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Z64 Walkthrough

The Final Showdown - The Evil King versus the Hero of Time

Ganon's Castle Grounds

Allies here include:

    Sages: As you reach the top of the Broken Stair, Rauru will contact you telepathically.  He and the other Sages combine their powers to form a translucent bridge to the Castle.  To reach Ganondorf's lair, you must dispel the six evil barriers surrounding it.

The foe here:

    Gold Skulltula: There is one on the back of the Arch.

The item here:

    Skull Token

Important locations here include:

    Broken Stair: This once led up to Hyrule Castle, but now it leads into the Lava Pool.  At the top, the Sages combine their powers to form the Rainbow Bridge.
    Arch: A Gold Skulltula is on the back of this.
    Lava Pool: This is beneath the Floating Isle and Ganon's Castle.  It damages you one Heart automatically if you fall in.
    Dead End: This is right where GFF 2 was when you were a child.  However, a giant, black pillar that even the Silver Gauntlets can't deal with blocks the way now.  How can you move such a block?
    Floating Isle: This is where Ganon's Castle is anchored.  It is right above the hole at the center of the Lava Pool.
    Ganon's Castle: This citadel is on the Floating Isle.  Its crown is the tall spire of Ganon's Tower.  The Rainbow Bridge leads right to its gate.  It is built out of dark stone that creates a terrifying ap-pearance in the low light.  At each corner of the walls is a small tower.  Its lower layers slope up to-wards the tall tower.  Ganondorf obviously built this to threaten, whereas Hyrule Castle was inviting and made from the finest white stones.
    Rainbow Bridge: The Sages combine their powers to create this.  It leads directly to the gate of Ganon's Castle.  Actually, only the edges are rainbow-colored.  The central part is white.  All parts are translucent.

How do you get through this area?

     When you arrive, you will gasp with fright during the opening cinema.  The last (oh, joy!) Gold Skulltula in the game is behind the Ruined Arch, so be sure to collect its Skull Token.  When you ascend the Ruined Stair, Rauru and the Sages form the Rainbow Bridge to the Floating Isle.  When that is done, you should head right in.  After all, Ganondorf is waiting!

The Outer Rooms of Ganon's Castle

What is this dungeon area like?

     The dungeon of Ganon's Castle is divided into the Outer Rooms (where you start) and Ganon's Tower (behind the evil barriers).  The Outer Rooms are deep in the Floating Isle due to a long staircase just after the entrance.  The central room has several entrances.  There are 6 paths with the Medallion symbols carved over the doors.  At the end of each is a support for the barrier.
     As you may have guessed, you must destroy all 6 supports to dispel the barrier.  Ganon's Tower ends high above the main room, in Ganondorf's inner sanctum.  It is there that you'll find Princess Zelda.  On the way, you'll have to best Keeses, Fire Keeses, Dinolfos, Stalfos, and two Iron Knuckles.  By the way, you'll get a needed item in the Shadow Rooms.  The proper path in the Outer Rooms starts in the Spirit Rooms and going counterclockwise from there.

Allies here include:

    Sages: As you beat each room or series thereof, each Sage will break their portion of the barrier.  You'll get encouragement from each Sage as well.  When all 6 rooms are completed, the barrier will disintegrate.
    Sun Tiles: Hit the correct one to open the door to the Spirit Sage Room.  Otherwise, a Wallmaster will try to attack you.
    Business Scrubs: 4 of these inhabit the Treasure Room.  They offer Red Potion, Arrows, Bombs, or Green Potion.


Foes here include:

    Beamos: These statues inhabit the Entry Room, Spirit Room 1, and Forest Room 2.
    Blade Traps
    Torch Slugs: These creatures inhabit Spirit Room 2 and Fire Room 1.
    Wallmasters: These try to grab you in Spirit Room 3 if you activate the wrong Sun Tile.  Also, one inhabits the False Light Sage Room.
    Wolfos: One inhabits Forest Room 1.
    Fan Creatures: These try to blow you into the many pits of Forest Room 2.  Don the Iron Boots to avoid being blown about.
    Freezards: Several speedy ice statues inhabit Water Room 1.
    Green Bubble: There's one in Shadow Room 1.
    Like-Like: There's one in Shadow Room 1.
    Torch Statue: There is one on a platform in Fire Room 1.
    Red Bubbles: Several inhabit Fire Room 1.
    Skulltula: An invisible one is in Light Room 1.
    Keeses: Three invisible bats of this type inhabit Light Room 1.

Items here include:

    Magic Jars
    Silver Rupees: These are needed to solve puzzles in Spirit Room 1, Forest Room 2, Fire Room 1, and Light Room 3.
    Bombchu: Use them to hit the second crystal switch in Spirit Room 2.
    Deku Nuts
    Blue Fire: Use it to melt red ice in Water Room 1 and Water Room 2.
    Golden Gauntlets: These gloves are better than the Silver Gauntlets.  They can lift giant blocks like the one at the Dead End.  You need them to reach the Fire Sage Room and to open the Light Rooms.
    Small Keys: Use them to unlock doors following Light Room 1 and Light Room 2.
    Red Potion: Each dose you buy from the Business Scrubs costs R40.
    Green Potion: Each dose you buy from the Business Scrubs of the Treasure Room costs R40.
    Fairy Spirits: Several float about the Treasure Room.  Grab them ASAP; you'll need them in the fight with Ganondorf!

Dungeon tricks include:

    Entry Room: Descend the stairs.  At the bottom, beat the two Beamos before entering the Center Room.
    Center Room: A shimmering barrier of pink strands of light surrounds the large column at the base of Ganon's Tower.  Go counterclockwise around the room starting with the Spirit Rooms to properly proceed.  Under the bridge to the gate is the Treasure Room.
    Spirit Room 1: A Beamos and several Blade Traps are here.  Beat the Beamos and collect the Silver Rupees to raise the portcullis to the northwest.
    Spirit Room 2: Beat the twin Torch Slugs.  Use a Spin Attack to activate the first crystal switch and a Bombchu to activate the second.

More Dungeon Tricks Include:

    Spirit Room 3: As you enter note the Sun Tiles around the room.  Shoot the web with a Fire Arrow and equip the Mirror Shield.  If you activate the wrong Sun Tile, a Wallmaster will drop to the floor.
    Spirit Sage Room: Shoot a Light Arrow into the shimmering thing and Nabooru will appear.  She will then dispel her part of the barrier.
    Forest Room 1: As you approach the center of this chamber, a Wolfos will rise.  Beat it and open the chest for Rupees.  Use Din's Fire to light the central torches and shoot a Fire Arrow at the torch above the door to raise the portcullis.
    Forest Room 2: Play the Song of Time to create some Time Blocks near the door.  Grab the 1st 4 Sil-ver Rupees and hit the switch.  Get to the top of the pillar and grabs the last Silver Rupee.  Don the Iron Boots to block the Fan Creatures.  A Beamos is on the central platform.
    Forest Sage Room: This is your second Sage Room.  Shoot the shining thing with a Light Arrow to help Saria dispel her part of the barrier.
    Water Room 1: Beat the 2 Freezards here to raise the portcullis.  Use the Blue Fire to melt the red ice.  Restock before proceeding.  The chest on the right is trapped.
    Water Room 2: A two-minute timer limits you here.  Push the block farther from the hole into it and use the other to reach the ledge.  Behind the red ice, hit the rusty switch to raise the portcullis.
    Water Sage Room: Hit the jewel with a Light Arrow to help Princess Ruto dispel her part of the bar-rier.
    Shadow Room 1: As you enter, play the Song of Time so you may get the chest.  Shoot the torch with a Fire Arrow to create a path.  At the next platform, beat the Like-Like.  Recreate the path and go down to the switch on the platform.  Open the chest to find the Golden Gauntlets.  Use the Lens of Truth to reach the rusty switch.  Follow the other invisible path once the portcullis is raised.
    Shadow Sage Room: You know the drill by now.  Shoot the gem with a Light Arrow and Impa will dispel her barrier.
    Fire Room 1: Do not use Iron Boots or the main path will sink.  Avoid the foes and grab the Silver Rupees.  You need the Golden Gauntlets to get 2 of them.
    Fire Sage Room: You know what to do here to help King Darunia.
    Light Room 1: Beat the invisible Skulltula and 3 invisible Keeses for a chest with a Door Key.  You can tell good chests from bad with the Lens of Truth.
    Light Room 2: Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce tile and get the Door Key from the chest.
    Light Room 3: Collect the 5 Silver Rupees in a minute while avoiding the boulders to raise the port-cullis.
    False Light Sage Room: Dodge the Wallmaster here.
    Light Sage Room: This is past the False Light Sage Room.  Once Rauru breaks his barrier the big one will vanish in a blinding flash of light.
    Treasure Room: This is behind a false wall below the bridge in the Center Room.  Business Scrubs and Fairy Spirits abound here.

Dungeon strategies include:

     When you enter, you should head downstairs until you find the Beamos.  You can either kill them, but you can sneak by if you are fast enough in your footwork.  Inside the large main room, you will find a barrier of pink energy strands surrounding the gate to Ganon's Tower.  You can either head left or right, or go all the way around to the Shadow Room.  We recommend that you start in the Spirit Medallion doorway and head to your right from there.  This will get you the most experience and a few items you will like.
     Inside the first Spirit Room, you see a few Blade Traps bouncing between Armos statues while a Beamos overlooks the scene.  To slow down the spiked dangers, you can pull the statues out.  When you gather the five Silver Rupees, the door opens and you can continue on to the next room.  You should kill the Torch Slugs in the next room for Magic Jars, which you should max out on.  When you strike the switch with a Spin Attack, you can get some Bombchu from the chest.  This will give you the means to reach the crystal switch in between the two braziers and open the door.
     In the room to the left, you see sun marks on the wall and a spider's web above.  When you burn the webs with a Fire Arrow, you can use the sunlight with the Mirror Shield.  You need to hit the Sun Tile directly to the right of the door you just entered to open the door; the other Sun Tiles reveal Wallmasters.  In the next room, you find a strange device floating in strands of orange magic.  The Spirit Barrier dies when you shoot the device with a Light Arrow and awaken Nabooru.  Your next stop is the Forest Room on the other side of the bridge.
     Once you get in, you will meet a Wolfos guarding the four braziers.  When you defeat the creature and light the braziers, a chest materializes holding some goodies.  You can access the next room by shooting the brazier over the door with a Fire Arrow.  You should now play the Song of Time next to the door to reveal a Time Block under the Silver Rupee.  You need to defeat the Beamos to access the switch on the platform below one of the Fan Creatures.  This creates a Hookshot pillar you can use to claim the Silver Rupee nearby.
     After you gather the Silver Rupees, you should hit the jewel in the next room with a Light Ar-row.  After Saria breaks the Forest Barrier, you can continue downstairs to the Water Rooms.  In this first room, you must kill the Freezards to open the door and then use Blue Fire on the red ice covering it.  When you get to the door, you should have a Bottle full of Blue Fire, since you will need it in the next room.  Pushing the far block into the hole lets you use the near block to reach the rusted switch behind the red ice.  In the next room, you must Light Arrow the jewel to help Ruto break the Water Barrier.
 In the Shadow Room upstairs, you should try to kill the Green Bubble with an Arrow before anything else.  This gives you a bit of reprieve once you reveal a path with the Fire Arrow to the brazier.  When you reach the Like-Like, you should kill it right away before it eats up your special Tunic or Hylian Shield!  After that, you should reactivate the brazier and continue down a set of stairs to a floor switch near the second platform.  This lets you Longshot up to the Golden Gauntlets in the large chest.  You need the Lens of Truth to reach the switch controlling the door.
     When you get in the next room, you should hit the jewel with a Light Arrow.  After Impa breaks the Shadow Barrier, you should head to the Fire Medallion doorway.  Before you go in, you need to equip the Goron Tunic and Hover Boots for your benefit.  If you had any other boots on, the main pathway in the room would sink inexorably into the lava when you stepped on it.  You need to grab the five Silver Rupees in the room while you avoid Red Bubbles, a spinning Torch Statue, and a Torch Slug.  To get the last two gems, you need the Golden Gauntlets to flip the black crystal into the lava.
     When you get to the point where you have to reach the platform with the Torch Slug, you need to Longshot to the door platform and then Longshot to the platform from there.  You need the Kokiri Boots to jump safely to the platform with the Silver Rupee.  As always, there are goodies to ei-ther side of the Sage Room entrance. When King Darunia breaks the Fire Barrier, you should head down to the black crystal on the lower level.  Lifting the block with the Golden Gauntlets will open the final Sage chamber, the Light Rooms.
     Once inside, you should Z-Target each of the monsters in the room without disturbing it. When you Longshot the three Keeses and the Skulltula, you can pick up a Small Key from the chest.  In the next room, you need to play Zelda's Lullaby to find the second Small Key from the chest.  The third room has you racing to avoid boulders while you grab the Silver Rupees in under a minute.  This can be done, and the last Silver Rupee is above the central platform, under the Longshot target.  In the next room, there is a Wallmaster, no jewel in midair you can strike.  The Lens of Truth will reveal the way to the jewel once you shake off or kill the severed hand.
     When you shoot the jewel with a Light Arrow, Rauru warps you back to the main room.  In a short cinema sequence, the barrier will disintegrate and open the door to Ganon's Tower.  You can enter, but you should get as prepared as you can for the Great King of Evil.  After all, that dead end outside bears investigation, and you can move the crystal with the Golden Gauntlets.  There are also some supplies you can get underneath the bridge in the Treasure Room.

Ganon's Tower

Allies here include:

    Great Fairy 6: She lives in GFF 6 behind the Dead End.  She will give you the Double Health (see the next page).  She is the last Great Fairy and represents Courage.
    Princess Zelda: You see her in Ganondorf's Chamber.  She gasps with fright as her Triforce fragment starts to resonate and combine into one Triforce.
    Navi: When Ganondorf unleashes his waves of darkness, she becomes unable to target him or get close enough for hints.

Foes here include:

    Fire Keeses
    Dinolfos: Beat these two in the Dinolfos Room to raise the portcullis.
    Stalfos: Two inhabit the Stalfos Room.  Beat them both to get the Mutoh Key and raise the portcullis.
    Iron Knuckles: Ganondorf brought two of these evil knights into the Iron Knuckle room of his tower.  One has light armor, and the other is clad in metal dark as midnight.  You should lure them out one at a time for your benefit, and use Nayru's Love to protect yourself (of course).  You can defeat each Knuckle in twenty slashes, but Bombs will ease the battle as they did before.

Great King of Evil: GANONDORF

    GANONDORF: Finally, you fight the Great King of Evil.  He is the one playing the organ music as you climb up to him.  His chamber has statues of Gohma Larvae or other monsters on pedestals and features a fancy red carpet.  As he stops playing he expresses joy after having finally getting his chance at total, utter domination.  He thinks the Triforce parts you and Princess Zelda carry are toys for his exclusive use and demands their return.  He then unleashes a wave of dark energy that pre-vents Navi from helping you at all.
     His first attack on you is an Earthquake Punch that knocks away one layer of blocks.  This can't be stopped, so run for a corner, a safe point, and await his next move.  When he launches a fire-bolt at you, do what you did to Phantom Ganon.  When he flashes red, stun him with a Light Arrow and he drops to the platform.  This is your chance to rush forward and slash him up to six times at one go.  Twenty slashes later, he coughs up blood and makes the room collapse.  He uses Earthquake Punches if you linger on the central pillar too long.
     Another attack Ganondorf uses is the super firebolt.  Basically, he makes a ball of darkness or light, six beams hit it, and then he launches energy at you.  While he's casting the spell, you should zap him with a Light Arrow.  You can also bounce the launched beams back with a Spin Attack and then Light Arrow as usual.  You must deal at least eleven slashes to the Great King of Evil before he uses this attack against you.  It's not over when he admits defeat in this round of combat, though you might wish it were ended.

Items here include:

    Magic Jars
    Mutoh Key: Beat the 2 Stalfos to free the ornate chest.  You need it to reach Ganondorf.


Dungeon tricks include:

    Dead End: With the Golden Gauntlets, you may lift the giant pillar and toss it to the wall behind.  This opens GFF 6 up.
    GFF 6: This is behind the Dead End.  Great Fairy 6 gives you the Double Health here.
    Ganon's Tower: This is the tallest part of Ganon's Castle.  Its top is below the small hole in the clouds.
    Keeses Room: This is at the bottom of Ganon's Tower.  Beat the Keeses and Fire Keeses here to raise the portcullis above the stairs.
    Dinolfos Room: This is above the Keeses Room.  Beat the twin Dinolfos to raise the portcullis.
    Stairs: These connect the rooms of Ganon's Tower.
    Stalfos Room: This is the next room up.  Beat the twin Stalfos to raise the portcullis and retract the flames surrounding the Mutoh Key's chest.
    Iron Knuckle Room: This is above the Stalfos Room.  Beat the light-colored Iron Knuckle and its dark companion to raise the portcullis.
    Column Room: This is beyond the 3rd and final Stair.  The items in the pots are needed later on.  To the right is the Winding Stair.
    Winding Stair: This staircase winds up and up, seemingly endless.  At the top, the light, which brightens as you climb, has reached unearthly levels.  Behind the door in the alcove at the top is Ganondorf's Chamber.
    Ganondorf's Chamber: As you enter, Princess Zelda is suspended over Ganondorf's organ while the man himself plays it.  The organ and Princess Zelda vanish as the battle begins.  The walls collapse once you beat Ganondorf.  Below is the Column Room.

A nifty gift from the Great Fairy:

    Double Health: This is useful for the battle with Ganondorf.  It manifests as a white shell around your Heart Containers.  With it, all damage you suffer by any means is halved.  You get it from Great Fairy 6 in GFF 6.

Dungeon strategies include:

     Once you get out of Ganon's Castle, you should head to the Dead End.  If you need to bust the red boulders on the way, then you should do so.  When you lift up the black crystal, it flies back to stick in the wall nearby, opening a cave.  When you get into the GFF, you should use Zelda's Lullaby one more time to summon the Great Fairy of Courage.  She gives you the Double Health, giving you defense that you need to face Ganondorf and his minions.  You are now ready to enter the evil of Ganon's Tower and bring the fight to Ganondorf.
     When you enter the first room of Ganon's Tower, you will fight several Keeses and Fire Keeses.  You need to save your Arrows, so you have to slash the bats with the Master Sword to bring them down.  In the chamber above, you come face to face with a pair of Dinolfos, like the two in Gerudo's Training Ground.  When you defeat them, you can climb up to the next room.  You need to kill the two Stalfos quickly, as the defeated one will rebuild if you take to long.  Defeating both of the skeletons lets you open the chest and claim the Mutoh Key.
     Up another flight of stairs, you see two Iron Knuckles guarding the stairs up to the next room.  When you get close to them, you should activate one of them at a time for your own good.  When you defeat both of the evil knights, you should go back down to the Outer Rooms and refill on supplies.  The door above the Iron Knuckle Room leads you to the Column Room past the Mutoh Key door.  Do not break the pots, as they may come in handy and it would be a shame to waste them.  You will find the Winding stair nearby, and you should of course climb up.
     When you reach the top, you find a strange door in the unearthly brilliance of the light through the stained glass.  When you get in, your Health Meter refills automatically, so you should have full magic.  Ganondorf says these words to you shortly thereafter, an excerpt from my novel version of the game:
     "The Triforce parts are resonating.  They are combining into one again.  The two Triforce parts that I could not capture on that day seven years ago.I didn't expect they would be hidden within you two!"  Ganondorf cackled once and continued, saying to himself or to his audience these words:
     "And now, finally, all the Triforce parts have gathered here!"  Ganondorf stood and turned, sweeping his cape behind him as he said, "These toys are too much for you!  I command you to return them to me!"  As the Triforce of Power gleamed on Ganondorf's hand, a wave of purple, blue and gray lightning permeated Link and Navi.  The fairy said:
     "Link!  I can't help you!  Because of the waves of darkness, I can't get close!  I'm sorry, Link!"  The battle starts off with Ganondorf performing an Earthquake Punch that knocks out the in-nermost row of blocks and can't be stopped.  To beat Ganondorf, use the same tactics that helped you beat Phantom Ganon.  The only difference is that you can only bring him down with a Light Arrow.  As soon as he recovers from being stunned, go back to a corner and repeat.
     Ganondorf will admit defeat 20 sword slashes later.  If you fall, grab some of the stuff in the pots to refill your supplies.  In his dying anger, he'll make the room crash down around you.  It might be over, but I don't think so.  The Evil King's not done yet.

The Escape from Ganon's Castle

Allies here include:

    Princess Zelda: She is freed when Ganondorf falls on his face.  She will guide you in and out of the castle while you try to escape its collapse.  You must follow her or she will scream.  She'll thank you with 5 Hearts when you free her from the Stalfos.  She will guard the Master Sword when Ganon knocks it away.  She summons the Sages to imprison Ganon in the Evil Realm when you beat him.
    Navi: She won't let Ganon hold her back, even though she knows nothing about him.  Well, Z-Targeting is better than nothing.
    Sages: When Princess Zelda summons them, they'll open up the sealed door (a white portal that acts like a black hole) with their powers and send Ganondorf (the Evil Incarnation of Darkness) into the colorless void of the Evil Realm.


Foes here include:

    Ganondorf: With his last breath, he'll make the whole castle collapse in less than 3 minutes.  He rises from the Rubble Pile on the Floating Island and becomes Ganon using a final wish on the Tri-force of Power.
    Stalfos: Two of these appear in the Stalfos Room.  Beat them ASAP to release Princess Zelda.  If you take too long fighting one and you've killed the other, the dead one will rebuild itself for another at-tempt on your head.  Good players can beat them in 30 seconds or less.
    ReDead: There's one on the Bridge.  Stay on the right edge to avoid it leeching your health once its eyes paralyze you.  You can alternatively stun it and go to it with the Longshot, or shut its eyes with a Light Arrow.



    GANON: This giant monster is what Ganondorf turns himself into.  He has twin blades, green skin, horns coming from his head, 3 red dreadlocks in the back, and a very weak tail.  He is around 4 me-ters tall.  As he whirls the blades, the Master Sword gets knocked away to land near Princess Zelda.  That is a big problem later on.
     Use the Megaton Hammer or Biggoron's Sword (Deku Nuts, Arrows, and the Longshot also work) & sneak under the legs to pound the vulnerable tail.  Eight to 10 hits later Ganon will collapse.  Recover the Master Sword and take out your Light Arrow.  During this second mode, Ganon is faster than before.  Hit his head with a Light Arrow and slash the tail ere he recovers.  Nine such slashes, combined with a final 4 hits to the head, finish him off and turn him back into Ganondorf.

Items here include:

    Magic Jars
    Master Sword: Before the battle begins, Ganon knocks it away.  You reclaim it after he collapses the first time.  When he collapses again, Princess Zelda supercharges it with her white magic so you may destroy Ganon.
    Fairy Spirits: Some are in the blocks of rubble on the Floating Isle.

Dungeon tricks include:

    Roof: You arrive here when Ganondorf's Chamber collapses.  The gray path goes to the First Parapet, but you need to enter from the left, as the right side has a fence blocking it.
    First Parapet: This ledge leads from the Roof to the Column Room.  Use the Hover Boots to cross any gaps.  If you fall down, you automatically restart at the top.
    Column Room: Dodge the falling rocks as you follow Princess Zelda.
    Second Parapet: This leads from the Column Room to the Iron Knuckle Room.  There are more holes here than in the First Parapet.
    Iron Knuckle Room: Dodge the rocks here as you follow Princess Zelda.
    Third Parapet: This Parapet leads from the Iron Knuckle Room to the Stalfos Room.  It is longer than the Second Parapet but shorter than the First Parapet.
    Stalfos Room: A ring of flame traps Princess Zelda as two Stalfos arise.  Defeat them to free her and win 5 Hearts.
    Final Parapet: Take it from the Stalfos Room to the Dinolfos Room.
    Dinolfos Room: This is beyond the Final Parapet.  Past the far portcullis is the Last Room.
    Last Room: This is below the Dinolfos Room.  The low exit leads to the Bridge.
    Bridge: Watch out for the ReDead on the left side of this landmark.  Stay on the far right side to avoid taking damage.
    Escape Passage: This goes from the Bridge out to the Platform.  Watch out for falling rocks.  It's the only safe way out.
    Platform: This is where you and Princess Zelda end up.  From it, you will watch Ganon's Castle crumble and sink into the Floating Isle, leaving the Rubble Pile behind.  The red smoke will float away on the breeze.  The Master Sword lands here when it flies away.
    Floating Isle: This is what's left after Ganon's Castle collapses.  At the center of its surface is the Rubble Pile.  It is where you battle Ganon.
    Rubble Pile: Ganondorf leaps out of here when you approach.

Dungeon strategies include:

     Once the white light fades, Ganondorf slumps forward, dead to all appearances.  When that ends, Princess Zelda falls slowly to the floor as the crystal imprisoning her fades into nothingness.  When she reaches the middle of Zelda's Monologue (see below), the castle begins to rumble.  Once she stops talking, you need to follow her down the Parapets to the first doorway.  Princess Zelda can open these doors with her powers as a Sage, so you need to escape with her.  You should continue down to the Stalfos room, where you have one more trap to face.
     The trap is a ring of fire preventing Princess Zelda from moving before the skeletons crumble.  You need to move quickly, since you probably have only 2:15 left before the castle crumbles.  When you defeat the Stalfos, Princess Zelda gives you five Hearts if you need them.  You can now descend with no obstructions until you reach the bridge over the Water Medallion doorway.  When the ReDead stuns you, you should just try to break the paralysis as quickly as you can.  From there, it is only a short climb of the staircase to the final barred door and the way out.
     When you get out, you turn back just as the castle begins collapsing.  Four of the outer towers fall into the lava while the others fall inward.  Ganon's Tower and the middle tier sink into the lower tier, which sinks into the rock of the Floating Isle.  When the dust clears, all you see is the Rubble Pile, but no sign of the Evil King, so Zelda breathes a sigh of relief.  A sudden boom convinces you otherwise, so you should head forth to investigate the disturbance.  As a ring of flame surrounds the arena, Ganondorf rises from the rubble and makes a final wish on the Triforce of Power.
     This wish creates Ganon, the so-called true form of Ganondorf Dragmire.  Ganon soon knocks the Master Sword away, but it lands near Zelda.  To defeat Ganon, you need to whack his vulnerable tail with whatever weapons work.  This list includes the Megaton Hammer, Biggoron's Sword, the Longshot, Arrows, and (it really works) Deku Nuts, all with Z-Targeting.  Ganon is slow, so you can sneak around him to hit the tail.  After Ganon suffers enough damage, he will collapse and the flames will vanish, allowing you to retrieve the Master Sword.
     When you pull out the holy blade, it equips automatically to your B Button.  When Ganon gets up, he is a lot faster and a lot meaner than in the first round.  You can stun Ganon temporarily by putting a Light Arrow to his head when he hunches over and prepares to attack.  After you deal enough damage this time, Ganon collapses as Zelda pins him in place with Sage power.  The pow-ered-up Master Sword is the only weapon you need to blast Ganon and stab him through the brain.

Zelda's Monologue atop Ganon's Tower (with additions)

     Ganondorf - what a pitiful man.  Without a strong, righteous mind, he could not control the power of the gods and. (Gasp) Link; listen to me!  This tower will collapse soon!  With his last breath, Ganondorf is trying to crush us in the ruins of the tower!  We need to escape now!  Please follow me!

The Ending Sequence - Good Start, Interesting Finish

     As he spirals away into oblivion, Ganondorf curses you, the Sages, and Princess Zelda.  He vows to return when the seal is broken and eradicate your descendants.  You and Princess Zelda are suddenly standing in the clouds.  She apologizes for her errors (involving you in this and trying to control the Sacred Realm).  To make it up to you, she will use the Ocarina of Time to send you back home - where and how you're meant to be.  You'll soon be sucked up a column of blue light created by Zelda's Lullaby.
     As you go home, you are rewarded with glimpses of what Hyrule is like now.  Kokiri Forest is now full of bushes and rocks.  Death Mountain remains calm, but Bomb Flowers remain sparse.  Zora's Domain is now restored to its former glory.  Lake Hylia and Kakariko Village also remain per-fectly calm.  Gerudo's Fortress is calm, and the Owl flies west over Gerudo Valley.  Where are the rest of the people, though?
 Suddenly, you see Epona racing across Hyrule Field as night approaches.  She appears to be near Lon-Lon Ranch.  You suddenly see multicolored flames from above.  You are temporarily blinded as you're pulled through.  What a party you see!  You're now in the Corral at Lon-Lon Ranch.
     Talon and Ingo are acting like old friends again.  Malon is singing endlessly.  Cows are calmly chewing cud.  The Bean Seller is calmly chatting with Granny and the Rug Merchant.  The Workers, the 4 carpenters, the Guy from the Lost Woods, and others are all dancing in a line.  Three Kokiri (what're they doing here?) are holding the Guru-Guru upside-down.
     Nearly everyone else is dancing around the multicolored bonfire.  Even Biggoron and Medigoron are there to party!  The Anju has apparently gotten over her allergies.  Mido and King Zora XVI are sitting by the gate, looking sad.  They both lost their beloveds, remember.  Suddenly they are covered in showers of green and blue lights.
     Then, two large balls of blue and green light hover over the party.  Orange, red, and violet spheres soon join them.  Suddenly, you are atop Death Mountain, just before dawn.  The lights land on the High Ledge and become the Sages you awakened.  King Darunia drums on his chest to Saria's delight.  Princess Ruto and Nabooru exchange odd glances.  After drumming her knuckles for a mo-ment, Impa looks up towards the sky.
     Suddenly, you are back in the Sword Chamber as a child.  Oddly enough, you don't have the Goron Bracelet or any of that stuff.  Navi flies up to the window just as bells toll loudly.  You turn to leave and (before long) are back at the Inner Sanctum.  As Princess Zelda turns and gasps as she sees you, everything freezes.  The light turns white, black, and yellow as the words "The End" appear on the screen.
     Okay, so you beat the game.  Or did you?  Did you get all 36 Heart Pieces?  Did you snag all 100 Skull Tokens, or even more?  Do you know where all of the hidden Fairy Fountains are?  Did you get the Ice Arrow?
    If you didn't go everywhere and do everything, the appendices on the following pages will help you immensely.  Every tidbit of semi-useless knowledge I have will be imparted unto you in the remainder of this guide.
     The first bit of knowledge I can impart is an answer to the question I can tell you are asking.  Why doesn't Link get the Triforce at the end of the game, like he did in the first three games?  The answer is that the Triforce is a force, not a physical object one can just grab at a whim.  Besides that, Link still has the Triforce of Courage in his hand.  The final scene takes place after Zelda had suppos-edly "fled" with Impa on the white horse on that day, seven years ago.


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