lot.
    Lakeside Laboratory: With the Gold Scale, dive down to the bottom of the pool here to win Heart Piece 28.
    Temple Gate: This is at the bottom of the Last Pool.  Use your Hookshot to get the green jewel out of its notch to raise the portcullis over the gate.

Area strategies include:

     Once you arrive here, you should head to Bonooru and play back the Scarecrow's Song for him.  This will let you summon Pierre at certain out-of-reach locations for your convenience.  The ledge with the Fishing Pond entrance on it and the roof of the Lakeside Laboratory are two local ex-amples.  You can also use the Magic Bean Leaf to reach the Fishing Pond, if you have it sprouted.  You must, if you want everything, pay R20 to fish again.  The heaviest fish is where you remember it was before-at the sunken log near the lily pads.
     When you catch a fish weighing around 20 pounds, you should keep it.  When you weigh it, you will earn the Gold Scale, the upgraded Silver Scale.  You can use this in the Lakeside Laboratory to earn another Heart Piece.  The Water Temple entrance is closed, but there is a way to open it.  When you stand underwater between the two posts, you can Hookshot the cyan jewel above the gate.  The jewel will float up as the portcullis rises, letting you into the Water Temple, where Princess Ruto is.

The Water Temple

Allies here include:

    Princess Ruto: She is the Sage of Water.  She first appears in Room 1F-2.  Her advice is that you may change the water level at three spots.  At the Chamber of Sages, she wants to marry you, but realizes Hyrule is more important and gives you the Water Medallion instead.  Sheik saved her from the ice, but no other Zoras have recovered.  She wants you to thank Sheik for saving her.
    Sheik: He's on the Large Isle once you warp out.  After hearing about Princess Ruto, he says you must save Hyrule for her sake.  Zora's Domain will recover in time.  He is proud that you beat Mor-pha and restored Lake Hylia to normal.


Foes here include:

    Blue Tektites
    Spikes: These sea urchins have metal spikes that prevent direct attacks.  Defeat them with Din's Fire, the Hookshot, or the Longshot.  Slash if the spikes retract.  Beat them in Room 3F-3 for the Map.
    Shell Blades: These scallops are extremely nasty, especially underwater.  If they see you, they'll open up and hop backwards until they hit you.  Before they can, hit the soft inner muscle with the Hook-shot or some Arrows.
    Gold Skulltulas: There are (again) 5 here.  You can get them all easily, though you need the Long-shot to snag some from safe spots.
    Dark Link: This shadow version of you is hard to beat.  He lurks in Room 3F-8, an extremely large room.  Use the Megaton Hammer to hit his head while dodging his blows.  He can block most other attacks you can offer to, though Din's Fire seems to work quite well.  After 15 hits, he'll vaporize.
    Blade Traps

Giant Aquatic Amoeba:  MORPHA

    MORPHA: This giant, aquatic amoeba is very intelligent without a doubt.  The red, bouncy nucleus is the vulnerable part, but it is hard to reach.  If Morpha is bouncing in and out of the water, you can Longshot the nucleus.  Morpha can create tendrils by winding the "water" in the room into narrow, very elastic fingers.  If the tendrils grab you, they will crush some health out of you before you are flung against the spikes on the wall.
     When Morpha goes into a tendril is the time to Longshot it if you are far enough from the tendrils.  When you get Morpha close to you, you should slash it before it bounces back into the wa-ter.  You should pack a few Fairy Spirits in Bottles for this Mutoh Battle if you are a beginner.  After several rounds, Morpha will send out two tendrils at once.  When you beat Morpha, it will explode and the "water" comprising its body will vanish, leaving you a Heart Container on the pool floor.

Items here include:

    Magic Jars
    Dungeon Map: This is in Room 3F-3.  There are 46 Rooms in this dungeon over 4 floors.  This dun-geon is very complex and full of tricky puzzles.
    Small Keys: There are 6 here.  You may find them in Rooms 1F-3, 1F-5B, B1-4, 2F-2, 1F-9, and 2F-8.
    Skull Tokens
    Compass: This is in Room 3F-4.  Hit the crystal switch to temporarily lower the water surrounding it.
    Fairy Spirits: These may be found in pots throughout the dungeon.
    Longshot: This nifty item is in Room 3F-9.  It goes at least twice as far as the Hookshot, which is needed later on.
    Mutoh Key: This is in Room 1F-15.
    Heart Container: This is in the empty pool after Morpha falls.
    Water Medallion: Princess Ruto gives you this as the Sage of Water.  It contains her love and her hope that you may be wed when peace is restored to Hyrule.  You should take it respectfully.
    Fire Arrow: This magic arrow lands on the Goalpost Isle after you shoot the dawn sun with an Ar-row!  It uses 2 MP per Fire Arrow.  The thing it hits catches fire.  It's great for lighting far-off torches.

Temple tricks include:

    Room 3F-1: Upon entering, use the Iron Boots to surface.  Put them on again to sink.  Use the Scare-crow's Song to reach the northeast ledge and a place where you may adjust the water level.
    Room 2F-1: This is right below Room 3F-1.  It also has a column through its center.
    Room 1F-1: This is the bottom of the central room.  To the west is Room 1F-2.
    Room 1F-2: This is where you meet Princess Ruto.  When the water is lowered, light the two torches with arrows to open the door.
    Room 2F-2: The water can be lowered some to reach the ledge here .  Bomb the crack to find a Small Key.
    Room 3F-2: This is the first place you may change the water level with Zelda's Lullaby.  Past the door is Room 3F-3.
    Room 3F-3: Beat the four Spikes here for the Map.
    Room 1F-3: This is west of Room 1F-2.  Beat the Shell Blades here for a Small Key.
    Room B1-1: This is below and to the east of Room 1F-1.  Push the block to reveal the hole.  To get out the way you came, Hookshot to the target on the wall.
    Room 1F-4: Beat the Blue Tektite.  Strike the crystal switch to raise the water column.
    Room 1F-5: This room's water current sweeps you around too fast for you to do much at all.  Use the Iron Boots to descend to Room B1-2.  You emerge above the east end of Room B1-2.  The crystal switch here also controls the portcullis below.  In the chest is a Small Key.
    Room B1-2: Hit the crystal switch in the serpent statue's mouth to raise the portcullis.  Above the ends of the tunnel is Room 1F-5.
    Room 1F-6: This is north of Room 1F-1.  Bomb the cracked floor to reach Room B1-3.  On the other side, hit the switch to raise the water and the statue.  Beat the Blue Tektites after this.  Spin Attack to hit the crystal switch and open the cell holding a Gold Skulltula.
    Room B1-3: A Shell Blade guards this hall connecting the two parts of Room 1F-6.
    Room 1F-7: This is in the central column .  Above is Room 2F-3 and below the block is Room B1-4.
    Room 2F-3: This is the second room where you may adjust the water level.  After doing so, fall down to Room B1-4.
    Room B1-4: This hall connects Room 1F-7 to Room B1-5 .
    Room B1-5: Hit the crystal switch to release some Spikes and Shell Blades.  Beat them all to retract the portcullis under the alcove holding a Small Key.
    Room 2F-4: This hall connects Room 2F-1 to Room 3F-4.
    Room 3F-4: This room holds the Compass.  Hit the crystal switch and hurry to the other side of the chest to get the item.

More Temple tricks include:

    Room 2F-5: This is east of Room 2F-1.  Watch for Blue Tektites falling from above the water col-umn.  To get back up, Hookshot the crystal switch and ride the water column up.
    Room 3F-5: This is above Room 2F-5.  Go through the door to reach the northeast ledge in Room 3F-1.
    Room 3F-6: This is east of Room 3F-1.  East is a cascading waterfall .  Below are Rooms 2F-6 and 1F-8.  High on the south wall is a Gold Skulltula.
    Room 2F-6: This room is a single, stationary platform on the west side.  To the east are several de-scending platforms.
    Room 1F-8: This is at the point where the falls converge.  Use your Hookshot to get across to the platform on the other side.  Keep Hookshotting up until you reach the top.
    Room 3F-7: This room is east of Room 3F-6.  Use the crystal switch to raise and lower the dragon statues.  At the south end, beat the Blue Tektites and Like-Like before Hookshotting across the spikes to Room 3F-8.
    Room 3F-8: This room is the biggest in the dungeon.  Dark Link inhabits the tree at the center of the room.  After the battle ends, head south to Room 3F-9.
    Room 3F-9: This is where you may find the Longshot.  After getting it, play the Song of Time to re-veal a hole that leads down to Room 2F-7.
    Room 2F-7: This serpent-shaped room is tough to cross.  Once in the water, watch out for the vor-texes that swallow you up if you get too close.
    Room 1F-9: This is the water in Room 2F-7.  Watch out for vortexes along the way.  Midway along is a Gold Skulltula.  At the end, you should surface at the platform with two pots on it.  Longshot to the target and shoot the eye switches from the platform below.  Use your Longshot to reach the chest with a Small Key in it.  The tunnel leads to Room 1F-5.
    Room 3F-10: This is atop of the center column.  Snag the Gold Skulltula here with the Longshot.
    Room 2F-8: This is north of Room 2F-1.  With water at its highest, go west of Room 3F-1 and move the block until you can't any more .  Lower the water in Room 3F-2 and shoot the eye switch from Room 2F-1.  Push the block down the hall to reveal a chest with a Small Key.
    Room B1-6: This is south of Room 1F-1.  Use it to reach Room 1F-10.
    Room 1F-10: Longshot across the spikes and open the locked door with a Small Key.
    Room 1F-11: Beat the six Blue Tektites here.  Use the Iron Boots to dodge the boulders and vortexes.  At the far shore, open the door.
    Room 1F-12: There are always Stingers in here.  Bomb the false walls to reveal a bock.  Move the block onto the sunken switch to keep it depressed. Room 1F-13 is through the door above the water.
    Room 1F-13: Hit the switch to retract the portcullis and raise the water columns.  Hurry through both before the timer stops.
    Room 1F-14: Watch out for boulders flowing to Room 1F-12.  Snag the Gold Skulltula and descend to the tunnel.  Beat the Shell Blade and ascend on the other side.  Past the locked door is Room 1F-15.
    Room 1F-15: This room is home to the Mutoh Key.  The two pots hold Fairy Spirits if you need them.
    Room 3F-11: The last room before Morpha is tricky to cross.  Run up the side of the wall to avoid the Blade Traps.  At the top, use the Mutoh Key to open the door.
    Room 3F-12: This is Morpha's lair.  The water drains away when Morpha explodes.  The water dis-solves into the blue light and the Heart Container is nearby on the floor.
    Chamber of Sages: Princess Ruto gives you the Water Medallion here.
    Large Isle: This is where you warp out.  Sheik is on the edge as Lake Hylia refills.  Shoot the rising sun from the brown plaque to make the Fire Arrow appear on the Goalpost Isle.
    Goalpost Isle: The Fire Arrow lands here.

Temple strategies include:

     You enter the dungeon on floor 3F, in a dead-end passage.  You should then put on the Kokiri Boots and climb up to the 3F chamber, at the top of the dungeon.  You will find two Blue Tektites near the central column, and a strange door in the northeast corner of the room, where you can't reach.  You can go to the western doorway (take a right as you enter) and sink into a passage on 2F.  You will, unfortunately, do a lot of that in this Temple.
     In the passage, you will see a giant block in front of you.  You can pull it back and should do that until it stops moving.  Back in the 3F room, you should sink down to 1F and enter the passage on the same side of the room.  You will follow this until you meet up with adult Princess Ruto standing near a brazier in an underwater room.  She says there are three places in the Temple where you can change the water level.  She will swim upward to the first, on 3F, just before she vanishes.
     There is a door where you end up, which you should head through right away.  When the Shell Blades stop moving, you should Hookshot each one from a distance.  When you kill all four, you can claim the Dungeon Map from the chest.  You will notice a Triforce on the wall hanging in the next room, indicating a place to play Zelda's Lullaby.  This will lower the water to its lowest level at this location, and light the brazier in the 1F room below.  To open the door nearby, you must light the two metal braziers by shooting Arrows at them or by Din's Fire.
     In the room beyond, you meet up with your first pack of Shell Blades.  When these creatures expose their inner muscles, you must hit them at the right time with the Hookshot or an Arrow.  De-feating these most annoying enemies will reveal the first chest here that holds a Small Key.  You should then go to the wall of the central room with a block you can push into the wall.  This leads you into an underwater passage to the next room.  When you want to cross the pit, you must hit the crystal switch to raise the water column.
     In the next room, the current moves very fast.  You want to sink onto the tail of the sea ser-pent statue s you can see the crystal switch in the mouth of the creature.  When you hit it, you have ten seconds to go into the alcove holding the Shell Blades with your Hookshot.  You will get a second Small Key by rising above the scallops into a room with another crystal switch and a chest.  You should head back to the central room once you escape from this trap.  You should go to the passage on the bottom of the map display and then follow it until you reach a crack in the floor.
     Bombing the crack, you reveal an underwater passage with a Shell Blade.  In the room be-yond, there is a floor switch that raises the water and dragon statue in the chamber.  You should then Hookshot up to the statue and take out the Blue Tektites nearby.  To open the cell, you must Spin At-tack the crystal switch to raise the portcullis.  This lets you get a Gold Skulltula and several pots hid-ing goodies.  Your next destination is the giant column in the main room, more specifically, its locked 1F entrance.
     When you get inside, you should go to the end of the passage and look up to see a Hookshot point.  This will get you to the midlevel Triforce tapestry, raising the water halfway to the top.  That raises the brown block to reveal a secret chamber underneath leading you to a crystal switch.  When you hit the device, several Spikes and Shell Blades will fall into the room.  When you defeat them all, a room will open in the corner, leading you to a dry spot where you can pick up a Small Key.
     To exit the chamber, you need only go back to the column and rise up to the doorway.  Once you reappear in the main room, you should head back to the passage where you met Princess Ruto.  The cracked wall will reveal a chest with a Small Key on floor 2F.  In the 2F passage on the same side of the room, you will find a Hookshot point over some spikes.  That leads you up to a room with a crystal switch and the Compass chest surrounded by water.  The only way to get rid of the water column is to shoot the crystal switch with an Arrow from the open side of the chest.
     When you have the Compass, you should head back to the main room and go to the locked door.  There will be a Blue Tektite that jumps down from the floor above in the new room.  When you kill the quadruped, you can stand on the water column and shoot the crystal switch with your Hook-shot.  The room upstairs leads you back to the main room, this time on that ledge you couldn't reach earlier.  Play Zelda's Lullaby to raise the water all the way, and then Scarecrow's Song to summon Pierre.  You should now go through the locked door near the light tile.
     There are two Keeses in the first part next room.  After you kill them, you should head down to the lower platform opposite the Waterfall.  From there you can Hookshot up the platforms to the locked door at the top of the waterfall.  The next room has a strange crystal switch and Blue Tektites in the water, plus some submerged dragon statues on the platforms.  After you kill the creatures in the water, you can deal with the dragon statues.
     Hit the crystal switch once with an Arrow to raise all the statues and you can Hookshot across to the next platform.  Once you get across, you must lower the statues by hitting the crystal switch again.  After you can reach the third dragon statue from the platform with the second, you must make the platforms rise again.  When you get across, you must use the switch twice more-once to lower the state to form a stair, and again to raise the statue to the upper tunnel.  Inside, you will meet two Blue Tektites and a Like-Like, and then yo can Hookshot over the spikes to get goodies from the pots.
     In the next room, there is the illusion of sky and you almost feel like you're outside.  When you circle around the dead tree, the shadowy figure of Dark Link appears and begins attacking you.  To defeat him, you must use weapons he cannot block, like Din's Fire and the Megaton Hammer, when he gets close enough.  After enough hits, he will die and leave you some Rupees as the room re-turns to its actual state.  Go through the door opposite the one you entered and you will see a large chest with a Time Block in the floor behind it.  Grab the Longshot and you can play the Song of Time to open the pit.
     In the room below, Navi warns you of vortexes along the stream.  When you hop in, just fol-low the snake-shaped room to the "tail" and grab Recovery Hearts as you go.  When you see the Gold Skulltula, you can Longshot it away from where it is.  When you reach the final two vortexes, there is a Longshot mark on the ceiling you can use to get out safely.  There is an eye switch nearby that you can use to raise the nearby portcullis.  That lets you access the chest holding a Small Key, but hurry before the timer runs out!
     After you get the Key, you should head down the passage to the room with the fast current.  You should then go back to the main room and go from there to the waterfall chamber.  There is a Gold Skulltula in Longshot range on one wall.  Once that is done, you should head to the first Tri-force tapestry (above where you met Ruto) and lower the water all the way.  You should now go into the column and claim the Gold Skulltula in the 3F section of it.  You should then exit on 2F without raising the water level, and this is important!
     Facing the entrance from the sides of the column, you can see an eye switch below a door-way.  Once you hit it, you should hurry to Longshot over to the mark on the wall.  Once you get in, the hallway will take you to the crescent block you pulled earlier.  When you push it this time, you reveal a chest with the last Small Key inside of it.  You can get out by following the passage down to the Hookshot mark and then going up.  You should then leap down to the floor of the main room and then go down the passage near the pool of Spikes.
     This leads you into a room with a Hookshot mark over a door beyond spikes.  When you open the door, you see more vortexes, some boulders, and six Blue Tektites.  You should eliminate the quadrupeds at once before you attempt to cross the room.  The next room is full of Stingers un-derwater, old friends from Jabu-Jabu's Belly.  Kill them all and you should investigate the walls at the corners of the room.  Bombing them reveals a hidden section containing a block you can move.
     Once you open both hidden entrances, you should push the block from the one near the ledges.  Pull the block out once it stops and you can almost get it over the edge.  Push it the rest of the way and you keep the water level raised, allowing you to open the upper door.  In the new room, you should kill the Blue Tektites or lure them into the lower section of the room.  When you activate the crystal switch, you must cross quickly, since it controls both the water columns and the door!  You will emerge in a passage of the second vortex room you were in earlier.
     When you get into the main part of the passage, you will have to avoid the boulders.  You can get the last Gold Skulltula from the wall behind where the boulders drop.  The way to the Mutoh Key is to drop into the hole below the boulder using Iron Boots.  You should avoid the Shell Blade and go to the locked door above.  Once you have the Mutoh Key, you can raise the water to its highest level again.  The way to Morpha is to Longshot to the dragon statue at the south end of the main room on floor 3F.
     You should pick up some last-minute supplies from the pots by the door.  Once you enter the chamber, you see three Blade Traps bouncing off the walls back and forth.  You must run up the sloped wall so you do not get hit or you will be forced to start the climb over.  If you stop moving, you must start the climb over.  Once you enter the Mutoh Room, Princess Ruto's voice tells you the water does not look right.  Stand on one of the four platforms and the Mutoh battle will soon begin.
     The best way to fight Morpha is from the outer edge, even though you have little room.  When you get the chance, Longshot the nucleus and slash it before it flops away from you.  Keep this attack strategy up until Morpha moves to create two tendrils at once.  You must then move carefully, as the second tendril may appear right next to you in the water!  After Morpha detonates, the "water" disappears and the blue portal soon appears.  You should grab the Heart Container before you enter.
     In the Chamber of the Sages, Ruto is revealed as the Sage of Water.  She wants to marry you, but Hyrule is more important than that.  She will give you the Water Medallion, which contains all her love for you.  When you reappear on the Large Isle, Sheik tells you a few things as the water in the lake regains its former splendor.  When he vanishes, you should head over to the brown plaque.  Shoot the rising sun with an Arrow to reveal a wondrous treasure-the great Fire Arrow.
     When you have that, you should head back to Kakariko Village.  That is near the next Sage Temple, and you might actually see Impa there.  If you don't, you can always combat the monsters that recently escaped imprisonment in the village well.  There are also village fires to put out, and a few more Heart Pieces to get.  Western Hyrule is largely unknown, but you'll see a bit of it before too long.  Suffice it to say, Kakariko Village is more familiar, and you feel more obligated to help it in any case.

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